Sunday 7 July 2019

3 years on.

3 YEARS?Oooops.really meant to post before.i really did.but I didn't,lol.
So why now,after all this time?i don't know to be honest,just been really down just lately,and this blog was always there when I was low,even if there aren't any followers now,this is more for me.
  After mum died,6 years next month,life changed in such a big way,i moved,to Briston,only a mile from where I used to live before Stiffkey,a nice little 1 bed semi-detached bungalow,used to have a warden and alarm system,those went long ago,but its nice here,got friends fairly near to me.
  The damn MS has got worse,not terrible,just more unsteady,anginas bad,backs still as bad as it was,but now I also have rheumatoid arthritis .(I never did do things by half) and that is vile.walking is a pain,and I do mean that literally.  My dear friend from the AOL days,Helen,reminded me the other day we met in a chatroom on AOL,16 years ago .so I have been online 20 odd years,seems like yesterday.I miss those chatrooms,met so many dear friends,and we all missed Jland,our AOL Journals,where this blog was born.
  I have been off AOL for years,im now with Sky after a long while with BT,but I still use my old AOL Email .old so many of us I use Facebook,even with all the scams and crap its a good way to keep in touch. a lot of my old followers are on my friends list,and its good to know you all.
    Am I going to keep blogging? no idea,i hadn't planned on doing this post being honest,i was just feeling a bit sorry for myself.I am going to go and explore,ive not been on here for so long.
     Wishing everyone a safe and happy week ahead, take care all xx


jack69 said...

Oh my! It is Morton from across the Blue Atlantic. Great to hear from you , but of course hate all the pain, set backs and aggravation.
It is a joy to see the alert and read your entry. YES Looking back, time does pass so fast. BUT I am sure with the pain you experience t present, time does not fly.
The best to you my friend and ceratinly wish for better days ahead..

ADB said...

Good to see you posting, Mort. Blogging really has gone by the board, hasn't it? But it's a good way to properly write things out. Sorry to hear that things are not improving healthwise, but you keep going.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hello stranger. So surprised to see your post. I'm still blogging after all these years. It's become a habit for me. Take good care...until the next time...

Sybil said...

Glad to see you back Mort...although I do see you odd times on Facebook. I so agree with you about the old days on fun we all had, we were never allowed to be lonely always someone in there ready to chat make up daft stories have even had fictional picnics oh yes these were the days....but life does go on. I stopped blogging, but occasionally see old friends appear on Facebook !!
Keep your chin up and smile smile smile. Xxx

Jean said...

Glad to see back Mort I often wondered about you. I don' blog anymore either. I still enjoy reading others peoples post. Sorry to hear you're still dealing with your pain. Take care. Jean

Puppet Woman Of Tavira said...

I cannot believe it's been so long, time is like sand running through my fingers. Glad you are still ok Mort. I wish I could make the sand run more slowly!

Melanie said...

Welcome Back! Missed you!

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