Friday, 31 October 2008

an old friend returns,the death of a journal

pamal3 is back. welcome to blogspot love. anyone who missed her entry she migrated her journal successfully the link is Almost 40! please note if you had her saved before in your favs as i did,please delete that link first BEFORE trying to use the link i just posted.or else you will get that bloody cold message from AOL. we killed ya journals tough shit. or words to that effect. its god to see my lovely friend back. i have missed her journal,and her.
Our old journals died today. i wish i felt more positive about continuing. i shall still write sometimes,but i am finding it so hard. take care all mort

Sunday, 26 October 2008


i posted last night i knew i had i saved it i knew i had so where the hell has it gone this morning?? over on caring n sharing thats where i posted to wrong one lolol oooops. never mind. just to set record straight if anyone missed it, caring and sharing is one year old. not going to bother doing the whole entry again. just to say,i havent been feeling well,and had a lot of problems. thanks though everyone who kept me going for this last year. i shall be back to normal journal mode when i feel better take care all

Sunday, 12 October 2008

zoes dad

sad news for those of you who know her journal Domestic Chaos on the old jland will be sad to hear she has just lost her beloved dad. please will you visit her journal on aol journals and leave her a message. she will not be migrating to blogger. please do not email her,just leave a comment. thanks for this. i know how she feels. i lost my dad when i was 18,and although it has been expected it has still come as a shock to her.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

back to normal

well caring and sharing is here on blogger looks complete. i do miss my tags,going to have to work out how to do them,but im here. the other journal caring n sharing will be discontinued as a public journal but i may keep it as a private one.if i do you will get an invite. the black journal will die.ive got no way of bringing it over as its not in my name,and im not opening another blog account for it. that will do for now,take care all

Thursday, 2 October 2008


well as i am sure you are all too well aware  aol journals will finish the  31st of october.theres been so much written already  on so many journals,that  jland  is over,what will we do,blogspot is a poor alternative, and       jland is dead.     well   NO IT BLOODY WELL ISN'T.   for a start  magic smoke promise our journals will be saved over to blogspot        if you dont know about  it  heres a link  Blogger: Create Blogger Account        go,look,join,start a new journal. heed magic smokes advice  and dont call  your new journal  exactly the same name as your old       hence  i can be found  now  at  caring n sharing       ( note the subtle difference???)  lol      the url  is and  it took me  ooooo    all of 20 minutes to set up the account,select what  my blog will look like,write a quick entry,edit my profile,  (complete  with sexy new pic ladies!!! lol )     and  that is that.caring and sharing lives again. for those of you interested,sue,catslittertray  has started a group on facebook  called  Facebook | not wanted on voyage anymore   please come and join us  if you wish,yes  you will have to join facebook,but  its ok.  you wont be   yours truly is an admin moderator  along with  sue  jeannette  yasmin      leigh  and  a.d. for some reason sue named me as gardening  at  this moment we number 20.please come and join us.its just somewhere we can leave messages,chat,and swap stories. 

jland was never about journals. it was never  all the tags,pics,sidebars.   it is US.  the writers,the people  BEHIND  our journals.      we are still here.  and while we can still all keep in touch,in whatever way  suits  you all best,jland will always  remain.  new,more complicated  maybe?   bit scary.       but it lives on.  forget  blame,forget bitterness that it happened.  accept  it.     because  if  you DON'T        jland  WILL die.

for a while i doubt i shall be writing many entries  on either this or the new blog,but    my first birthday on journals is on october 22nd. i hope to write one last entry on this journal  on or around that date. a cake would be nice.   lol

as for  my life,  i had a letter from the carers who will look after mum when i have a day off,unfortunately  they are fully booked.   not heard from either of the social workers about  it,so im not sure what is happening.    i have also been refused  invalidity  and mobility allowances.      expected that,i was warned  we will have to appeal.  its  normal apparently.  i think  they hope  people will just  throw the letter in the fire and go away,i  would        many  more  do.     luckily i have a good disabled advisor.    she is coming to see me next wednesday.     and will fill out the necessary form for me.     i know,in my heart  i bloody  deserve  this allowance,for years  i have been in pain.   i just never knew  the benefit was there        now,i  think   well  why not  me??     many more get it   some  not as bad as me.       we will see.   

whatever happens,if any of you want to mail me at any time,please do so.           been my home for  nearly 5 years.   and will be for manymore.  whatever its faults,aol is the only isp i would use.why??  because my friends are  here.    take care jland.   i shall see you again .   mort.