Friday, 26 June 2009


i had to go and see my heart consultant today,11am.i was there at 10.35,finally went in to see him at 11.45.running late as usual.nice man,made me feel at ease...........before clobbering me with the news that he had reviewed the pictures of the recent angio i had,and that there are 2 arteries that need attention,more than the tablets i am on will cure,which is why i am still getting angina when i do too much.( not that i do before you write lucy,lol.i hear your keyboard tapping as i write this,x)also,and more worrying,i take an ant-acid for hiatus hernia,and because i am on aspirin and heart meds.i have to change it.quick.apparently it has been proven to cause clots in stents fitted.oh gee,thanks doc.gets better lol. anyway,he said,look,i think you need to have this sorted,do you want to go ahead?well,duhhhhhh,lol.of course.if it will stop the pain and discomfort,if it will stop another heart attack,then yes.he has said it should be about 6 weeks,so fingers crossed. mum took the news suspiciously calmly,i am not sure she actually understands.i now have to sort carers out to look after her,i shall only be in hospital for a least i presume so,full details will be sent to me,and i have to have a pre-op assessment first.hope everyone is ok,thanks for messages,thanks lucy for being there,thanks carol for the lap dance lol.( she didddddd,shame was a facebook application lol) and guido for being a good and kind person.take care all,i shall post some pics when i download them soon,enjoy this lovely weather.mort

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

garden pics june 2009

the clematis is soon over.2 weeks of glorious colour,then leaves lol

philadelphus virginata,smells gorgeous.honeysuckle is self sown.

new colour in double hanging basket

nicw fuschia,kept from last year which cost all of

petunias.these are lovely this year

baskets are looking good.fed every week,watered every day.

we get dozens of seagulls.took this after 15 shots of the bloody hedge,lol.they fast

new duck this year,donald n his mate are still here every day.shame because i thought they had stopped and cleaned the fish pond out 3 weeks ago.wrong.

clematis 'nelly moser' is years old.i bought it from the old house 17 years ago.

the new arch is quickly becoming covered

hardy geranium

peony 'pink sorbet' this is the only one thats flowered out of 3 plants

oriental poppies

my old peony.lovely colour.hope you enjoyed them.
THANKYOU ALL FOR THE LOVELY COMMENTS.i shan't be deleting this blog.too much work and a few tears went into it.won't be posting very often,and i can't still comment on many blogs i read,but i shall be about.just got too much to keep posting.the MS is playing up bad,for last 3 nights i have been woken by jerking in legs and arms,swallowing is bad,and pain is bloody awful. had the MRI scan on back,will get results within 2 weeks.take care all.mort.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

last post?

THANKS TO NAT,London Calling
THANKS TO LUCY,MY SECOND MOM,What is left of a whole new life
thanks to nat and lucy.2 more sorry but they are likely to be the last this blog ever gets.this is the end of my blogging,i can no longer carry on.its been more of a chore than a pleasure for some time,the MS seems to have made me unable to concentrate.i just dont feel up to carrying on with this any more.normally i would have written about mums visit to the chiropodists,remember her gout?cleared up.but 2 weeks ago she had an appointment to see the chiropodist,a new man we had never had before,first he kept us waiting 20 minutes over our time then.................he cut mums bad toe.pratt.she came out with a bandage on it as though it was a finger puppet.luckily it cleared having an MRI scan tomorrow at 7.50am on back, early start.many more things i would normally share.but i cant seem to get myself motivated.sorry for not commenting on many blogs,still have problems with a loop that appears when i try.

so why?i used to enjoy my journal,when jland died i said it didnt matter,that WE are jland,that it wouldnt make any difference.i was wrong. many of the old aol jland journal writers moved to blogspot,and many have left.maybe facebook,tagged,my space.etc.some on twitter,more just let their blogs fade away.fed up with it.jeannette,jan rarely posts now,yasmin,pamal,all gone.and now im doing the same.thanks to lucy for worrying about me,we shall keep in touch,thanks to all my followers,thanks to anon, for being a class A,grade one ass made my year lol.i may leave this here,i may the future i may start again.the MS is getting worse,not really bad,but enough.and mum,well she is happy,contented,in pain but cared for.and on that note,for the last time,TAKE CARE ALL.THANKS,MORTON.its a pleasure to know you all,see you on facebook.and pictures will be added to my profile on face when i download some more,so please look for them.goodbye.