Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I AM SO SORRY,I AM NOT ON HERE VERY MUCH,AFTER MY MUM DIED IVE JUST BEEN SO BUSY.SO MUCH TO SORT.and yeah,i also get depressed.that don't help.i am having grief counselling,MS society have their own,i had a lot of guilt to get rid mum had got so bad with dementia,i was finding it such a job to cope.then she died.and I miss her.even how she was.and I now have more time.i am back with my girlfriend,and we are happy,i can go over and see her so much more than I could before,ive just been co-opted onto our MS committee,i can help in a small way with transport duties,helps my friend knowing I am able to be there for her,things people take for granted.but I couldn't do before.and yes,i am enjoying that.still horrible waking up to an empty house.i am lucky I have good friends.heard from heart specialist today,the scan at Papworth shows damage to heart,but no new angina is probably stress related.keeping on with tablets.i have not heard about the biopsy I had done on my ear,so no news,is good news.i was sure it was just sun damage,so they are huge reliefs to me.everyone,i wish us all,pain free nights,peaceful days,take care all.thanks for listening,mort xxxxx