Monday, 27 July 2009


i cant even think of a witty title.says a lot how things are at the moment.not been feeling well,MS playing games,mum not too good,arthritis bad.just thought i would post as i have the pre-op assessment for stents tomorrow,and i will have the angioplast next tuesday,4th of august.2 stents will be fitted.hopefully this will cure the angina.also i am still waiting for an appointment with a consultant about has been so painful now for ages,i hadn't heard results of MRI scan i had on it,so rung the triage.she hadn't had the results back,which as it had been 6 weeks or more was a bit stupid,she rang me later,said she had got hold of the scan and it showed that there was a problem and i did need to see a consultant,and she was going to sort it.that is 3 weeks ago,still waiting.
i will know tomorrow if i do have to be in hospital overnight,rather sure i will,as appointment is at least i do have carers sorted to look in on mum.take care all.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


REMEMBERING ALL THE VICTIMS OF TERROR,NOT JUST HERE IN THE UK,IN THE UNITED STATES,EUROPE,WHEREVER EVIL PEOPLE BOMB AND KILL AND MAIM INNOCENT MEN,WOMEN AND CHILDREN. may one day peace and justice prevail,there has been far too much suffering caused in the name of religion,intolerance and day.take care all.
Grateful thanks to Jeannette of Outside - Looking In - Jeannette's Jottings for the tag.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


WISHING ALL MY AMERICAN READERS AND FRIENDS,A REALLY GREAT WEEKEND.thanks for all the kind comments and your friendship you have shown me.take care all