Friday, 20 November 2015

R.I.P.Herrad Ford

Another friend lost from the ravages of MS,please remember with me our dear friend Herrad,whose blog Access denied,living with MS has been an inspiration to myself and to so many others with the damn evil disease.For those of you who did not know her please visit her blog,

 I first came across this blog,just after I was diagnosed.Richie her husband/carer and her were both kind enough to leave comments on my blog after I posted,especially if I was having a bad time with the MS,and Richie as a carer understood a lot of my concerns with caring for mum.
 she succumbed to a chest infection/pneumonia aggravated by her MS.which is killed by MS as far as I am concerned.
I am deeply upset,and I ask you to remember Richie in your thoughts,and for those of you who do,prayers.Keep strong mate.Herrad was an amazing,brave lady.I am posting this here rather than my new blog,as it seemed fitting,i will also get Guido to copy to Silent Keyboards please.i cant for some reason,blogspot does not like windows 10.thankyou for reading,take care all,Mort