Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Yes,it really is me back,lol.been a while,and i have missed you all.i just had to have a break,and really couldn't see myself starting again.but sometimes it is nice to have somewhere to share life with,facebook,etc.have their uses,and i am still on there,indeed thanks to Guido i am now admin on Facebook (10) Call for Support on Facebook,as i am also on here,Call for Support,so if you know any of our friends in need of moral support,a comment,maybe a prayer,please let any of the admin know.i think Guido made me realise that the spirit of Jland was alive and well,and just how much i missed it.

So,why did i stop?those 2 little initials mainly,M and had become hard for me to concentrate on writing an entry which is interesting,chatty,and that doesn't sound self pitying.still is,lol.but many of my readers have said,we miss you Mort,when are you coming back? and can i thank you all for the many nice comments i have,at this festive time of year,(hence the title) let's play catch up on my life shall we??

Mum is reasonably well,considering she is 90 in january,(and watch out for that post,something special is planned for that milestone.)yes she has bad days,days where she just cannot remember things,gets confused,gets scared.her feet have been reasonably good,her favourite chiropodist is now back from maternity leave,unfortunately we had to cancel her appointment for this past monday as the weather here has been so atrocious,but it is rebooked for 10th january.that carer she had that was so surly and rude has been replaced.i complained rather vociferously to the management at the end of the 2 weeks she was "caring"for mum.on that last friday she spoke a grand total of 16 words to mum,was with us for 7 minutes,and i blew my top.for a few weeks we never knew who we would have the next day,time,or,at mums review a few weeks ago i explained that mum NEEDS someone who has time for her,who will be here at the same time every day,and who she likes.and i am happy to say that it has been agreed that we only are sent 3 different carers,Michelle who is the main carer,or either Sam,or Sarah.all 3 are actually rapid response carers,and all 3 are lovely,and my mum is happy now.tracey still comes on a Thursday lunch time to see us,and to get mum lunch while i am out.Michelle comes at 7,and she gives mum a good wash,makes time for her needs,has a chat,as do the other 2 ladies.the difference between these 3 carers and the last one is simple.these are CARERS.they know that talking,laughing,taking an interest in their clients,are every bit as important,in fact more important,than just a wash and brush of the hair.Thankyou Michelle,Sam,Sarah,and ok you as well Tracey,lol,bless you all.

I am still getting a bit of angina if i do too much,or rather anything stupid,lol.the MS is worse i suppose,i damn nigh choked to death the other week which scared got stuck across airway.back is........well,not good.pain gets to me at times,but then it does to everyone.i could be a lot worse,and i DO count my blessings.

The biggest blessing has been my lovely girlfriend Myra.we had a MS society dinner dance 2 weeks ago,i got cover for mum for 4 hours. a really great night,with a lovely this year for a change is something i am looking forward to.the lights are all up outside and on the windows,house looks nice.

So,there you have a quick recap.i cannot promise to post regularly,i cannot promise to comment,or even read,your blogs,i just do not have time.but i am always here if anyone ever needs an ear,or if i can help someone.

And on that note,can i just wish you all,A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS,AND A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR. take care all.xxxxxx

this blog cannot be accessed via facebook anymore,i have removed the link.i have my reasons,and they are mainly why i stopped this blog.