Sunday, 18 January 2009

half hearted

last week i went to Norfolk and Norwich hospital to see the cardiac specialist nurse,for my check up.luckily pam had to go the same day,same clinic as she had high blood pressure and the specialist wanted an echocardiogram done.her appointment was 40 minutes after my 2.10 one.we got there and parked,inside the clinic by 1.55.and pam went in at i was called soon after for an ECG trace,then went in and saw the nurse.really nice chap,good humoured and friendly.we had a long talk about how i was feeling,what i thought of how things were going,etc.he was concerned that after doing anything the least bit strenuous,say hoovering,walking too fast,i get pains in my left arm and some in my he decided i went and had an echo myself.poor pam had to wait another 2 hours before we finally got away.after the echo was done,i had to go back and see the nurse.he tells me there is damage to the heart,not massive,but he was concerned enough to want to show the consultant the this time it was getting close to relief carer comes on a thursday and was with mum,and promised she would keep with her,but even so,i wanted to get he said go home and if the consultant wanted to see me before the appointment i have with him in june,they would write. so,back home via McDonalds for a well needed milkshake.ok bad for me.but it was lovely lol.i left pams,got home at 5.40 and carol,bless her.was still there chatting with mum.she is a lovely lady.a true carer. well today i had a letter.i have to go on the 28th for an exercise test.treadmill.wired up,walk for a certain time,machine gets progressively faster until you reach your predetermined limit. or drop dead? lol.there is a chance,so the nurse told me,there is another artery blocked that the first angiogram missed.the surgeon was looking for the main site of the attack,and repaired that with the stent,but i may have another slightly furred.if the exercise test shows any change in reading,i will then have to go in and have another least it is only for one,not particularly good news.

Also after the attack i was taken off the pain relief i was taking for my arthritis,which was having great effect on my ankle,as semi steroid pain relievers can cause heart,my ankle is blown up,really painful again.oh,and lets not forget our old friend the MS.thats been playing up hands have lost nearly all feeling in them,my eyes have been giving me pain,basically not a happy i am alive,i can walk,i can still care.true i take my time,yes i rest a lot more,and my diet has changed.i now eat more oily fish,packed up butter for low fat spread,sobs softly,and am more aware of my body.if i feel tired i rest,the nitro i spray under my tongue works well,and i am grateful to be here.

I should be getting the new car soon,this next that is one good piece of news. mum has had so much worry over me,over being left alone,seeing me have the attack,that it has made her more vague,more out of it than she was.not her fault bless,there we go.up to date on my health,or lack of lol.many,many thanks for all your kind comments and happy birthday wishes to mum,as always you are very caring friends.i can hear lucy worrying as i type this lol,please dont be concerned.i am in good hands.we swear about our health service,the lack of nurses,funding,cleanliness.etc.but i have no complaints.they have treated me so well.take care all,keep warm and well. mort.

HELLEBORUS NIGER. the christmas rose. maybe spring will make us all feel better.ya think??

Friday, 2 January 2009