Sunday, 30 May 2010



I am in tears as i write this,Jland has lost another of our friends,this time the brave Jane,who finally succumbed to kidney cancer today. A journey of another kind.... was her story. A story of courage,of hope,of fighting against the awful disease she had,and of her fight for funding for Sutent,the drug that gave her,and her beloved husband Martin and family,the extra time they had together.I first came across her journal 2 or more years ago,i saw her link on Pams blog,and clicked it.and sat here in awe.This lovely lady was dying. she had been given maybe 6 months to live,but her journal wasn't self pitying,it was one of hope,of good humour,of her love for her family.There was no "WHY ME LORD?",rather it was more,"well,why not me lord?",yes she has had her bad days,days of despair,but she has made me laugh as much as she has made me cry.She has written of her holidays and cruise,she had a film made about her,about her fight for funding for the drug that had given her that precious extra time to do all those things she wanted to do with Martin and the children.She was featured in YOURS magazine,and i think it is the first time i have ever read it before my mother had even looked at it,lol.And apart from all these things,the one thing that made me come to treasure Jane,to call her my friend was something special.SHE WORRIED ABOUT ME.she has commented on my posts,semt me mails,and always she cared about how I was,how I was feeling,how low I mum was.SHE WAS DYING FROM CANCER.yet she cared about she did about so many more.because she was our Jane.Lately her news has become grimmer and sadder as the cancer spread,and we who have followed her story knew the end was approaching,as did she,but even then she has made me smile with her sense of humour.

Sadly this morning she lost her fight,Jland has lost another friend, Blogspot another blogger,and i have lost someone who has helped me more than she ever knew.It was her journal i used to read when my MS was making me want to give this journal up,when i was feeling self pitying,when the world was against me,it was her journal i read.AND IT MADE ME REALISE I HAD NO RIGHT TO FEEL SELF PITY.Not if Jane could carry on,if she could fight,so could i.

To those of you reading this on Blogspot,or perhaps on Facebook,if you feel that your life is bad,that your illness,personal circumtances,money worries,whatever,make life not worth living,read Janes journal.I defy anyone to not be touched and uplifted by it.JANE IT WAS MY PLEASURE TO ONCE GIVE YOU AN AWARD FOR YOUR BLOG.I NOW DEDICATE THIS,MY PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO YOU,THE BRAVEST,NICEST,LOVELIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER KNOWN, and i am still crying. take care all.