Monday, 31 December 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR?lets hope so

yes it really is me,lol.last post in march i sorry,but MS and mum,both progressively worse than they were.and i find it so hard now to write about it all.where to begin???
 i had so much trouble getting mum decent carer,the one we had was in and out in under 10 minutes,hardly spoke to her.and one night i put cream on her back and being blunt she smelled i raised hell with office.sent a nice carer out,L,she was in tears nearly.took 2 bowls water,and mum had huge pressure sore the size of a 50 pence piece on her way any decent carer doing there job could have missed nurse was coming in twice a week dressing it.thankfully it cleared up.L is our carer now,mum likes her,and she cares about mum.but she forgets so so much worse than she was this time last year.Dr did put her on tablets to try and help memory loss,but she was so he said,is it worth it?not fair on her.92 in 3 days time.
as for me,i fall about,i slur my words,right eye has a problem with spatial awareness,swallowing still bad,pain,all worse.back is completely shot to hell.disc crushed,and basically its just pain management.myy garden hasnt been done this year,only kepy tidy.julie is coming in the spring to clean pond out.good friend to me.known her 36 years now.(possibly loved her as long too lol)i get tired so easily now,still have angina attacks too.but tablets are helping.
so there we are,start of a brand new year.2013.will it be good?will i get worse?who can i worry?yes,because of mum.i am not scared for myself. and PLEASE dont feel sorry for me,i am ok,so many worse off than me.just be nice to each other,i wont promise to read blogs or when i will post again,but you are all in my thoughts.Lucy my friend,an inspiration to us all.Herrad you keep a doin gal( this is norfolkese lol) and to you all reading this,a very happy new year to,see you on Facebook,mort xxxx

Friday, 2 March 2012

something old,something new,its a car,and its blue.

ill named Christmas dont flower at christmas,its not a Helleborus Niger,being posh.ive got lots of them,self seed everyhere.nice to see the spring flowers coming up,snowdrops,crocusses and daffs all blooming.

this is an hotel ship which moors off the coast behind my house. it houses workers on the "Sheringham Shoal" wind farm that is being built off the norfolk coast. looks lovely at night all lit up.ermmm that pic didnt come out too well,lol.

MY NEW BABY.FORD FIESTA ZETEC 1.25. got it home wednesday,and yes if you look closely the front tyre is flat.had to get tyre company out today. somehow it sustained a large cut in the sidewall. almost as if some jealous person shoved a stanley knife in it.nobody would be so mean. would they??? no comment.

lovely inside,comfortable,plenty of room to get mum in and out. and me.

yes this is and no i cant remember what its called.

So,that is the something new and blue,the old??oh,the usual beast that is MS.saw the consultant last week,examined me,made notes,looked at last years notes,listened to what i had to say regarding fatigue,pain,balance. and,just like last year,i am to keep on with the baclofen,plus i also use gabapentin for back pain,which is also used in the treatment of MS, to rest when i need to. usual. see him in 13 months. could have copied last years post really. i know i am worse,he knows i am worse,i damn nigh did kick him,he was examining me and lifted my leg up.and you dont do that when someone has crushed discs. scream from me,yelp from him as my other leg poked him lol. sorry,he said,i clean forgot your back..thankyou. e both know there is damn all he can do for me,so we go through this charade every year. but its not his fault.

the back has been bad,and my ankle.been doing the exercises the foot specialist told me to do.still cant balance on the right foot like he wants. pains bad.torn the long ligament under that foot.maybe at the same time as i did my back in. painkillers help.a bit.choking and swallowing difficultys are back,as is the weak voice. again,i am being careful what i eat. it is common sense really. easier said than done.

So,new car,old pains. mum still has so much pain with that foot. huge bunion. did take her to nurse,who dressed it and made it we undressed it lol. she forgets such silly things,gets angry;.i wont say any more on that score. you all know i shalll care for her as long as i am able.

well,winter is nearly over.the nights draw out,flowers bloom.been a mild winter,one fall of snow,few sharp frosts. very dry,in fact,dangerously so.already warnings of drought later in year.

finally,the end of an era.i sadly gave up being an AOL customer. for nearly 8 years they provided me with internet.i got a better deal with BT,my phone calls are now all free,first 3 months of net is free,new home hub to connect to net,but,i still use AOL.writing this on it. only now its good to be back blogging,won't promise when the next post will be,i am sorry i don't get round to youre blogs very often. but you are all in my thoughts. keep safe and well, take care all. mort xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

MS LIFE 2012

World-leading MS research to be showcased at MS Life in Manchester

The MS Society has announced that Manchester is to host its flagship national event, MS Life - Europe’s largest event of its kind – for the third time when it returns to the city from 14th-15th April.

The free two-day lifestyle event will take place at Manchester Central and is aimed at everyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), whether personally or professionally.

Providing an impressive programme of speakers, MS Life 2012 will allow attendees to learn about the latest in MS research from experts including renowned Professors Robin Franklin and Charles ffrench-Constant who are leading the MS Society’s groundbreaking Centre for Myelin Repair and the Edinburgh Centre for Translational Research.

There will also be a plethora of individual workshops covering a range of topics for visitors to attend, while the exhibition space will be split into separate zones. Within this space, visitors will be able to gain one-to-one advice and information from the Support, Employment, Mobility and Lifestyle Zones as well as meet the event speakers at the Meet the Experts Zone. On a further interactive level, visitors will also be invited to take part in activities such as yoga and pilates at the Get Active Zone, while the Spa Zone will offer the chance to relax with a massage or complementary therapy.

MS is a complex neurological condition with many symptoms which might include fatigue, vision problems and difficulties with walking. In the UK, over 100,000 people have MS.

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the MS Society, revealed the popular event, which has seen around 7,400 visitors and over 200 exhibitors over the course of previous years, will be bigger than ever before. While the event is free, people are being urged to sign-up to confirm their place as soon as possible.

Simon says: “MS Life 2012 will have the theme ‘Get Active’, tying in with the Olympic year, so a range of activities will be on offer to celebrate this. In addition to research talks from world-renowned scientists, there will also be complementary health, relaxation and beauty sessions and exhibition stands offering support, information and advice on MS, so we are advising those hoping to come along to book their place early.”

A number of interactive workshops will take place during the course of the event, from advice on how to manage symptoms, such as fatigue and tremor, to how to keep active with MS through cycling and exercise. Also included in the comprehensive programme are workshops on childhood MS and how positive psychology can be of benefit.

A colourful Wheel & Walk fundraising event, following the streets of Manchester will allow participants to take in famous landmarks like Albert Square and Manchester Cathedral while raising money for the MS Society. The 6km route is suitable for wheelchair users and buggies and it is hoped families and friends will join in the fun. The past two Wheel & Walk events held at MS Life have raised over £20,000 for the charity and it is hoped that a significant amount of funds will again be raised this year.

Simon adds: “Anyone with a connection to MS will benefit from the range of information available during the weekend. This is the best time for people to find out what scientists are doing to beat MS as well as take part in the more fun aspects of the event.

“MS Life has made its mark in Manchester, cementing a strong presence in the North West region and we have received enormous support from Marketing Manchester which we are very grateful for. The event in 2008 gained support from Manchester United’s Danny Wallace, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes so we are delighted to be back hosting MS Life in such a fantastic and responsive city.”

For further information about MS Life 2012 and to book a free place, please visit or call 020 8438 0941.


Media contact

Michelle Oliver, Vicky Sanderson or Kim Bailey

Golley Slater Public Relations / /

0191 2459020 / 01943 484848

Notes to editors

· Previous MS Life events were successfully held in 2006 and 2008, both in Manchester and most recently in 2009, when the event took place at The Sage Gateshead in Tyne & Wear.

About MS and the MS Society

  • The MS Society ( is the UK's largest charity dedicated to supporting everyone whose life is touched by multiple sclerosis (MS), providing an award-winning freephone helpline(0808 800 8000), specialist MS information and funding more than 70 vital MS research projects in the UK.

  • MS is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults and an estimated 100,000 people in the UK have MS.

  • MS is the result of damage to myelin - the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system – which interferes with messages between the brain and the body.

  • For some people, MS is characterised by periods of relapse and remission while for others it has a progressive pattern.

  • Symptoms range from loss of sight and mobility, fatigue, depression and cognitive problems. There is no cure and few effective treatments.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

hearts and flowers

i have been feeling really ill ever since Christmas day.rushing around getting lunch,stressing,lol brought on a massive angina own stupid fault,but it made me really feel bad.pain in arm,tight feeling in chest,bad last week i went off to dr.M.he examined me,said heart sounded ok,was still beating at any rate,lol.but,i had a very nasty chest infection.did think i had,i could feel put me on antibiotics,my favourite big yellow horse pills that always get stuck and taste vile.also,increased the beta blockers i am on to double strength,and i do feel much worry less.the MS is bad at moment,loss of feeling in my hands leads to smashed crockery quite often,dropped a nice vase last week full of flowers mum had had for birthday.i am getting terrible nightmares as well,but i think they are the result of increased beta blockers.alll in all not the start i hoped for in 2012.

mums bunion is causing concern again,very badly swollen,and that split is very red.or its scar is.nurse will look at it if it gets worse,really do not want it to burst.nasty for her last time,took months to heal.

the group i started on facebook continues to grow,if anyone is interested in joining,please contact me or indeed Guido,he is an admin for me.anyone in pain with MS,FM,ME,Arthritis,diabetes,anything that causes pain and distress.we share what we are feeling,and we help each other.we care,we share. hmmmm wonder where i got that from? lol.why did i start it?mainly because 1 member had MS,and was worried.there are so many places you can get "help and advice" from,MS society being the best,but what about FM?yes,there is a web site,as there are for many if not all of the different illnesses,BUT they are all so impersonal.what as needed,i thought anway,was a place we could go to be with friends.where people could come together to give each other help and share information,new advances,or,just to have somewhere private,where friends and family couldnt read,to unload what is worrying is a private group,only members can read what we write.many members, and i have over 40 now have never written anything,or shared. but,and i have had messages and emails thanking me,still get comfort from reading what others have posted,and realising they are not alone with their fears. is a nasty thing to realise you have a disease,whatever it may be,that is affecting your life.making you "not the person you were".and it is nice to get support,and we are friends on there first and foremost.

anyway,hope you all had nice christmasses,and new year has been a mild winter here this year,no snow,at least where i am,indeed very,very few frosts.i found a clematis flower on the large one i have near my front door,and bulbs are poking through.i know we can still get a bad time,but it all helps.roll on the spring. the primrose in the picture is growing in a tub,lovely to have some colour in the garden.cyclamen are all blooming as well.pansies are poor though,slugs and snails had a good go before the winter.never really recovered.

i go and see my MS consultant next month,apart from that i hope to be free from hospital visits for a long time.i do hope you are all keeping as well as can be,take care all,mort xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED MOTHER. she is very forgetful now,gets so confused sometimes,and yes,sometimes she gets angry with constant pain from the damn arthritis,gout,and that bunion that split the other year looks bad again,BUT..........SHE IS MY MUM,I LOVE HER,AND I CARE FOR HER THE VERY BEST I CAN.AND WILL DO FOR AS LONG AS I CAN.thankyou so much to all my friends on Facebook for all the lovely messages for her.made her day.pam has been over with flowers,kevin came to see her,so she had a lovely day.take care all.xx