Friday, 12 August 2011


I am deeply,deeply moved by all the lovely messages,and comments,on here,on facebook,on call for support.what can i say?thankyou seems so inadequate.but is all i can say.i have always tried to be there for anyone who needs a friendly ear,and i think anyone who knows me knows i will help in any way i can,if they are down,in trouble,hurting. its what i do.and now its my turn for pampering lol.thankyou everyone. it is appreciated so much.
One thing i didnt put,as i was walking from the Hospital car park for my appointment i had the most terrible pain i think i have ever known in my life strike in my right much so that coming out after the car seemed miles away.anyway i made an appointment to see Dr.M this morning,A,to keep him informed what is happening,B,to find out what ive done to leg.i really thought i had pulled hamstring.instead it is phlebitis.i knew i had bad varicose veins just behind knee,and that is what is causing the pain.i am rubbing voltarol gel in 3 times a day.anyone got a cat that widdles a lot??because that would be as effective,lol. but the pain is not so bad today as it was,and it does feel a bit easier.i have not been able to get in touch with a social worker yet so have not been able to ssort out mums care when i go into hospital.hope i can early next week.

Now for something different. summer. can anyone tell me where it went??? i am so sure i read at the start of june that we were going to have a lovely hot summer.instead we have had rain,high winds that have ruined the flowers and runner beans,although i am getting reasonable crop from them,and cold.whatever the weather has been where you are i hope you have had a good summer,and once again,many thanks.take care all,mort

Thursday, 11 August 2011

worrying times.

Well,as many of you will have seen on Facebook,and i must thank the many friends for their comments,emails and messages on there,I have more problems. first back,the scan results came back tuesday,the scan shows that my back is basically........well,not good,lol.but,it hasn't got any worse,so that is good,and i will not be having any operation in the forseeable future,just be sensible,and keep taking painkillers and exercise.the fuse the vertebra is too dangerous to consider while i am able to move ok.thats the good news.

Now for the bit that has turned things upside down. Yesterday i went back to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital about my voice.appointment was 3.40,but it was 4.10 before i was called in.another Dr.saw me,asked how i was feeling,noted my voice seems stronger,then came the dreaded camera up nose bit.left nostril this time.and much longer examination.and i felt it scrape my throat,right at the back.then it was removed,and the Dr said,your throat,very swollen. now,i know its swollen.has been for ages,going right back when i had tonsil removed. but this time the Dr.seems concerned.felt all round glands at back and side of neck. then dropped the bombshell. " there may be something wrong mr.lake,i need to get you in so we can perform an exploratory operation,do a biopsy on the tissue.and further tissue may need to be removed." i just sat there. how soon? as soon as possible mr.lake. and,how long will i be in hospital?.well.perhaps just 1 day,maybe 2,3,or more,depending on what we find. the nurse prepared consent forms,and the Dr.wrote out a prescription for Gaviscon,as he wants me to take it every night before i go to is an antacid,he wanted me to go down to pharmacy and get it there,but after the last time i asked if it was ok if i get it today from my own surgery.and this i did.just wanted to come home. the nurse explained i would have to go for a pre-op assessment,and then the operation will be done as soon as possible.i explained im a 24/7 carer and i just cant come into hospital at 24 hours notice,i need at least 2 weeks warning. so i then went to reception and handed in a booking in form,and was told i am on the waiting list and will hear very soon, and came out. ok,i sneaked a look at that form.its suspected that i have a condition caused by acid reflux.i was checked several years ago as i have a hiatus hernia.when you are asleep acid from your stomach comes back up the oeophagus and causes burns on the lining,which is what causes the hiatus hernia. there is the chance that this can cause oral cancer in later years.and that little word was also mentioned on the booking in form. and is what the biopsy is for of course. i came home in a daze.told mum on phone i needed to go in for an op.and Carol kept with her til i got home.
i have got to get in touch with social workers,carers,etc. so much to maybe just the one day.please. so,that is my news. good wishes appreciated.prayers if you wish.whatever it is,i will deal as i always day at a always i will keep you all informed.thanks for being there for me is appreciated so much.