Friday, 10 June 2011


I have already posted on facebooks call for support a short time ago,but i know many of you do not use facebook. i have just heard from my dear friend Margaret over in Northern Ireland,that her beloved sister Sheila just lost her fight against cancer.i know Margaret is devastated at the loss,and i mourn her sisters passing.please pray for Margaret,she is a good friend,who has always been there for me when i was down.thankyou all.

Also,i do not know how many of you saw the article on the young 15 year old terminally ill cancer sufferer Alice in the news? she has just started a new blog,alices bucket list about all the things she wants to do in the time she has left.Alice's Bucket List: Hello :) will take you to her blog.i was humbled to read this amazing girls blog. It puts my problems into a different perspective. please leave a comment for Alice,she deserves it.

And finally,i am sorry i haven't posted lately,or been reading blogs.somehow i lost my way,what with breaking up with my friend,( and yes,we are STILL friends,we speak on phone every week)worry about mum,who is getting very forgetful and vague,and in so much pain with arthritis,not to mention a very nasty septic finger that required a course of antibiotics to shift,my own health problems,MS is bad,and my back is making me very depressed and down.All came together recently and i just had enough. money worries do not help either i may add.I hope i can put the past behind me now and move on,so hopefully more posts will be appearing soon.Thanks to Lucy,Herrad,and Beth,and of course Guido for keeping in touch with me,and indeed many more of you have sent emails and messages asking how i am,very kind of you all.

FOR ALL THOSE IN PAIN,SUFFERING THE LOSS OF LOVED ONES,THE SICK,TERMINALLY ILL,AND THOSE WHO ARE SAD AND DEPRESSED,MAY YOU ALL FIND PEACE,and for those who believe,let us pray that cancer and other serious diseases will one day be cured. thankyou for reading,take care all. Mort xx