Friday, 20 November 2015

R.I.P.Herrad Ford

Another friend lost from the ravages of MS,please remember with me our dear friend Herrad,whose blog Access denied,living with MS has been an inspiration to myself and to so many others with the damn evil disease.For those of you who did not know her please visit her blog,

 I first came across this blog,just after I was diagnosed.Richie her husband/carer and her were both kind enough to leave comments on my blog after I posted,especially if I was having a bad time with the MS,and Richie as a carer understood a lot of my concerns with caring for mum.
 she succumbed to a chest infection/pneumonia aggravated by her MS.which is killed by MS as far as I am concerned.
I am deeply upset,and I ask you to remember Richie in your thoughts,and for those of you who do,prayers.Keep strong mate.Herrad was an amazing,brave lady.I am posting this here rather than my new blog,as it seemed fitting,i will also get Guido to copy to Silent Keyboards please.i cant for some reason,blogspot does not like windows 10.thankyou for reading,take care all,Mort

Friday, 1 May 2015


My new blog,MortS New home,is now up and running.well,more stumbling and tripping,bit like this,only more to decorate still.the new address is which I hope is going to come up as a link.i may still post on here about mums life,about caring.for the news about MY journey,i will see you all soon.take care all,Mort

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A NEW START,an old me

Remember me?I used to blog.quite often.then life changed.and I suppose I changed.decided I didn't want,or need,to post to my blog any more.And ive missed you all.had a lot of problems getting on here,much less posting.we will see where this goes.bear with me ok?kinda rusty here.
 So,whats been happening?well,I have moved,from Stiffkey,to Briston,in a 1 bedroom bungalow.sheltered housing with alarms in each garden,the grass surrounding us is kept mowed by the housing association.heating is communal,oil fired central heating,costs me over £25 a week,and with the care we have to pay for,it is expensive.but I was being hit at the old house with this damn bedroom tax,i had to buy oil,electric a lot more expensive,etc.all in all,pretty much evens out over the year.the main reason I moved is I am near my friends,Julie,Pam,and not so far from my mate Kev.also I am close to shops,bus routes,drs,a lot better.and of course I am now only 3 miles from where I was born,and mum is buried.i feel safe here.i had a couple of real nasty falls at the old house,least here I can call for help.i don't feel so isolated,and I am content.
 I am a volunteer for my local branch of the MS Society,and our day centre,LAMS,we run on a fact I am named as transport manager,and run the transport,(we have 2 of our own mini busses and a car) with my ex.errr yeah,same ex I was briefly back with,lol.long story,lets just say,we are close,good friends,and that's fine with me.I make sure the vehicles are serviced,lifts overhauled,MOTs,etc.and Myra looks after the passenger side of things,sorts our volunteer drivers,etc.we make a good team,and with the help from the other committee members and our team of helpers we have a really popular day centre for our members to enjoy.
 My MS continues to evolve,a bit worse,my eyes have problems,balance is bad,pains bloody vile,but there are so many that are so much worse than me.i am not complaining.the angina is bad,in fact I should have had an Angiogram yesterday,got to Hospital early,sat in a small day room from 11.10am right up to 1.50pm.when a very harassed looking nurse came in and told me and 3 others waiting that the procedures we were waiting for had been cancelled.sorry,emergencies had come in,and we would be sent new dates.thanks to Pam for taking me in,Julie for coming after me.right waste of time,and petrol.but theres no point in making a fuss.i was an emergency case once.
 Gout continues to be a problem,something Mum left me with,along with arthritis in fingers.thats nasty,but again,so many people suffer so much more.
 All in all I am content,yes sometimes depression rears its head,i wish the pain was less.i wish many things.but life goes on.
 I think this is the last post on this blog.caring and sharing as a title is a bit redundant,although I do still care about my friends,i am no longer a Care giver.
 So I think I may well start a NEW blog.after all,i do have a NEW BEGINNING.I hope if I do you will come along for the ride,take care all,Mort xxx and THANKS TO ALL THOSE ON FACEBOOK WHO STILL COMMENT AND CARE ABOUT ME ON THERE.