Monday, 31 December 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR?lets hope so

yes it really is me,lol.last post in march i sorry,but MS and mum,both progressively worse than they were.and i find it so hard now to write about it all.where to begin???
 i had so much trouble getting mum decent carer,the one we had was in and out in under 10 minutes,hardly spoke to her.and one night i put cream on her back and being blunt she smelled i raised hell with office.sent a nice carer out,L,she was in tears nearly.took 2 bowls water,and mum had huge pressure sore the size of a 50 pence piece on her way any decent carer doing there job could have missed nurse was coming in twice a week dressing it.thankfully it cleared up.L is our carer now,mum likes her,and she cares about mum.but she forgets so so much worse than she was this time last year.Dr did put her on tablets to try and help memory loss,but she was so he said,is it worth it?not fair on her.92 in 3 days time.
as for me,i fall about,i slur my words,right eye has a problem with spatial awareness,swallowing still bad,pain,all worse.back is completely shot to hell.disc crushed,and basically its just pain management.myy garden hasnt been done this year,only kepy tidy.julie is coming in the spring to clean pond out.good friend to me.known her 36 years now.(possibly loved her as long too lol)i get tired so easily now,still have angina attacks too.but tablets are helping.
so there we are,start of a brand new year.2013.will it be good?will i get worse?who can i worry?yes,because of mum.i am not scared for myself. and PLEASE dont feel sorry for me,i am ok,so many worse off than me.just be nice to each other,i wont promise to read blogs or when i will post again,but you are all in my thoughts.Lucy my friend,an inspiration to us all.Herrad you keep a doin gal( this is norfolkese lol) and to you all reading this,a very happy new year to,see you on Facebook,mort xxxx