Friday, 27 August 2010

7 years to thank you all for

Next month i shall have been on AOL for 7 years.this is to thank all the wonderful friends i have made over that period.
I had been wanting a computer for ages,i had a bush internet set top box that allowed me to browse the net using the TV but it wasn't a great,i finally ordered one from my mail order club,along with a desk. now we had just had oil fired central heating installed,the old open fire ripped out,and i had decorated the lounge and hall,papered and painted,2 new chairs,new carpet as the old one now had a damn great hole where the hearth used to i was busy.MS was still 2 initials for the future,although i did have health problems,and in a lot of pain.but i papered,painted,and the day the PC came me and a mate were laying the carpet.the man from the computer company was supposed to deliver it the next week,set it up and give me a demo.instead he unloaded all these boxes,said everything is colour coded just plug n play. quite.anyway,desk installed on new carpet,a mad dash to DIY store to buy a new swivel chair as the new ones i had ordered were far bigger than i thought,switch round of furniture,and i was ready to open the boxes. and it was easy to plug together.even found the on button.which i pressed,it loaded.and??now what. i knew NOTHING about easy guide.nothing.just a box and a screen.what did it do..i had an AOL internet CD-ROM,from some shop.inserted into drive,downloaded,and................internet.signed up for AOL,and i was away. well,as far as the internet went in those first few weeks it was playing backgammon online,odd email from companies i dealt with,but i was a complete novice.very frustrating.and then i found AOLs games had..............texas holdem poker. in those days it was on pogo,and i still play sometimes on there,but it is not as good as in the early days.more like a chatroom with first i played on my own againt the computer.then one night on my table appeared AngelaB.and you could talk to each other by typing into the dialogue box.and we got chatting."i'm no good at poker" said ange.i was a pretty decent player,having played in the past for real.oh lying lickle devil,lol.lets just say ive heard her use that phrase many times.somehow after that we always seemed to play a lot together.and i found my first,my longest running friend.and ange,you made me laugh,we rowed,we swore at each other,but my god we had fun.daughters laura and rachel used to moan at her because she used to laugh so much.ada and cissy ange???happy days.then one night,after AOL changed from pogo to its own poker tables which were much more "serious" i was on my own.angela was away,and i was i went into a chatroom.i had tried them before.and couldn't get the hang of fast,so many people all "talking"at once.bedlam.but that night 6 years ago i went into 50s romance, "overflow"room,when the main chatroom reached 48 or so,it opened.and that night there were 2 people in it,sue wicke and gem. 2 new friends.who explained about room1.and how there were some nice people used it,and to come back and visit.that was on news year eve.i went in the next night,met swaine,(sue) glen,alas now sadly dead,a nice man,jane,and so many more.over the coming weeks i got to know so many new people,still played poker,but often i was in chatroom.and i want to take this oppurtunity to thank some of you.sue garden,or sue g,any music you want sue could,the laughs we have had,been with ade now 3 years i suppose?? purplemist.Lyn,still a lovely friend. i cant play lady in red even now lyn.thanks for being there when i needed lovely jaynee,bless you many to list,tanis,or sunbeam as she is known in chatroom,Nina,whose blog got me into the wonderful world of journals,so many more.some lovely.some not so,some down right nasty ones lol. many sadly now gone from AOL.lonewolf,kraftmad,i look at my buddy list and think,yeah,we had some good times.always quizzes,jokes,laughter.many of my best friends on the net came from that chat room.room1. and then one night,4 years ago a dolfin swam in,in those days we all had profiles,mine had 200 or so pictures on it,and this strange person popped in,made some jokes,and left.helen,you have been so much more than just a friend to have been there when i have been at my lowest,when i was diagnosed with MS you helped me. and we still laugh on here nearly every night.thankyou are the best.xx.bernie,sadly we hardly ever talk now,where once we were so close.good friend,and a lovely person. wendy,whose daughter emma's tragic story you know,we have spent many hours chatting. so many names. all my friends. thank you all.
And then. JLAND.nina got me into blogging,she wrote a blog,and i thought i can try that.that story has been told, brought YET MORE friends. yasmin,guido,jan,jeannette,my second mom lucy,herrad,jack,so many more. again,thank you all.
And now facebook has brought even more,yearbook,tagged. names,some faces,some i talk to often,some i hardly know.but i still thank all help me keep going,keep sane.
Being a carer is NOT easy.being a carer with serious health problems much worse.but i manage.because when i log onto AOL,or blogspot,facebook,wherever,i know somewhere i will find one of you good people who will help take my mind off my worries.and i thank you ALL for that.
And now today,7 years down the line. i have someone in my life in the "real world".someone i care a lot for. thankyou for being you.xxxx
So,7 years of AOL.not all good,loss of profiles has meant the drastic decline of chatrooms,facebook etc has taken many more.the loss of Jland,so many people were hurt by that.the loss of our pictures.AOL has been my gateway to the internet for all those weeks,months, brought me all you. my friends online. thankyou,and take care all.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

MS and me.and maybe you.

MS has been in the news a lot lately,with new treatments being heralded as breakthroughs in the treatment of this evil disease,sativex is an oral spray made from cannabis extract,and is aimed at progressive sufferers like myself.also funding has been announced in the States and Canada in the research of CCSVI,( chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, dear god who thinks these names up.) a condition linked last year by an italian doctor dr.Paolo Zamboni who reported abnormalities in the veins draining the brain and spinal chord in MS sufferers,his ideas have caused widespread debate.also the furious debate about the threat of MS nurses under own dear lynda is now semi-retired and it looks as though there is a chance she will not be replaced.MS nurses are OUR first line of attack in out treatment of MS,they liaise directly between our consultants,and our GPs,physios,speech therapists,and other help we need.Lynda is much loved by north norfolk MS sufferers.she will be missed by many.
Now,WHY should YOU,dear reader care?yes its very interesting to those of us with MS,but you don't have it.or do you? many people who have MS just NEVER know they have it.some with very vague,faint,symptoms.others it never even causes any concern,and the only time it emerges they had MS is if an autopsy is performed after death. those are the lucky ones,but sometimes it strikes so rapidly. ask wendy,whose lovely daughter emma has been featured in this blog on a number of posts,ask my good friend Herrad,who suffers daily,or her husband and loving carer richie.or my second mom lucy,bless her,whose beloved son alan died.more and more new sufferers are diagnosed daily.100,000 is the new and revised,updated number for MS sufferers in the UK alone,that figure from the MS society,and it is steadily increasing.and every new sufferer needs in north norfolk there is a group,LAMS,which is a lifeline for has been mentioned on this blog,my lovely friend Myra is a volunteer is based mainly in the east of our region,now there is talk of a west branch of LAMS being started up.maybe around Holt area? at the moment it is talk.a lot needs to be looked into.ideas for what people would like are welcomed by roger and his colleagues,so,if you have MS,or are a carer,or you know someone who has it,please.ASK THEM WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE IF IT WAS IN THEIR AREA. what help.amenities,information etc.THEY would like to see in a new MS support group. feel free to comment,or mail,or contact me on facebook,or leave ideas on LAMS facebook site. lastly,why should YOU CARE?? well,i was 55 when i was diagnosed,young children are being diagnosed weekly if not may be someone you know tomorrow who is diagnosed. it may even be you. and i pray to god it won't be. take care all.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Dear Morton,Congratulations! Anne here, and your blog, Caring and Sharing, wasdetermined to be one of the top resources in the medical field. And so, ithas received our 2010 Top 50 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs award presented byMedical Assistant Schools!You can see your name amongst our winners here were chosen through a scoring system led by internet nominations,which came from your reader base!You can let your readers know you won by embedding the badge code to one ofthe different awards graphics found you choose to accept or decline the award, please let me know.Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. Manyquestions can be answered, Congratulations, and I hope to see your badge soon!Cheers,Anne

This was the email i recived earlier today. now i am by nature suspicious,but it looks genuine,i shall accept and see what happens.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.Dr. Seuss American Writer and Cartoonist, b. 1904-1991.

Thanks to a good friend for sending me that. it's true. Now,many of you who are on Facebook,or My Yearbook,or indeed Tagged,and who are on my friends list,just may have noticed i have changed some of my personal information,mainly the fact i changed from being single,to "in a relationship".indeed bloody facebook faced meltdown when i did lol.over 40 comments.cor,you lot aren't half,does this mean mort has a nice lady friend in his life? does. fairly obvious who it is,her dog featured on my last 2 did her name. Myra. early days,but we are close friends. thanks for all the kind comments about spice.
Being a carer puts a strain on any relationship,especially when both parties are ill themselves,but she understands how things are. we will see,nobody knows what the future holds for us. oh,yes mum has met her.ladies,PLEASE explain how women can have such long animated conversations about.........clothes?????? on second thoughts,yes mum likes her. so,status changed. take care all.