Friday, 11 June 2010


the boarder under mums window,busy lizzies,verbena and geraniums

these double petunias were a bargain.

baskets this year are a mix of petunias,double petunias,and fuschias.

yep,they came this year they are still coming as this was taken yesterday.i really need to clean pond,but cant til they leave.bless.

these were picked yesterday, pink champagne peonies and the red roses, from a bush that was here when we moved 18 years ago,and it was old then.the smell of the roses are wonderful.
So,just a few pics to brighten the gloom,the weather is awful,i had to get out of bed at 3am and close my bloody bedroom window,it was perishing,north gale blowing,we had a sea mist yesterday and today there is a fine drizzle,and its cold. have a good time in your own gardens whatever this british summer throws at us. take care all.

Monday, 7 June 2010


Martin,janes husband has started his own blog.Life After Jane: It's been a week. is his first entry as a blogger in his own right.let us all welcome Martin to the wonderful world of Jland. can i just say thanks to everyone who has commented on my last 2 posts,those 2 entries were for jane,because she was my friend. they werent so much for her benefit,but for mine.I had to get rid of the grief i felt.not just for has been a bit of a downer lately.
now,the last 2 sessions of my MS group were a success,all enjoyed them.and today i visited LAMS,the life and MS group held in north norfolk. many thanks to roger,laraine and everyone there for making me welcome. and Myra. special thanks to her,for being a great person.i enjoyed it.will i go again?possibly in a few weeks yes. some may say that it can be distressing seeing MS sufferers who are worse than myself,but it really isnt like that.everyone,whatever their problems had a good time.
as i have said,i have had health problems,i am still waiting for the results of the ultrasound scan on heart,and what they want to do.MS plays its nasty little games,my voice goes,swallowing very bad at times. but this blog is back to normal. my thanks to all my readers for sticking with me,let us hope summer wasn't really those 2 nice days last week,lol. take care all.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Martin has posted on janes blog,A journey of another kind....: And Finally Her funeral is to be held on the 11th of June.Martin writes of his grief and thanks us for our comments.Please will you visit and leave a last comment for this wonderful lady.I am sure Guido will put a message on Call for Support but this is for Jane. Someone asked me,well meaningly,why her death has upset me so.after all,she died of cancer,not MS like dear Emma,her death was expected,and had been for some why?the answer is in the title of this entry.MEMORIES.jane has always been my heroine on here,i have often commented i was in awe of her,of her courage,her bravery.but there are so many others on here that are as ill,dying,have died.but jane has been a part of my blogging,since i first saw her journal all that time ago.the old Jland we all love and blog in those days was indeed of caring for mum,of me sharing that with you.then MS was confirmed,and lately it seems to have taken it has my life.the heart attack,back trouble,ill health.all have taken their toll. but Jane was still here.she was fighting her vile disease,so would she has gone. i miss her.but she will be remembered,by me,by many.
i have,as do we all, memories of a happier life,of when i was fit and well.when mum was able to get about without a frame or wheelchair,of having a job i loved,a girlfriend i loved.memories. life deals us blows,people we love change,mothers we thought were invincible grow old,and get frail and forgetful,and scared.and we ourselves get diseases we cant control. and we get scared too.but we still have our memories.and i suppose i mourn the passing of those memories,as i mourn the passing of Jane.another friend lost,no more words of encouagement to cheer me when i am down,in pain.i may need further heart surgery,i am getting angina bad.the MS seems to be getting worse. the pain management consultant has told me he cannot help with the crushed disc,it is too risky an operation to memories sometimes are all we have left to keep us going. and in memory of Jane,i am going to do my best to keep on caring and sharing for some time yet to come.
I wish Martin peace,and joy in his memories of his beloved JANE.
As i wish to all who are in pain,alone,scared,that every one of us find peace and joy in our own MEMORIES. take care all,thanks for being my friends. MORT.