Tuesday, 11 August 2009

a few pics to lighten the gloom

good butterfly year,this is only one of about 3 red admirals ive seen though

painted lady with a peacock butterfly on the buddleia davidii "black knight"

self sown sunflower,lol.bird feeders were above it.its full of hover flies in centre

my white hollyhock,quite pleased with this shot

that new boarder i did at start of season has just bloomed and bloomed.

taken few weeks ago,most have gone over now and been removed.did well though

been lovely to see,fuschias were from last year,shant keep them as they show signs of fireblight

my pink water lilly.unfortunately the white one didnt flower this year,i didnt know that water lillies hate moving water until last year,the pump has been turned off to allow them to flower

taken a 1.30 am,in the middle of june.didnt really get dark.nights pulling in fast now though

taken at 10 pm came out pretty well.

feeding frenzy i get every morning when i throw the old cat food sooty has left out.glad you cant hear all the noise lol

greedy devils

well,hope everyone is having a good summer.it is going away fast,soon autumn will be here.nasty thought.i am pleased jane has posted,bless her heart.there is a fighter.take care all,enjoy your gardens and the hot weather.

Friday, 7 August 2009

heart sore

firstly,and with deep sorrow,can i please ask you all to visit janes blog,A journey of another kind....: Jane's Journey - The final leg. ive just read this entry and im in tears.you will see why.jane,ive been reading your fight against terminal cancer now for a long time.you keep fighting sweety.xxxx
I went in tuesday for the stents to be fitted.Pam dropped me off at the hospital,and i was on the ward at 11.10.i had to wait for nearly 30 minutes for a bed to become free,when it did it was near the window,and boy was i glad later at night.very stuffy and close day.they were very busy,but the staff were very courteous as always.i finally got taken down to the angio suite at 1.30.finally went through at 2,got up on table,connected up to ECG,when.........the surgeon came over and said,morton,i am so sorry,we have a 999 emergency call coming in,73 yr old lady suffering a heart attack,i oromise you will be seen to directly after we see to her. so i was unplugged,taken back to the recovery bay and waited.like me back in december she was rushed into the angio suite,and a well oiled machine swung into action.lol.bless her,she had 3 stents fitted,and was sitting up in bed later that night enjoying a cuppa.
So.i finally got back on the table at 4pm.2 surgeons,5 technicians,millions of pounds worth of scanners at work. one surgeon left at 5 ish,the other kept on trying to get a stent in but to no avail.the fact is he couldnt fit the stents,instead i had an angioplast on 1 artery,a balloon is inserted and the artery is "squashed"on the inside,making the artery wider.the other artery was just too narrow.apparently it goes into a sharp bend,then narrows like a chicane on a racing circuit,and it was just too tight a curve for him to get anything through.he told me there is a special balloon he will order that may work if i still continue to have trouble.and if that doesn't work,well it means Papworth hospital,bypass operation.finally,i was taken back to my ward at 7pm.missed me tea lol.bless the ward sister for the sandwich she had kept me.
Now,i had shaved the left side of my groin for the catheter to be inserted.the surgeon decided he wanted the right side shaved as well,in case he needed to go in that artery.so,i now got 2 nice smooth areas,all ready and............he went in through my right wrist.lol.i had to be connected to a pump that slowly fed a blood thinning drug through my vein for 12 hours,i was allowed up at 10.30 to use toilet,still connected to machine which i had to push in front of me.now,this was ok except,it squeaked as i pushed it,so at 4am,bearing in mind i couldnt get to sleep and raj,the absolutely fantastic night nurse in charge had made me 2 cups of tea and biccys,and the fact i hadnt taken the nasal spray to stop me needing loo,there was me going squeak,squeak,squeak,toilet door opens,squeak,door closes.silence.flushing noise.door opens squeak,squeak,oh i was popular.lol.
the pump was removed at 7,canular removed and after a quick breakfast i was sitting in dayroom.pam picked me up at 9 and i walked in my door around 10.15.
felt really sore,achy and tired today.yesterday i was ok,but i am now bruised everywhere,so i think it is delayed reaction.i am still getting a bit of angina,though it may be due to the op.anyway,i go and see him in 6 weeks time,where we will discuss what happens next.i really do not want a lot of bypass surgery if it can be avoided,but i shall be led by the consultant.
i am sorry,i just haven't felt like reading blogs,only tonight have i read a few,the MS has been playing up as it always does when i am stressed or tired.for some reason blogger has decided i am persona non grata at the moment,i got a message saying my network was sending messages to blogspot and i was banned until further notice.huh???i did see that several bloggers had had the same message,so we will see.i got on here to do this entry via dashboard.i have some great pics to share for the next time,but for now,take care all.many thanks for all the lovely messages on facebook,yearbook,tagged and emails.mort