Sunday, 14 July 2013

catchup time,im sorry i havent been in touch.

 I have been very lax lately.and I apologise.lot happening,very little good.i have got to go to Papworth hospital for a MRI stress test in august. that is for all the angina im getting,i saw the heart consultant the other week and wants this test done ASAP.too dangerour to do another angioplas without it.Papworth is our leading heart hospital.its also miles got to sort transport.
this month ive got to go back to dermatology as the nasty she zapped off my ear hasn't gone,in fact its worseshe said if the scab dropped off not to go back.but its got worse
.to cap it all I had a video xray done of me swallowing,as I choke on food and drink,they give you barium to drink,then yoghurt,then yoghurt and banana,and biscuit.after the radiologist said she can see my airway doesn't close properly,hence liquids are being inhaled into lungs,hence 17 chest infections in past year.also I have thickening top roof of mouth.7 yrs ago I saw ENT about that.they removed a tonsil thinking I had cancer in it.shame nobody told them I was then suspected of having was a perfectly good tonsil.the weird results were,MS.3 years ago my consultant sent me back to ENT,as he wasn't happy my croaky weak voice was MS.they had me in,supposed to have had a biopsy done.i later found all they did was "have a look,as it looked ok,no biopsy done"NOW,ive been called back to see them,seemss someone somewhere is now worried.makes 2 of us.
so not good.on top of all this worry,mum is so much worse.memory is now seriously bad.only good thing,someone is back in my life,my ex Myra.we close friends again
 don't swear at me lmao.i know what youre going to say.but im is why not?just friends is all.anyway,up to date.i am sorry im not always on,but I do check blogs,but cant always get idea why.ah but for the good old days lol.
,i DO think of you all,and I wish us all,peaceful days,and pain free nights .tc all xxxxxx oh,and yeah the MS is a right pain,in all senses of the words.struggle and ty, mort xxxx