Friday, 13 February 2009

a valentines wish

Take care all,love mort xx

Monday, 2 February 2009

stressed out

its been a busy few weeks since i last posted.i went and saw the incontinence nurse,(or the wee wee lady as linda my MS nurse calls her,lol) she gave me a lot of information,explained that MS causes the bladder to contract,instead of expand,so you have to "go"more often,and that when its bad to make sure i dont drink fizzy drinks,caffeine,drink more water.and to plan my route.i already did give me information on a new "car loo" it resembles a large film cannister,with a bag folded inside.very dr. has ordered me one,as they are available on was physio.i fogot the first appointment altogether,ive now bought myself a diary,my memory gets worse,but i have now seen her twice.she has given me various exercises designed to help my balance,which is decidedly poor,i use the walking stick regularly,also she told me the stick was too short,so it is now set at the right height,much better.she is a really nice lady,attractive hurts that.she was able to tell me what leg is my weakest,the left,just by gently holding and twisting my legs.i see her again this week,then it will be on a as needed basis,as is the incontinence far i dont really need their help full time.let that continue please.

Lastly,i saw my consultant Dr.C at Cromer hospital.first time we have seen each other since last year when he diagnosed me with MS.we had a long talk,he examined me thoroughly,saw my balance is a bit worse when i nearly fell over doing one foot in front of the other,and said he was pleased with the way i am interacting with the various people helping me,that he was being informed by linda about me,and he would continue to see me on a yearly basis.also,that if i felt any worse,or my symptoms got worse he would order another scan,and indeed may still order one.the tablets and physio hopefully will keep it at bay.we will see.

Last week was the dreaded treadmill heart stress test.Pam kindly took me in her was at 3pm and the huge carparks were full,heaving is the word that comes to mind lol.we managed to find a space where we shouldnt,lol.pam displayed her blue badge and i trottted off on my own to the cardiac suite.a really nice technician called me in,had my chest shaved for the electrodes,which he managed to nick,as we found when the electrode was removed and blood was everywhere,stuck them all over me,wired me up,and off we go.the treadmill starts slowly,flat,then it is speeded up,and then an incline is introduced.i was soon panting,my pregabalin for MS causes shallow breathing,a fact the nurse said was not going to please the heart consultant,i managed 6 minutes,quite a fast,very brisk walk up a slight incline,but i had to call it a day after that,the next stage was faster,steeper,and i was in discomfort,pain in my chest and left arm.not very bad but bad enough to be unpleasant.she was quite ok,and said i had done well.the results will go to the consultant,if i don't hear from them i have to go see Dr.M in 2 weeks time.if all seems ok iwill see the heart consutant in june.fingers crossed they don't call me.

so a busy do i feel? well,i dont need the nitro spray very often,the MS has been bad,i am getting a lot of pain from the arthritis,but doing ok.mum has had a lot of pain from her arthritis,the cold weather affects her badly,she continues to forget names of simple every day objects.but she is my mum.and i love i cope.because i have to.

we have had a little snow,compared to much of the UK we have escaped here lightly,and it is now raining,although it should freeze later.lethal road conditions.

well here they are finally,snowdrops.flowering at least 3 weeks later or more than last year.many bulbs are now peeping through but i fear i have lost a lot.crocusses are very sparce this year.a wet summer may have rotted a lot.but that snowdrop means that spring will come soon,this viciously cold weather will ease.and we will feel sun on our skins again.and february means one thing.very soon,any time now,my 2 ducks will return.and i cant wait to see them.take all,keep warm,well,and safe.and thanks for all your kind comments.

finally on yearbook,on owned on there,(those of you who use yearbook will know that owned is a game,also on facebook,where you "own"other players pictures,earn lunch money,make profits) i discovered this "tag" done by the lady herself.dawn.i sent her a message over 3 weeks ago asking if i may use it on the sidebar of my journal.i have had no reply,i am sure she will not mind any of you snagging it and using it on your own touched me somehow.i know nothing at all of dawn.but she is talented.and someone who knows,perhaps full well,that breast cancer can affect any one.and so i put it here for you all.