Saturday, 16 May 2009

new camera

dicentra spectabilis,alba.

tomatoes only just gone into growbags,bought them as plugplants an inch high

some of this years baskets,starting to really look nice

the new boarder under mums bedroom window,was full of nerines.spread everywhere.birds keep pulling the bark mulch into path lol

the other new boarder under lounge window.was full of day lillies,like the nerines had spread,and really are just leaves for most of year.again the bark mulch is getting moved.

that clematis montana,growing up and along the front of sunner house,also goes along the side,over 15 foot of growth in one year.

my rhododendrun,i love of my favourite flowers.i have to grow it in a pot as i dont have acid soil in the garden.

the 2 go together well.see what i mean about that clematis?

i love my new camera,fuji finepix,10 megapixel,and it has a view finder as well as back screen,if,like me,you are used to using a 35mm SLR film camera,to be able to use the view finder,see what you are taking is great.the last 2 were taken using the macro close up,with the telephoto lens it makes a really good camera,comfortable to hold and LOOKS like a you enjoyed a few of this years flowers,lucy by the sound of it you will beat me on the tomatoes this year if yours is coming into flower.just hope mine taste better than last year.should do,using gardeners delight.enjoy your gardens,take care all.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

no nina needs new friends.

Well.thankyou all for the lovely almost felt sorry for i am so glad to say has been quiet.the reason i had such a go is me,his/her/its kind are bullies.they try to upset journal writers because they are jealous,so they lash a bullies they are cowards.they hide behind anon,jolene,whatever,because they attack who they think are weak,or won't fight back.i was bullied at school.for nearly eleven years my life was made hell by bullies.because i didn't like sports,i was quiet,i didn't have that many friends,i was a target of bullying.especially at my grammar school,i passed the old eleven plus at the second attempt,and i was out of my depth.i hated i was bullied,kicked,punched,and i took it.too scared to fight back.until one day.........the chief instigator of my torment was a nasty little git called david.big,heavy set,with his 2 mates they preyed on us weaker lads.this particular day i had just got new glasses,mum and dad weren't well off,in fact far from it.and david had hit me in the face and broken them,the frame bent.and i snapped.i kicked seven bells of hell out of him,so hard in the crotch he was sick,smacked one of his mates nose so hard blood flew everywhere,and had the other by the throat when a teacher dragged me weeks detention for that lake.yes sir.oh,and lake. yes sir??about time you stood up for yourself.sly wink.that was the turning point.i would never allow myself to be bullied,or to stand by and watch others bullied be warned anon.i now know how to find out who you are,i will press blogger to ban you,i will also do my utmost best to stop your nasty snide,spiteful comments on any of my friends.have a nice day now.
now,my good friend nina,who is to blame for me starting this journal all that time ago,has started blogging again,she used to write a journal on jland called overtaken by snails,life in the slow lane,and she made my day when she posted.then due to poorly health,and the sad demise of AOL journals she stopped,SHE IS BACK.please will you visit and say hi.her blog is called Ninas Ramblings: more ramblings !!! and is well worth a me she has an elderly mum.but i think i will let her tell her story,i think many of my readers do know her but my good friend jane deserves to be read.she suffers from terminal kidney cancer,lately thanks to the drug sutent,she has made a remarkable fight back.her blog is one of hope to all who suffer from this most evil of diseases.A journey of another kind....: Jane's the last entry,she has had a programme made of her fight with our NHS to fund sutent.and of her sheer guts and determination to fight back against the cancer.frankly she always has me in awe.jane , bloody rock girl.please.go visit her journal,its far from doom and gloom.bloody cruises,tv programmes,still not got my autograph, was going to add pics,but having trouble adding them and really dont want to lose this entry.will do another in a while.take care all.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

comments anon.

on my last post,where i thanked herrad and lucy for the inspirational blogger award they had both given me,ANON wrote the following comment:- you still live at home with your mother?you poor fat fuck. no wonder this stupid "honor" means so much to you.
it also left another longer rambling comment about how it had been a week and a half since i last posted how "retched" i am. let me see if i can clear a few thing up for anon.firstly.if you can read the big words i use,it clearly states on my profile i am a 24/7 carer for my elderly,frail.infirm mother.SO YES,I LIVE AT HOME.HOW ELSE CAN I GIVE 24/7 CARE??? as for why i still live at home.well i made my choice years ago anon,i take it you don't love your mother?or she don't love you?shame that.fat?hmmm do you know me personally anon i wonder?yeah,guilty.i have put weight on.MS does that,and arthritis,i'm no longer able to exercise like i should or would like."no wonder this stupid "honor" means so much to you". now,if you had read it properly,one finger underlining as you read each word like you were taught by the special needs teacher,nowhere do i actually call it an honor.(spelling really not your strong point if the word is over 4 letters is it anon?) i thanked herrad and lucy for thinking enough of my blog to award it to me.hope that clears that up?now why i wonder has ANON suddenly decided to vent his bile on my good friend beth had her own troll,jolene,who had left a spiteful comment on a post she had done,and i made comment about what a nasty spiteful troll jolene was.then,dear anon had a go at me.coincidence?who knows?are they the same "person"(being polite)?who cares.ANON,like the rest of your kind,you are a coward,a foul mouth,obviously jealous that someone thinks enough of my writing to give me an award.but why?is it possible dear anon that you write a blog?of such awful drivel that nobody in their right mind would ever give you an award,or,worse still,comment.or follow.or that it anon?you jealous?envious?perhaps you don't have any friends?no family?alone and unloved?hope want to leave spiteful,foul mouthed comments,go ahead,be my guest.know what?when i read the comments you left,it gave me the best laugh i have had in ages.however,if you continue to use four letter words,i shall track you down,and get you,like the piece of dog dirt you are i shall wipe you off my shoe and carry on with the post.
Sorry i haven't been leaving comments on many blogs.i appear to have a problem.on many blogs written via hotmail or internet explorer,when i try to comment,bloody explorer slowly opens,my PC freezes,and i usually crash.whether this is to do with aol,i'm not sure,but it drives me,until i can get it sorted i may not be leaving comments.i am reading though.
i sit here looking at a blank wall,with several screw holes in.where the cupboard/shelving unit used to be above my computer desk.that is until today.i have been to wells,small seaside town near me,just for an hour,as i drove in my yard my mobile went off.mum.theres been an accident she said.when i walked in,i found the cupboard was resting on my monitor,the length of 3 by 2 under it was nearly off the wall,the wall plugs had failed,the unit had fallen forward,coming to rest as i say on the top edge of the monitor,all the books,files,etc.were all over the floor,what a mess.just lucky i wasn't sitting at my desk or i doubt i would be posting this.badly overloaded.the cupboard weighs a good 30 to 40 pounds,loads of books,must be at least another 40.but i have never known plastic wall plugs to fail so drastically.been up over 6 years so its not as if it is newly put up,i haven't added any more weight these last few days. just glad i decided to go out lol.anyway,i await the inevitable bile and insults from anon,feel free if it makes your miserable nasty life a little bit nicer. oh.i just looked back,it left a comment on april blues posting too.busy little anon.lmao.really is a pathetic creature.
did promise pictures.yes the new camera is working ok,been waiting for a memory card to arrive,as it only holds 10 pics in internal memory.will post soon.take care all my lovely friends.anon?gissa kiss.mwaaahhhhhh