Wednesday, 3 June 2009

last post?

THANKS TO NAT,London Calling
THANKS TO LUCY,MY SECOND MOM,What is left of a whole new life
thanks to nat and lucy.2 more sorry but they are likely to be the last this blog ever gets.this is the end of my blogging,i can no longer carry on.its been more of a chore than a pleasure for some time,the MS seems to have made me unable to concentrate.i just dont feel up to carrying on with this any more.normally i would have written about mums visit to the chiropodists,remember her gout?cleared up.but 2 weeks ago she had an appointment to see the chiropodist,a new man we had never had before,first he kept us waiting 20 minutes over our time then.................he cut mums bad toe.pratt.she came out with a bandage on it as though it was a finger puppet.luckily it cleared having an MRI scan tomorrow at 7.50am on back, early start.many more things i would normally share.but i cant seem to get myself motivated.sorry for not commenting on many blogs,still have problems with a loop that appears when i try.

so why?i used to enjoy my journal,when jland died i said it didnt matter,that WE are jland,that it wouldnt make any difference.i was wrong. many of the old aol jland journal writers moved to blogspot,and many have left.maybe facebook,tagged,my space.etc.some on twitter,more just let their blogs fade away.fed up with it.jeannette,jan rarely posts now,yasmin,pamal,all gone.and now im doing the same.thanks to lucy for worrying about me,we shall keep in touch,thanks to all my followers,thanks to anon, for being a class A,grade one ass made my year lol.i may leave this here,i may the future i may start again.the MS is getting worse,not really bad,but enough.and mum,well she is happy,contented,in pain but cared for.and on that note,for the last time,TAKE CARE ALL.THANKS,MORTON.its a pleasure to know you all,see you on facebook.and pictures will be added to my profile on face when i download some more,so please look for them.goodbye.


Beth said...

As we discussed today, I'm sorry to see you stop blogging, but I'm glad we'll still see each other on Facebook! Much love, Beth

Odd Mom Out said...

Don't delete your journal though. Maybe one day you'll feel the need to write. You never know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mort,
Lucy emailed me to say that you were probably going to stop blogging. I'm sorry to hear it, but I totally understand. I wish you all the best, happy days, and all that's good in life. You made me smile many times and I appreciate that. Your profile photo is so genuine, and even though we've never met, I instantly like you. Take care my friend!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

No worries, will keep in touch on Facebook :o)

Lisa said...

Mort, will miss your journal entries but I'll see you still on Facebook, xoxo Lisa

jack69 said...

I will miss the Caring and Sharing. Thanks for tall the insights etc. you have added to Blog space. Many will miss you guy. Best to you and Mum. You are a good guy!
Take care of youself and Mum.
Jack & Sherry

Stephany said...

Take good care of yourself Mort, will be keeping good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't do Facebook, but I will drop you a line once in a while in email to see how you & Mom are. I'll miss you, Mort. You are a good man, and I wish you the very best. ~Mary

egtara said...

Will miss reading your blog. Take care.

Pamela said...

I don't do Facebook. I might have to now, huh? But, I'd like to email you and keep in touch, ok? I will miss you Mort.

Lucy said...

You know Mort, I find it hard to keep up if I go to face book and do a blog also. I am slower than I ever have been. I blame it on to age. I do know how MS works and I watched Alan go through the same thing in various stages of MS but I still hate to see you go, but I do understand. If you need reminded I am still you USA mom, so you better be careful young man, if you do not behave I will be letting you know that you better cool it and listen to someone that knows how to nag. ME. If you don't believe me ask Joe!!. Take care Mort and I know you would use your last ounce of strength to care for mum.

jean said...

I will miss you Mort, and best to you and your mums. jean

ADB said...

I am very sorry to see you leave your blog, but understand the reasons why. I agree that the Jland community has fallen apart, which is a huge shame. I'll keep an eye on Facebook, but that's not a priority for me at any rate.

I wish you well, and hope you make posts on FB to let us know how your mum and yourself are getting along.


Sugar said...

sorry to hear you're leaving bloggerville.
i, too, have been dishearted by the loss of so many bloggers since j-land dissolved. i had hoped we could all, at least most of us, stay together. but only a few remain.
i tried facebook briefly, but didn't like it.
good luck to you, will send up a prayer that you do well...wereever & whatever you do.

Jane said...

Mort - I will miss you awfully. I dont 'do' Facebook Im afraid.
Take care of yourself Mort - you are a very special person and Im proud to have been your J'Land friend,


Lynne said...

My father used to call my grandfather "Mort". When I saw the name, I just could not pass up an opportunity to stop in and say hello and farewell? I hope you will consider perhaps just closing it for awhile and not deleting it in case you have a change of heart later. Blessings to you, Mort! Your name alone blessed my evening...I sure miss my grandfather, he was quite a man!

Indigo said...

I hate to see you stop blogging. You've been a great friend to me hon. I understand with the MS it tends to get difficult. There are still plenty of people here who care about you sweetie. With the spring and summer post are usually down. (Hugs)Indigo

mortonlake said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Mort, lol. I shouldn't encourage you to delete it, but if you go to the settings page, on the top to the right of "Blog Tools", you can click delete blog. It takes 90 days I think for Blogger to delete it!

Anonymous said...

On that note...if you want if off the internet, you can always go to settings, permission and make it private by clicking on blog authors only. That way it won't be on the web while Blogger waits the 90 days to delete it.

Melanie said...


Will miss you sweetie!


Hollie said...

Like you blogspot isn't what it used to be especially not like J-Land, but I still love doing my journal & reading others. i have a FB as you know, but I still love blogging best. It's more personal to me than FB. Take care, & I'll see you over there!

Nelishia said...

I remember talking with you when we were on AoL. I am so sorry to hear that your MS is progressing so fast. Also sad that you're stopping blogging. If you're going to FB, please tell me how to find you as I'm there too and would love to say hello. It's going to be 'different' without you. I hope you'll come back and do it again someday.

Sybil said...

Dearest Mort, I agree with your comments about everyone slowly dissapearing...I am kind of guilty myself I know...But I do still enjoy keeping in touch with the J landers who continued to keep writing their journals. I have never gone the way of Facebook or twitter and can't ever see me do so... Anyway Mort you can't get rid of me. I will still be around even if it is only by private messages...I would miss them if you stopped as well !! Thank you for all the support you gaveme one year ago today when my beloved Goddaughter died.
Keep Safe dear friend,
Love Sybil xx

LYN said...


Connie said...

I don't do facebook.Think it's for singles or some such.Will miss you-hope you leave this open and jot a line now and then.I've felt like closing mine due to lack of readers but hey-I'm hanging in there a while longer.Take care friend.Hugs to you and mum...

Robin said...

Morton, you do what you need to do. I rarely blog any more but not for the same reasons as yours. I agree w/ Amy -- don't delete this journal. Worse case, save it somewhere. And, yep, see you on Facebook (which, btw Connie, is not just for singles --I'd never use it for meeting another single, and some people use it strictly for professional networking even, but if you're not comfortable with it, so be it and no worries). Hang in there, Mort.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Sorry to hear you won't be posting anymore.

Shame was looking forward to photos of your garden, especially your tomatoes.

We will miss you, hope you leave the blog.

Then if you want to post occasionally it is there.

Take care of your lovely self.
Going to really miss you.
sniff sniff hoooooooooooowl
There's only one wonderful Mort.

pps don't do Facebook so will email you sometimes hope that is ok with you?

Yasmin said...

Mort I've not gone I still keep up, but your right I haven't written anything since I'll still see you on facebook and I did give you my number so if ever you want to chat call me.


PS keep your journal going even if you post only once a month.

Rose said...

c u on fb!! xox

Funnyface said...

Hi Mortee, your right its jus not jland is it ? So glad to have made friends with you and jus know we will always be in touch.
Big Love, Jayneeee XX

Cathy said...

Well, we all have to follow our own path on this rocky journey. Continual pain certainly causes us to make otherwise dumb decisions, but hey we're just flesh and bone. Some prefer not to leave any evidence of their presence, others feel differently. It's your life and no one has it figured out, I'd say. So follow your bliss. Namaste.

Lucy said...

Can't get rid of me that easy. Lust wanted to prove I check in every so often.

Lori said...

I'll still see you on Facebook, but I'll miss your posts!

Sandra said...

I know exactly what you mean about not posting Mort. I just don`t have the inclination anymore I`m afraid. When I did last post not many people read it or at least commented. I feel that either people are just getting bored or its the demise of AOL Journals thats the problem, either way its a shame. Take care.

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

Kathy said...

I am sorry you are quitting blogging.

I totally understand how you feel about it not being the same as J-land. I feel the same. But I continue to blog (not so much now that my dad is sick) for myself. Not many come around to visit. If I left more comments maybe they would but I don't blog for anyone but myself.

I agree don't delete your journal. You may want to look back on it and who knows maybe you will want to post every now and again.

I have tried to stay away from FaceBook but because of family members out of town/state I set up a page to keep up with them. I really don't understand the big deal with facebook.


Jeannette said...

I have just got around to reading this Mort and I am so sorry. Everyone that leaves is one we cannot afford to lose and I loved hearing about your Mum and see photos of your lovely garden.

You mentioned me as not writing much anymore. It is true but that is because I am disheartened Mort. People rarely visit anymore. I never wrote for myself, I always wrote for others.

People argued with me when I said our community would never stay together but I was right. So, what is to blame, Facebook, Twitter, I do not know. Maybe it is the blogger format although many seemed to cope with that. I think it is because it takes a long time to go through other entries to comment.

I tried Facebook as you know, Mort, but it is truly not for me, it could never take the place of journals and I have no interest in twitter. It was the getting to know people and reading about their lives that I loved so much.

To be honest now, what with you going and so many others, I cannot see me keeping my journal going much longer. It is my five year anniversary next month. I will probably do an entry for that and bow out at that time, on a high.

We all need readers, commentors. A newspaper would fold without them, a stage performance to no audience is a fruitless waste of time. I do appear to have a lot of overseas readers but they never comment and it is just not the same.

Anyway, maybe you will think again some day, maybe we will both think again. You know that we can always stay in touch by email and if you let me have your phone number I will give you a ring sometimes.

Love to you and dear Mum. God bless.

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