Tuesday, 9 August 2016


yeah it really is me.i thought I had finished with this blog,but it hasn't finished with me somehow.i did start a new one,but it wasn't right.so here I am.doubt I have anyone still here?no matter.
so,3 years have gone since mum died.3 years this month.how it has flown.i am now living in a 1 bedroomed semidetached bungalow.used to be warden controlled,with a warden on site.now,we have emergency pull cords if we need help.i am in Briston,close to friends.still see my ex.not sure if its 3rd time lucky,but we are close friends.both volunteering for the MS society,at our day centre.i am the transport manager,looking after 3 vehicles.am I happy?not really,suffer from depression,the damn MS is far worse,i have had several falls,also the gout wont go,its nasty.i suppose I am content,as much as is possible.still miss mum,still miss being a carer.it gave me a purpose.i am on facebook most nights,but I miss AOL,happy times.i made good friends in their chatrooms.and of course Jland.who doesn't?i am now 63,and feel it.every day seems a srtruggle.
somehow I missed most of you who I used to follow on here.
so,3 years on,much has   changed,some good,but I don't like being alone.and I feel so alone at times.wishing you all peaceful days,warm nights,and much love and laughter in your lives.and PLEASE,be nice to each other,take care all,Mort xxxx


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see your post. Sounds to me like you are still helping others out. Hang in there and make the most of every day.

Carol said...

I'm still here too Mort. :~)
Three years has passed sooo fast.
Sounds like you're plodding on.
Wish I had your strength.
Miss our crazy days sometimes. lol
Sending hugs your way.

Ken Riches said...

Some of us are still here Mort, glad you are surviving...

Jeanie said...

I've just popped back into my Blog too Morton. Facebook is a minefield of political discussion at the moment so I am hiding away here, from time to time. I too miss the old AOL journals. There was more camaraderie on there than there is on Facebook these days. Sorry to read that you are feeling low. I wish I had an answer to that for you, except keep being determined to climb out of it. /all the best to you.