Friday, 7 November 2008

this time i got the right one lol. and more tragedy

again i did it. posted to caring n sharing. anyone know how you delete a journal on blogspot please email me, thanks. it needs to go. anyway,for those who missed it i posted an entry concerning the passing of a neighbour,mrs.W 97,found dead in her house alone. that night i heard noise from next door,sheila was making a hell of a nois,doors banging,and a car roaring off. when i went ot late at night as i usually do,to take a walk and have a last ciggy, ok i know, still smoking,dont nag, i saw her husbands van wasnt there. i had heard there had been a car accident earlier in the evening on the narrow road he travels on,and something told me he was in trouble.
sure enough my mobile rang next day at lunch time,it was sheila. aubrey had been in the car accident and was seriously ill in Addenbrooks hospital,with brain damage and assorted fractures. she is staying there until she knows how he is. spoke to her yesterday,he was in theatre again. very poorly indeed. those of you who do,please pray for him. he needs it.
apparently he was following another car,quite foggy so neither going too fast,and a car came round the corner,on the wrong side of the road, the car in front swerved out onto other side of road,and the car hit aubrey head on. he had to be cut from the wreckage of his van, the driver who hit him was bloody drunk. and walked without a scratch. another life possibly ruined by drink driving. still people dont learn you cant drink and drive. i feel so sorry for sheila,they havent been married long. in my thoughts love.xx

Thursdays is now officially MY DAY OFF. i am supposed to go out,do what i want,get away. mum has carer to come in and sit with her from 2 til 5 also the agency that provides tracy,different from the other ones, are supposed to come and get mum a cuppa and something for her lunch. not hard i dont think?? 15 minutes has been allocated. so yesterday,i didnt feel well,my swallowing not good,im a bit chesty,it was wet,cold,lousy. tracy is suddenly having a day off on thursdays once a fortnight,and yesterday was one of those days. so we had a lay in, i did breakfast and we had an easy morning. i just nipped over to pams,had to take her to doctors, the knee joint she had done is doing well. got home at 12,said to mum we will let the carer come and see to lunch while i am here so i could show her where everything is,have a cupa with us,etc. mum had already been phoned by the agency tha day before to be told tina wouldnt be there to get her lunch til 1.45 bloody late. but ok,tracy away,understand that. and i would leave mum a sandwich to have when she wanted. neither of us eat much at lunchtimes,i cook evening meal,we have a good breakfast. anyway,when i got home mum said, they arent coming to give me lunch. tina went off sick,so no-one is available. now it didnt matter yesterday. i was home. but another week it WILL matter. carol,the absolutely wonderful lady carer came at 2 and was shocked. i shall be writing to my social worker and complain. that firm is bloody useless. they have NO, i shall repeat that, NO relief carers. if a carer goes off sick,or has a holiday,they expect other carers to cover. we met an ex employee who tracy brought round earlier this year to show the ropes to,in the supermarket today. she told us she left after 2 months,she couldnt stick it. they tried to shove a load of extra calls onto her nearly every day. think it explains the slapdash care mother gets from tracy these days,she was 11 minutes giving mum a shower tuesday,drying and dressing her. i am getting very very peed off with the lot of them. caring is NOT a job,its not getting a job done as quickly as possible and buggering off onto the next,as fast as we can. its about caring for your client,chatting,making sure he/she is ready to face the day. unfortunately its money driven. the more "jobs" they can fit in,with the fewest staff equals the most profit. my mum is a number,not a person in their eyes. we shall see. thanks to all my friends for your comments. i feel a lot better. depression takes some shifting,i do have bad days. MS makes me depressed. but i am still going to be around. take care all


Jenny said...

It is a frightening thing nowadays to be old and frail or disabled in any way. Unless you have family prepared to look after you or really good neighbours everything else is hit or miss.
Jenny <><

Jeannette said...

So sorry about the accident, I shall definitely be prayer.

I am afraid the same thing happens to my cousin. She lives alone, is in a wheelchair and totally helpless. Sometimes she has to wait four hours to get her dinner. Someone usually comes at nine to put her to bed, sometimes she has to wait until 1 a.m. Her family have complained so many times.

The care standard in this country is appalling.

Have a good weekend Mort.

louise said...

Take care, sorry about your neighbour. Hope the care situation improves, my mum goes through much the same to get respite for my brother. Louise x

Stuart said...

hit the blogger icon in the top corner, choose settings, scroll to the bottom there is a delete option there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had hoped you'd have some time to yourself, but it's good you didn't . They say everything happens for a reason and more and more I do believe that. I'll pray for your neighbor. We just never know when accidents can happen. I think I say a prayer everytime I get in the car. Take care and hope the carer thing gets better for you. 'On Ya'-ma

Jan said...

I will pray for your friends ,how awful for them ,and yes I agree ,care in the community is money driven ,which is such a sin for those poor people who so need help to Mum Jan xx

Pamela said...

It seems that everything nowadays is money driven. Especially in the medical field. It all makes me sick.
I hope you get it all straightened out.
Love, Pam xoxox

Lori J said...

Good Morning Dear Morton, How I wish I lived closer by to help you with Mom.
I am up enjoying my cup of tea, catching up on journals and enjoying my tranquil mood for now. Hubby is still sleeping and has been alot since his heart attack. Trying to figure out our medical insurance for our trip away this winter...GADS it is so complicated.
It is easy for me to extend wishes to you to be of good cheer when I have NO idea how hard it must be for you.
My first boss struggled with MS for years and I SO admired his English tenacity as he outlived his wife by years and the last time I saw him he was in a wheelchair but still drove and would get himself and the chair into the car alone....What an inspiration for me at time when I was walking the valley of cancer recently.
Give a hug to Mum for me and I send a big hug to you both.

Lori (Alberta)

Indigo said...

I hate seeing the treatment they are giving your mom hon. Your absolutely right caring for someone else isnt' a quick stop and rush. I hope they get it sorted out.

Sorry to hear about your neighbors. Will be keeping them in my prayers on the smoke dear friend.

I do hope you get some time to yourself. (Hugs)Indigo