Saturday, 16 May 2009

new camera

dicentra spectabilis,alba.

tomatoes only just gone into growbags,bought them as plugplants an inch high

some of this years baskets,starting to really look nice

the new boarder under mums bedroom window,was full of nerines.spread everywhere.birds keep pulling the bark mulch into path lol

the other new boarder under lounge window.was full of day lillies,like the nerines had spread,and really are just leaves for most of year.again the bark mulch is getting moved.

that clematis montana,growing up and along the front of sunner house,also goes along the side,over 15 foot of growth in one year.

my rhododendrun,i love of my favourite flowers.i have to grow it in a pot as i dont have acid soil in the garden.

the 2 go together well.see what i mean about that clematis?

i love my new camera,fuji finepix,10 megapixel,and it has a view finder as well as back screen,if,like me,you are used to using a 35mm SLR film camera,to be able to use the view finder,see what you are taking is great.the last 2 were taken using the macro close up,with the telephoto lens it makes a really good camera,comfortable to hold and LOOKS like a you enjoyed a few of this years flowers,lucy by the sound of it you will beat me on the tomatoes this year if yours is coming into flower.just hope mine taste better than last year.should do,using gardeners delight.enjoy your gardens,take care all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mort! I LOVE THE CLEMATIS!!! It looks like a lace covering. I'm so glad you got your camera, I have a Kodak megapix, but my last camera was the Fuji Finepix 7.0 and I loved it! Too bad it fell into the lake and is now "lost at sea"! I hope I didn't leave any silly shots on it for the person who finds it, lol!
Take care,

Lucy said...

Hi Mort, beautiful, just great. You make mine look sick but I have a blossom, on my tomato plant. Would you believe I worked in a camera store long before the sophisticated cameras came out. I have always let to many settings make me afraid. I would give my right arm for your rohdendrum (SP) Way to go Mort.

Frances said...

Your flowers are beautiful, Mort. I am really impressed you are able to have such a beautiful garden, since you have so many medical problems. You are doing great. And there is nothing better than fresh tomatoes right from your own plants. Thank you for sharing them with us with your photos.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

It must smell wonderful there :o)

Indigo said...

Gorgeous pictures hon! Love the Clematis vine. I agree with Ken it must smell wonderful there. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

That clematis is just plain crazy. :) I love seeing all your flower pictures--you have such a green thumb! Hugs, Beth

Melanie said...

Pretty garden Mort....all I can manage to grow are

love the cliamtis!!


Stephany said...

Oh I love love love that clematatis on the building! I could live with that in my view for sure. Thanks for the photos, you have a new garden admirer friend here! (me lol)

My rhodys are blooming now too, you would appreciate the enormous size of the shrub, at least 8 feet.One is the color of yours.

Take care

Sybil said...

Goodness Mort your garden sure is growing well. You and your green fingers !! Like you that is my camera and I LOVE one I have ever had for every situation...Even when we were over in Africa I was able to take things at such a distance and bring them up close...
Love your rodedendrons and the clematis whic I have to say is one of my favourite plants..
Love for now Sybil xx

Richie said...

Thanks Mort. Lovely pictures- what a lovely garden you have!

Pamela said...

That Clematis needs to work it's way over to my house! That would look so good in my yard! Loved all of your flowers. That Rhododendrun can make it's way over the pond, too! You have a beautiful garden, Mort. Well done!
Love, Pam

Lucy said...

Mort, thank you for the comment on my blog. You are so special to me that when you say I did ok, I know I must have. I will never forget when I first sawq your blog when it was called a Journal, I said I wanted to live where ever all those flowers were. You do so well at doing all that and I know it is not always easy. Your USA mom

Connies Photos said...

I must be doing something wrong-my clematis are slow growing--never saw anyone plant right from the bag of soil like that-that is a good idea.Tonight we plant our seeds and onions and soon will get the plants out in the garden.Had heavy frost two nights but it isn't supposed to anymore now.

Amelia said...

Hi Mort,
Check by my blog, there's an award for you!!

Amelia XxXxX

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Wonderful photos thanks.



Nat said...

Fatastic pics! Super flowers too. Always enjoy reading your blog and so am passing on this award to you. Please take a look at my blog and pick up your award.
Please pass it on to five blogs of your choice.

Stephany said...

Hi Mort, I've stopped by (from Herrad's) to leave a link to my blog

that is a page with photos of my rhododendrun that I thought you might enjoy. It just bloomed this week.

Take care

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

How are your tomatoes doing?


Wes said...


Just getting back ti the blogging thing and wanted to say Hello!

I love the flowers and the camera. You love life and it shows, may your days be bright!


Lucy said...

Hey Mort, thanks for the advice on tomato plant. Great pictures!!! Hope you and mum are doing well. Talk later

Anonymous said...