Monday, 27 July 2009


i cant even think of a witty title.says a lot how things are at the moment.not been feeling well,MS playing games,mum not too good,arthritis bad.just thought i would post as i have the pre-op assessment for stents tomorrow,and i will have the angioplast next tuesday,4th of august.2 stents will be fitted.hopefully this will cure the angina.also i am still waiting for an appointment with a consultant about has been so painful now for ages,i hadn't heard results of MRI scan i had on it,so rung the triage.she hadn't had the results back,which as it had been 6 weeks or more was a bit stupid,she rang me later,said she had got hold of the scan and it showed that there was a problem and i did need to see a consultant,and she was going to sort it.that is 3 weeks ago,still waiting.
i will know tomorrow if i do have to be in hospital overnight,rather sure i will,as appointment is at least i do have carers sorted to look in on mum.take care all.


Lucy said...

Mort, I am so glad you posted. If you had not you were going to get an email today with lots of questions. I am not sure since have not experienced it myself but have heard that fusing disks or vertabrae relieves a lot of pain. Keep om fighting Mort. You do not give up. I just want something to make you feel as good as possible, which with all the problems you have I hope the stents and back repair make the MS a bit easier for you to tolerate. Big Hugs from Lucy

jack69 said...

Sorry you are in the mud old chap. Hopefully the operation will get you to a position you can work ont he other stuff.
A little rediculous about the time for reading a scan, huh?
TAke care as you can,
Sherry & Jack in new Hampshire.

Richie said...

It will never cease to amaze me that I can hear from a friend in New Zealand within seconds but somehow it can take a month to pass a small bit of information from one office to another. So stupidly cruel to force you to wait weeks in pain for them to read a file. It rings to many bells for me with the way we were treated by Herrad's neurologist. Insensitive git!
Any way I hope this is the start of some progress for you and you get some some relief.
Take care,

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Agree with what Richie has said.
Hate to hear of you being in such pain.
Hope things get moving for you now.
Take care.

Lisa said...

Awwww Mort hate that you are in such pain, hope the stents help you , Love and Hugs Lisa XX

Jeannette said...

Good luck for tomorrow Mort. I know you will let us know how you get on. Thinking of you.

Dannelle said...

My thoughts are with you, you should come home better that ever! Blessings!

Sheila said...

Wishing you all the best with your procedures and that it takes care of the pain. Sheila

Jane said...

Oh Mort I hate to hear of you being in such pain - we are both in the wars right now arnt we?
But we can overcome this. Keep strong, keep positive and I'll be thinking of you next week.


Beth said...

I hope all goes well and this relieves some of your pain. XO Beth

Funnyface said...

My Dear Mortee, hope everything went all right for you today. Why oh why do these results always take so long to come back? Big hugs, speaky soon, Jaynee XX

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Mort ~ hope everything went well for you today ~ I hate to think of you in any pain ~ Give my love to your Mum glad you have carers ready to take care of her in case you have to go into hospital ~ Ally x

ADB said...

Pain is a drain on your quality of life, Mort, and I hope it gets better. Good luck with the angioplasties.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.
Hope everything has gone well.
Thinking about you.