Wednesday, 20 January 2010

return of the gout

for a change no trying to be witty for a heading.mainly because i havent had a lot to smile about lately.after going down with the bug i felt awful,but it didnt last long thank day i was feeling better.i have heard from hospital,and go in feb.2nd.same time.
on friday i was going to take mum to fakenham shopping,but just as she was getting ready she came over dizzy,and felt ill.making sure she had everything she needed to hand i nipped off and did the shop alone.she seemed ok.saturday she was fine,sunday i cooked a lovely roast chicken,mum went to bed,and all was well.until...............2.00am i heard her crying.she had come up in huge hives,blisters almost.rubbed some E45 on and she tryed to sleep.bad night for both of us.i was worried when i saw her feet the next morning.the gout had returned with a vengeance.and her poor hands,the fingers looked like sausages,so swollen were they.i decided to ring the doctors,and explained what was wrong,dr.M soon came out.he thought she had had an allergic reaction to something she had eaten,and it had also seemed to trigger the gout. he decided she should go on a tablet for the gout,and i went and got these for her at 4.
that was monday.its now wednesday and she has been in bed all the while,her feet are so painful she cant walk even a step.thank goodness for the commode.i just get it as close to bed as it will least the itching has stopped,and i think the swelling in joints slowly going down.i hope so,as it is awful to see her in so much pain.
now back in september i asked for a carers assessment,i really do need more help looking after mum now,i am not well,there is a good chance i will have to go in to hospital,maybe for some time,so asked for assessment so a care plan ccould be put in place. september 18th. i had the forms i sent returned,with a note that the assessment officer would be in touch. not a word have i heard,so on the 9th december i rang.asked to speak to the man who had signed the letter in september,only to be told they had never heard of him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it transpired he had moved to fakenham office,but it does say much about adult social services in norfolk.anyway,i rang the number they gave me,spoke to him,explained i was not well,heart and MS etc.he promised the officer would ring me "in a day or 2".again,not a word,so today i rung,yet again.oh,he said,there is only one assessment officer at the moment and hse is so busy,i will tell her you rang and.............whoaaaa sonny.i calmly explained there was every chance i may need surgery soon,and a care plan MUST be in place as soon as possible.he said,well i will tell her it is an emergency,she will ring you later. did she??,i have rung my local MPs office,thats member of parliament for my american friends,and his secretary will be in touch in day or so.and the lady i spoke to was it is a general election year,somehow i think my MP will gleefully take on my case.and my local paper has been doing a series called "WE CARE" about carers day to day lives. i think,social services does NOT care may make them a good story.
it is time i got nasty.i am worn out,i feel ill,the MS has been so bad all winter,my hands are completely dead,i have fell down 3 times,and with all the worry about heart and back i have had enough.i need help,and i am not getting it.i can no longer rely on neighbours to help me when i am in hospital,tracey only comes back 1 morning a week,so on the tuesday i go in she will come and make mum a cup of tea,i am going to ask carol to swap days if she can so she will be with mum in the afternoon,but a plan needs to be in place if i do go in for longer.we will see what happens.i shall keep you informed.take care all,keep warm and well.


Carlene Noggle said...

Mort that is a horrible way that they have treated you and your mama. I swear..I don't know how some people can live with themselves...I am going to say a prayer for you and your mama and ask God to shine his protective light all about you both.
love ya,

Yasmin said...

Hi Mort,glad your mum is now getting some relief from her symptoms and hope the improvement continues. As for social Services sometimes i wonder wht they're thinking and good for you getting in touch with your local MP in light of what happend in the new year with the bad weather they're tripping over themselves to see that pensioners get the help that's needed.

Take care


jack69 said...

Wow terrible situations. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and mum.
Hang in there!
Jack & Sherry

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying too that some help comes your way. It is long overdue. Take care!

Jan said...

It is testament to the quality of our care system ,that you need to resort to these measures Mort good on ya, go for it, and jolly good luck to Mum and You of course ...Jan xx

Lucy said...

I understand why it is so frustrating to you. You are getting the run around. Plans need to be in place because I am sure you will be in hospital for a while. Mort , yes your MS is getting worse, much worse the way it sounds. You need to sit down and seriously figure out a plan in case you can no longer take care of mum. I don't want that time to come but as you know, I know first hand what MS can do. You barely can take care of yourself some days.

Jeannette said...

So sorry about Mum, Mort and do hope she feels better soon. If it is any consolation, social services is no better in Essex. My brother battled for years to get extra help looking after his wife,he eventually got a little. When he became so ill, his doctor wrote to the social services advising them that he now needed care in his own right. My brother heard absolutely nothing. When he saw his doctor recently, the doc was horrified to find nothing had been done and the doctor promised to both phone them and write again. Of course, in the meantime my brother has been admitted to hospital. If he comes home God knows how he is going to get the care he needs. Social services are disgusting and need a good shake-up.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Hope your mum's gout gets better soon.
And you finally get more help.
Bloody hell you are waiting since September!
Love Herrad

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Richie reckons you should get in touch with a Welfare Rights Officer.
He says if there is none near you to get in touch with Help the Aged they have one who we are sure can help you.

ADB said...

I know I'm a week late reading this, and I hope someone is kicking ass somewhere to get your care situation sorted out. Hope your mum's gout has subsided, that is ever so painful.

Ariel said...

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