Friday, 29 January 2010

what a MeSs

i went to cromer hospital to see dr.C.the MS consultant.running dead ontime too i may add,awful wet and dreary day.lucky to get a space just outside main building.i went in and found linda my MS nurse.dr.C asked how i felt i was from last year,and told him around 25% swallowing now can be very awkward, linda had already told me he is the kind of either love or is being polite.he looked at me and said,well morton,i am afraid your MS is going as i expect it too,as the nerve sheath is worn away,you will experience more problems,however because of your age i don't expect it to turn primary. like i was too old to have MS according to last neurologist??poor linda was making OMG faces at me as he was speaking lol.anyway,we shook hands as i left,i shall see him a year from now,i am increasing baclofen to another 1 a day,make appointment to see speech therapist about swallowing,etc.linda walked out with me and whispered i told you so,lol.are you ok mort?yeah,actually i am.i am not completley daft,i know well enough what can and may day at a time.i arent at that stage yet.
monday i had to be in norwich at hospital by 10.30,and was there at 10.plenty of time.........except.I WAS AT THE WRONG DAMN HOSPITAL i assumed it was my normal hospital.i was at the norfolk and norwich.actually i should have been at what was the old west norwich,now norwich community didnt help the first idiot i asked where pain management was,sent me right round side to oncology.luckily i showed the nice receptionist the i had to ring them,lie through my teeth i waqs stuck in traffic and made my back to where i should be.half hour late.dr.was ok about it,he had seen another patient in front of me,he showed me the scan on my back,and discussed what we could do about it.basically...............until i am finished with the blood thinning tablets i am on for heart in november not a lot.putting me back on gabapentin,a drug i first was on to help with pain before the MS was may help to dull the nerve pains i am getting from the prolapsed disc.later i may need injections into spine but frankly he thinks i am unlikely to be allowed surgery because of heart.what a day monday was.i didnt get home til gone 1,mum is still in bed.i rang dr.again tuesday as the pain was so bad,he came out and gave her colchicise tablets,a powerful remedy for pain relief of gout,quite dangerous and she only has 12.did seem to help.but last night things took a turn for the worse,as she got out of bed to use commode last thing,her bunion,which she has had for years,and which had swelled even larger due to the gout.........split wide open.blood everywhere,on carpet,sheets,poor mum.luckily i had a dressing from last time she had trouble,and quickly applied it,wrapped it well,and the bleeding stopped. rang surgery,and district nurse came out this afternoon,washed and re did it for mum.funnily enough she said as it burst the pain has eased a lot.still very bad,but i think she had an infection in that toe.please god she is on the mend.
now,back to social services. a very nice lady came to see me yesterday.(MPs office has beeen in touch by the way,i am writing a full report and mailing it to them next week.) she told me because i had rung again saying it was urgent i had gone from pending to the top of a very long list.anyway,we discussed mum,me,my MS,heart.she was astounded and very annoyed i had had my half hour morning call reduced to 15 minutes,agreed mum needed a further call in the evening,and is going to see what she can do. there is a provision now for direct payments,so i can hire a dedicated carer/carers to help.something to think about, a very useful meeting.
now due to various reasons,i am going to write more about this,and mums care,in the future.but in another blog. a private one,please mail me at giving your email addresses if you wish to be a reader. the reason for this will be revealed on that blog.wont happen for day or 2. think of it as the black journal you can read,lol.
thanks for all the get well wishes to mum,and for me. take care all. as i write this it has been snowing again,wind frost,bitterly cold. roll on spring.


mortonlake said...

PLEASE NOTE.i must have your email addresses if you wish to read the new blog,as i have to set it up to accept you.and i would appreciate ideas on a title for it too lol. caring n sharing2 doesnt sound right somehow.thaanks,mort

jack69 said...

Mort, you are one tough dude. Everyone who reads the blog knows that is a fact.
I did have to laugh at the wrong hospital. Having done it once my self, not the wrong hospital , the wrong town!!! Yep not our best day.
So sorry to hear about your mum. Hope things straighten away.
take care,
Sherry & Jack

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One day at a time and some positive thoughts about it all are the only way to go for sure. So sorry your mum is having such a hard time of it and you to. Hopefully the much needed help will come for you.

Jan said...

As you title says what a mess ,didnt you have anawful day Monday ,hopefully now the SS lady has seen you ,you just might get a result ,Ido hope so anyway .love to Mum and of course you my dear man Jan xx

Lucy said...

Mort, What can I say except I truly don't know how you do it. You have more to deal with than any one human being should have. Even a healthy person would be overwhelmed.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Good post thanks for sharing.
Brilliant news about your carers allowance and money to hire help for your mum.
Keep warm and positive.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Really tough day, hang in there Mort.

LYN said...



Yasmin said...

Good lord Mort, but glad you made in time and got see ant the right hospital you appear chipper which is a good thing. Glad the MP is sorting the care for your mum and for you too as you also need respite and glad your mum seems better my regards as always to her.

Take care


ADB said...

Well, you certainly do very well in coping with all that is coming your way. And more than is necessary. Keep going, Mort, with you all the way

Funnyface said...

Hello Mortee, oh my goodness what a day from Mars that was! Did giggle at you going to the wrong hospital tho (i once went to the hospital for an appointment on the wrong day its easily done when you have a lot on your mind, and you certainly have a full plate at the moment. Maybe it was a good thing that the buninon burst and gave Mum some relief. You are a star Mortee and i am glad you are getting the extra help put back into place.
Big Luv
Jaynee X

Beth said...

Always good to keep up with you via Facebook as well, Mort. I sent you and email.

Debbie said...

Wow! I can't even imagine doing all you do. What an incredibly strong man you are. i look forward to reading more of your blog.