Tuesday, 13 July 2010

MemberS welcome.

i have mentioned before on here that LAMS north norfolk,(life and MS) have a site on facebook, Facebook LAMS North Norfolk,well,welcome to the MS societys east anglia regions addition on facebook as well,Facebook M.S. Society - East Anglia Region PLEASE if you are on facebook,and you have MS,even if you aren't from our "region" have a look,and maybe consider joining.the MS society do a wonderful job,and i urge any sufferer of the damn evil disease to join.£5 a year is little enough.the facebook site has links to LAMS,and to the societies website,but here it is anyway,Multiple Sclerosis Society Website - Welcome to the MS Society - Supp & Servic .and finally,lets not forget 2 more sites that are invaluable,the MS trust is also a very good site for information,MS Trust Providing information for people with MS, their family, friends and should take you there.and just one more,an american site i find very good,with many new and informative articles,MS Views and News. better known as stus views. i know many MS sufferers write blogs,can i PLEASE ask any of you who do,or if you know of any blogger who suffers,to please come and join LAMS and the MS society. help fight MS,ON OUR OWN WE CANNOT WIN,TOGETHER WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER.sometimes helping someone else helps you as well. thanks,take care all.


jack69 said...

Stopped by to say hello friend. I know you are facing the world with the chin up.
The best to Mum and to you.
From NC in the US.

Jan said...

Great entry Mort ,as you say ,one voice isnt enough ,together you can shout ...love Jan