Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Nice dog isn't she??her name is SPICE.and she is a rescued greyhound. she belongs to Myra,a lovely lady i met on the MS course,and who volunteers at the LAMS group.i plucked up the courage to ask her to have coffee with me,and we are good friends now. all i am saying and i don't need comments please. she is a very special.caring lady.and i am proud to know her.
So,why feature her dog on here?well,saturday evening,after what was the hottest day of the year so far here,Myra took spice to felbrigg hall, National Trust Felbrigg Hall, Garden & Park as she does nearly every day.and as normal,she let her off her lead to have a run.just as she did so,some dear soul over the next field fired a 12bore shotgun at pigeons on the field,and spice took off like a bullet.dissapeared into the distance.Myra rang the police and reported her missing,there was a sighting at what is known as the roman camp about 2 or 3 miles away,that was around 8.30 saturday evening,but since then............nothing. Myra has left posters in every village near there,i have posted on facebook,yearbook,missing animal sites,the RSPCA,dog warden,police,everone we can think of has been told. still she is missing.and my friend is hurting.she loves that dog. so,if you who is reading this lives in north norfolk,OR you know of someone who does,or a fellow blog writer who lives here that i dont follow,PLEASE will you help in finding spice by reposting this entry,or sending them a link to it.I hate my friend being me she suffers from secondary progressive MS,and the stress makes things so much harder.
Also,can i take this oppurtunity to thank all those who have sent mails,messages,and comments on facebook,yearbook,and other sites i have posted spices picture many kind people.lisa our friend from the states on jland offered to repost my status on her site this morning,in case anyone she knows lives in norfolk,or they know someone who lives near felbrigg,or...........and so it goes on. social networking is often villified in the press,facebook is the root of all evil on the net,but this past few days i,and Myra have come to realise just how many lovely caring people there still are on here.the spirit that our old jland was so loved for IS still alive. please will you pray that spice is soon reunited with her loving owner,and that my lovely friend is happy again.thankyou,and take care all.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do pray the dear dog returns or is found. They do sometimes find their way back home. I've a friend who's dog was missing for a week and then where did they find it but on the front step. It was worn out but ok. I hope all goes well.

Lisa said...

Mort, I sure hope Spice comes home and thank you for your prayers for my beautiful Lisa and her hubby Gary, I pray Gary will be ok , Praying Spice comes home !!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx Lisa

Jan said...

I pray that Spice is returned to Myra very soon Jan xx

jack69 said...

Yeah man, missing a dog is no fun. Hope all turns out well and Spice is safe.