Friday, 2 March 2012

something old,something new,its a car,and its blue.

ill named Christmas dont flower at christmas,its not a Helleborus Niger,being posh.ive got lots of them,self seed everyhere.nice to see the spring flowers coming up,snowdrops,crocusses and daffs all blooming.

this is an hotel ship which moors off the coast behind my house. it houses workers on the "Sheringham Shoal" wind farm that is being built off the norfolk coast. looks lovely at night all lit up.ermmm that pic didnt come out too well,lol.

MY NEW BABY.FORD FIESTA ZETEC 1.25. got it home wednesday,and yes if you look closely the front tyre is flat.had to get tyre company out today. somehow it sustained a large cut in the sidewall. almost as if some jealous person shoved a stanley knife in it.nobody would be so mean. would they??? no comment.

lovely inside,comfortable,plenty of room to get mum in and out. and me.

yes this is and no i cant remember what its called.

So,that is the something new and blue,the old??oh,the usual beast that is MS.saw the consultant last week,examined me,made notes,looked at last years notes,listened to what i had to say regarding fatigue,pain,balance. and,just like last year,i am to keep on with the baclofen,plus i also use gabapentin for back pain,which is also used in the treatment of MS, to rest when i need to. usual. see him in 13 months. could have copied last years post really. i know i am worse,he knows i am worse,i damn nigh did kick him,he was examining me and lifted my leg up.and you dont do that when someone has crushed discs. scream from me,yelp from him as my other leg poked him lol. sorry,he said,i clean forgot your back..thankyou. e both know there is damn all he can do for me,so we go through this charade every year. but its not his fault.

the back has been bad,and my ankle.been doing the exercises the foot specialist told me to do.still cant balance on the right foot like he wants. pains bad.torn the long ligament under that foot.maybe at the same time as i did my back in. painkillers help.a bit.choking and swallowing difficultys are back,as is the weak voice. again,i am being careful what i eat. it is common sense really. easier said than done.

So,new car,old pains. mum still has so much pain with that foot. huge bunion. did take her to nurse,who dressed it and made it we undressed it lol. she forgets such silly things,gets angry;.i wont say any more on that score. you all know i shalll care for her as long as i am able.

well,winter is nearly over.the nights draw out,flowers bloom.been a mild winter,one fall of snow,few sharp frosts. very dry,in fact,dangerously so.already warnings of drought later in year.

finally,the end of an era.i sadly gave up being an AOL customer. for nearly 8 years they provided me with internet.i got a better deal with BT,my phone calls are now all free,first 3 months of net is free,new home hub to connect to net,but,i still use AOL.writing this on it. only now its good to be back blogging,won't promise when the next post will be,i am sorry i don't get round to youre blogs very often. but you are all in my thoughts. keep safe and well, take care all. mort xxx


Sybil said...

Great to see you blogging again Mort. The facebook is ok....but...not quite the same.
Glad you got the car and ..... I was going to say something that might have been banned !! about the lout the took the knife to the tyre..Is it an automatic Mort. I change my car towards end of the moment I have a Renault Kangoo it has a good ramp to ger the wheechair up and into it. However it is a B for eating petrol so thinking about a chnage I see 2 Perguet's that I will look into....never had a blue car..somthing to think about.
Love Sybil xx

Helen said...

I like that car, to bad the tire was cut. Love those flowers and like that ship. Bet it's pretty at night. Hope your pains get better soon.

Lucy said...

Love the flowers. I covered my bulbs with leaves. It is just to early for them but they don't listen. I closed my account on FB. I am just to old to be mucking around in there. I am slowing down Mort. Hate to admit it but I am,. Then got the awful flu bug that is going around and makes me feel I have one foot in the grave. Like the car. Wish it were mine. Take care Mort. Sounds like you have accepted that all has been done for your MS as can be done. I know you will never give up. Lucy

Astra! said...

Nice blog Mort...Love the car. What a lovely view of sea and boat. Is that the view from your home? Hope you feel better soon. Take care xxx

Barb said...

Hi Mort. It's good to see a post from you. It's been a long time since you have been here, but we all understand. I love the view, and love your car too, especially the color. Regarding your health: Sometimes doctors make me so angry, the way they poke around a person. They move you this way and that and seem to forget( though I don't know how they could), that we have pain issues. Geez!
You take care okay? I'd hug you but my arms won't reach that far.
Much love, my friend. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hi Mort, came by to see the pic of your new car! It's GREAT! Love the color! Hope you enjoy driving it around and be safe.
Love you,
xoxox Pam

nurse navigator said...

It's nice that you were able to make sense of these random things and put it in a blog post. Hope small things like these can make your day better. Love your new car by the way. I'm also pondering on getting this Ford.

long term care insurance said...

You have a great view behind your house. Anyway, I'm wondering what they did with the bunion? My grandma has two on each of her foot. We don't know what to do with it

Kath said...

HI Mort,just as you don't get to blog so often,it seems I don't get to comment like I used to in blogs.I was so sad to read what you have been through.It's a bummer when we have so many ailments.I don't tend to put all mine out online, but I can asure you I have plenty to contend with.Doc's today are not as our old ones were.No time,too many pacients so no closeness like thier was with old doctors.I have just lost mine who I had for 40yrs and the new one is very nice but as I say,not enough time to spend nowadays with each individual.I believe when we get to a certain age we are just a number too.Your pics are lovely.Shame about your car being vandalised so soon beggars belief what they do today.Happy you like it and BT too.I am still with AOL plodding on regardless LOL!! Just had my garden seat nicked second time they have struck now since last July Grrr.Bloody vandals and thieves what a world I ask you? I hope you and your MUM can feel better soon and you are the best the way you look after her.Look after yourself Mort,best close my book now LOL!!Have a nice evening.Take care God Bless Kath xx

Sarah said...

Just letting you know i've added to to my blog list MERRY CHRISTMAS xx

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