Tuesday, 13 May 2008

coughs n sneezes

the fact i am writing this posting at 4am  should give a clue how i am feeling  lol.  i went to bed at 12       and woke at 3 am  coughing.  i have got a filthy cold and cough.  i called round my friend pams last friday morning  because she wanted to see me,she never told me she had a bad cold.   if she had,i wouldn't have gone round.   so not  to pleased with her.   she knows  chest infections are dangerous if you have MS       and not only that i now have to hope mum doesn't catch it.  ho well.  its getting light,and the dawn chorus is starting,  just a lightening of the sky  but that's enough for mr.blackbird.he is really giving it some  lol            obviously not got a cold  lol

i took mum out on friday shopping and  bought another 20 busy lizzies for the garden boarder,we got home fairly late  so  they went in greenhouse for  later planting.      what lovely weather we have been having,saturday i was up early,i had also bought  from Morrisons a 5 litre tub of their wood preserver         and  i gave the summer house a coat,       then  the shed        which is now 37 years old,a bit rotten in places       but still going,       it now looks a new shed.      really pleased with the quality of the product   and  it was only £4.99        good value.  i  also did the hoovering.where in hell does all the dirt come from??     oh  we are mucky lot.lol         then back out in garden boarder for an hour. my front garden is  mostly shrubs,bulbs and perennials       the bulbs  long  gone over it looked awful,  so  i cut  them all down to the ground,cleaned up any weeds  and gave the soil a dose of pelleted chicken manure,all ready for the new plants.

sunday was another lovely  warm sunny day,and after cooking and eating sunday lunch     instead of going to bed as i normally do,instead  i went back out and finished the front garden.   2 barrowfulls of rubbish  off.  planeted the busy lizzies       plus another 5 i had put in a container       and  it will give some colour for summer.       i can do with a few more of something to give a good display.      although there is always something to give colour,aqualegias and peonys are now coming out,boarder pinks  starting to come.      but  in the spaces i always  have something,and  a  lot of   the pansies i had used last autumn are  getting very straggly. i did cut some down,but i am rather ruthless,if it looks a bit poorly,up it comes.      so     good watering with the hose,and  my garden  should  look nice        especially when  the pots and baskets  go out.

the last 2 days havent been so nice,although yesterday        well ok  monday  as its now  really wednesday     was sunny  it had  a bite       the wind has moved around  to a north easterly direction        and it feels colder,   today has been  cool,grey  and overcast.   so  my hanging baskets can keep in the greenhouse for another week.       they are all doing well,in fact  a lot of te petunias  are in flower,fuschias will bloom any day.      so by the time they do go out,i  should have a good  display.

mums toe  is doing well,and although i dress it with surgical spirit between the toes    as directed  by the chiopodists,it has  healed well.   but  she still is suffering  badly  from gout.       really giving  her  a lot of pain  poor love.    well,i think i will go back to bed  for  while,now 4.25     so  this has passed a bit of time  lol         i  feel lousy,  coughing and sneezing  as  i have been typing.       i bet  i will have to end up going to drs again  for antibiotics      lovely.        oh  well   take care all


lanurseprn said...

Oh man...I can't believe she didn't tell you she was sick! I don't like that when people do that. I hope you get well quickly. Don't wait too long to see the Doc...ok? Nasty bugs around. And I hope your Mum doesn't get it!

You sure are staying busy....always busy. Wish I had your energy Mort! Sheesh!
Love, Pam xoxox

sybilsybil45 said...

Oh dear dear poor you ending up with your friends cold..generous these friends aint they !!  your garden must look an absolute picture..I am looking forward to some photo's of it when it is in full bloom. Glad that Mum's toe is better that is one less worry for you.  Our weather is still good though yesterday there was a bite to the wind for a while..today might be the last day of full sunshine..boohoo I do LOVE the sunny warm weather.   Love  Sybil xx

jeadie05 said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly with your cough and cold ,Feel better soon ,pleased to hear your Mums toe is getting better ,shame about that awful gout ,you have done well with all your plants ,and painting the summer house given up telling you to take it easy,its just not in your nature to sit still for long abit like myself     ..love to you both  Jan xx

cayasm said...

Sorry your not well Mort, and your still doing far too much, oing to have to come round with my big stick...lol, the weather has been glorious so i undestand why you want to spend so much time in the garden. My mum always loved Busy Lizzies.
Glad to read your mums toes is better even though teh gout is still playing up, give her my regards

Take care


ally123130585918 said...

Mort I am sorry you went round to see your friend and caught her cold ~ I do hope that it gets better soon ~ Antibiotics sound like a good idea to me ~ so don't leave going to see your Doctor too long ~ and as usual you sound Busy Busy ~ but I am glad you have the strength to do all of your gardening and the other jobs you set yourself ~ and pleased your Mum's toe is doing well ~ Hope her Gout don't play her up too much ~ Ally x

jhorky said...

Mort, I hope you are feeling better than yesterday.  I bet you do wind up with Chest infection.  Just go right in cause that is to close together and your immune system so bad from the MS you do not want to wind up with phnumonia.  How the heck do you spell that?  Mort did you read my last comment in your last entry.  Be very careful working in the heat away from home or where there is no one around.  Heat literally paralyzed Alan to where he could not lift his arms.It strapped his entire body of strength.  Of course he was farther along in his MS.  Just a word of caution.  Once he cooled down he could move again.  I am goiung over to get some kind of flowers today for my containers.  Take care.  Lucy

jjdolfin9 said...

I'm so sorry you are ill.  I don't think I would put off going to the doctor Mort.  Better safe than sorry and maybe he can give you something to get over it quickly.  You will have to take pictures when you get everything planted.  Sounds lovely.  Take care of yourself.
Hugs, Joyce

pamal3 said...

Aw my fav other man I hate It when you are unwell. A bit daft for people not to let you know they have a cold! My Immune system was shocking a while back and the one thing I take that really helps Is Yakult. It tastes great and i feel so much better for it. You should give It a go. I haven't had a cold for as long as I can remember!. I hope you feel better soon and also hope your mum gets rid of that pain. The plants sound amazing. You are such a busy bee! lol. Take Care Mort. Love Pam xx

rdautumnsage said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well hon. I plan on finally being able to plant a variety of flowers in my garden this weekend. I've been so wanting to get my hands buried in the soil and spend time outside. Up till now the weather here in NY hasn't been cooperating very well.

Glad to hear you mum's toe is doing better, sorry to hear she has the gout. I'm keeping you both in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs) Indigo

jacsher said...

Mort, you make me tired with all the cleaning, hauling, and planting.  With the physical problems you are a wonder.  keep it up, but take care of yourself!!

jmoqueen said...

Hope your cold clears away soon xx  Sounds like your garden is coming along great and with an almost new shed ;)  it is probably a fab place to spend time.  Sorry to hear your mum's foot is still giving her pain



spriteverdixx said...

Its really important to keep your immune system as strong as possible Mort.  I take Echinacea every day, its herbal so completely safe, and despite being immunosuppressed since Nov. I havnt had one cold (fingers crossed...lol)

mjgm1954 said...

Oh i hope you dont overtire yourself luvie!  I have been doing more than usual myself these days and still have not shook this cough off.  some sneezing too as well.  i have not been well in so long i am beginning to feel i cant remember how it feels  lol.
i wish i had my own tropical island to lay around and just sip a cool drink and soak  up the sun. I would drag you there as well and force you to rest  doing nothing but soaking your feet in the cool water!   lol    i bet that would even make mum's gout go away!    oh well i can dream cant i?   june

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort, the garden sounds lovely, you wil have to post some photo's as soon as it all comes into flower.
Sorry to hear you are not feelin well, coughs and sneezes !    hope you are feeling better as you read this.
Big Love, Jaynee X

jacsher said...

Hey Mort,  I can tell you have done some 'piping', same old story there seems always to be a leak.  This time it was convient than good ness,  Plus with this PVC & glue it becomes more simple (if you can get to it).  
I am suffering a little from over doing,  but I am honestly enjoying being back as some work.  .............  I do hope you are much better and your Mum is also.