Tuesday, 20 May 2008

mums company

well,the  lady  volunteer visitor  kept her word,she rang yesterday.  and is coming to see mum  thursday at  2pm        and  mum is looking forward to her coming,so  doubly  good     lol.  i shall most  probably go  to Wells          little  seaside  town  near  me    nice  in summer  to walk along  quay      it  gets  very busy in the summer.  you tourist  lot  are a funny bunch  lol          all of  the lovely places  there are  in the county           and  you come  to wells.

it  is nice          lol          looking  back  towards  the old granary  from  the harbour  office. or  i may  go for a walk  if i feel up  to it.........heres  the view  from  my   back garden.

the sea  is  beyond  that  field  of  yellow           bloody  oil seed  rape        stinks  lol.  i am lucky,i live  in a lovely  part  of  the UK,not  going  to swap  thanks.

my  flowers   are  doing  well,baskets and pots  now in full bloom,still in greenhouse  because  weather has  turned  cooler        nasty  north,north east wind blowing,and  has  been very  cold  last  2  nights.

my  rhododendrum  is  full this year         pleased  its doing  so well      

as  you see  the busy  lizzies  i bought are flowering well.      hopefully i can get them outside  the weekend.  add some colour.         well  all this talk of walking and gardening  has tired  me out        bedtime,    take care all


cayasm said...

Hi Mort it has turned cold the last tow nights I've even had the heating on..lol, hope all goes well on Thursday, be a welcome break for you. Wells looks nice and the view from your garden lovely better than looking at high rise flats, Your plants all look good, nice bit of colour for the garden, your lucky you've got green fingers.

Hope you are well and regards to Mum.

Take care


frankandmary said...

Mort, I suspect it isn't just the talking, but all you do every day to keep things together for yourself & Mum which has you tired. Rest well. ~Mary

jjdolfin9 said...

I'm glad your mum is looking forward to her visitor...and you as well.  Your flowers are lovely Mort.  You have done a fabulous job.  I would love to visit across the pond before I'm too old to make the trip.  Maybe next year.
Hugs, Joyce

sybilsybil45 said...

That is good news that the lady is coming Hope all goes well.  Your hanging baslets etc. are looking good.  I have mine out now so keeping fingers crossed...It has been colder at night but not too bad. Will take some photo's soon.  Love  Sybil xx

ukgal36 said...

beautiful pics...

pamal3 said...

Hey my fav other man. I love the pictures. Some view!!!! Lucky monkey! lol. I am really pleased that lady is still going to see your mum. Boy have you got green fingers or what??. Beautiful flowers. Catch you soon Mort. ;-) Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Oh how I envy you Mort what a lovely place to live,and look at all your wonderful flowers ,wish my back felt better, you have inspired me ,I have sent you an email ..love to you both ...Jan xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort, fab pics of all those hanging baskets..... you should win the 'best house in bloom' competition with that lot.....lol...... pleased to hear your Mum will have a regular visitor and that you will get some free time also.
Luv Jaynee X

jacsher said...

A great entry Mort.  the pictures are good and the presentation of where you live.  Beautiful views. The Rhodadendrums (?) look great.  Sounds like Mum & the volunteer get along,  I know you are proud of that.   Again very good descriptive entry, thanks,  Jack

rdautumnsage said...

Glad to hear the volunteer is coming through for you and your mom. The flowers all look great hon. We are having strange weather here in NY ourselves. I have a ton of gardening to do as soon as it stops raining and warms up a bit. It's unusual to be so chilly this time of year.

Loved the pictures I could see why the tourist flock there it truly is a beautiful area. (Hugs) Indigo

jhorky said...

Flowers look wonderful.  You really do live in a mice area.  Like a vacation spot year around.  I hope your mum had a nice visit and you a nice walk.