Thursday, 10 July 2008

MeSsed around

well i went  to see the MS nurse,  at  3pm today.  was with her over an hour,  she  was  so helpful,  wants  me to  try  2  new tabets,to help the pain  and  make  my  nights  sleep better.       i  wake up after  3  hours,in a lot of pain         legs   very  bad.         also  my  ankle  is  playing  hell.            also  is sending me to a speech therapist to help with my  slurred  speech i get  sometimes   and  the swallowing  problems.       all in  all, very  helpful.      i  have  also    "volunterred"    somehow   lol     to  help a  new  chap  she  has  just  got. my age,just  diagnosed  and  having   trouble  coming  to terms  with  the idea.        know  that  feeling.   glad  to help if i can.  she is writing  to  my  GP    outlining  these  things,  and  to  get  him to  change  my  tablets. unfortunately  he is away for the  next  2 weeks          and  i see her  in  2  weeks  time  to see how i feel on them.         so  we  will see  there  what  happens.

as i have  written  before  mum has  a carer  come in every  day,tracey,   to  wash  her  and  help her  dress,30 minutes  every  morning,and  a  shower  once  a week.   all has  been well       mum  likes  her,until  this  past  2  to 3  weeks,she  has  been getting  to mine  at  6.50        whips   round  and  gone  by  7.10.       her  firm  is  putting  so  much  onto  her  she cant  get  round.   so  i have  not  been  to  happy.         now,unfortunately  mum  mentioned  this  to  my  friend  pam,when she  rang  mum last  friday.        even  more  unfortunate  pam  was             being  blunt         drunk.      she  drinks,a  lot.         doesn't  admit  it  mind.   nooo  not me  mort,   don't  drink.       now  normally  she  wouldn't  have  taken  any  notice  when  mum  said  about  Tracey.       shame   she  wasnt normal.           she  rang  traceys  boss.     her  friend  works  for  the  firm  tracey  works  for.           and  said  were  they  aware    tracey  wasnt  doing  her  job,   etc.          i  had  a  phonecall  from  the  boss,saying was  this  true?   i  said  ok,she  had  been   getting  here  early,and  leaving  before  time,but  mum liked  her           and  it  was the  firms  fault  she  had  to  rush  round.            anyway,        because  of  pams  interference         mum  now  has  only  15  minutes  every  morning,with  30  minutes  on  a  thursday   for  shower.        boss  said  as  she was   getting  done  in that  time,  that  was  all  that  was  needed.             i  was  furious.        anyway,when  tracey  came  monday  i  explained.                    then  went  over  to pams.                  and  told  her  in  future  to  mind  own  business.            i  am  writing  to  social  worker,   and  complain  about  mum  losing  15  minutes.  it  was  social  worker  who  decided  on  the  30  minutes,   and  they  are  now  paying  for  30  instead  of  15.   see  what happens.          i  do  wish  pam  stopped drinking.           

lastly  a  few  pictures.        these  show  the  baskets  and  tomatoes         they have  grown  so much.

take  your  pick        lol   first should  be  ready by the  weekend

take care  all       


jacsher said...

Ain't it ashame,  Helpful folks who can't mind their own business.  I hate it when that happens.  We like to try to work things out our selves, or mess them up our selves.  We do it pretty well without someone's nose there.  LOL
Beautiful flowers, and a lot of tomatoes on that vine.  
take care and try not to get too much in a stew.


dsonney01 said...

I hope the new meds work better for you. Sleep and pain, ah, such a combination. It took over a year (after my accident) before I got more than 2 hours at a time. Better now but I have empathy for your predicament. Mum needs the 30 minutes if only for the change of companionship. Besides, no proper woman can possibly geet ready in under 30 minutes! Joking aside, Mum deserves the full time and so do you. So there. Sorry about friends interference-I think her heart was in the right place but not the actions! I weep at he pictures- truly beautiful and tomatoes-oh joy I wish I had some now. There is another story here but for another time! Hugs and warm fuzzies, Dannelle

jjdolfin9 said...

Sorry your friend Pam stuck her nose in where it didn't belong.  Drinking is such an awful addicition.  I hope the new meds help you with your pain.  You sure have a green thumb.  The photo's are awesome.
Hugs, Joyce

sybilsybil45 said...

I am so so glad that you managed to see the MS nurse Mort, she will be such a help I am sure. I will look forward to hearing the results of the change n pills ec. pity your Doc. is away..can you not see one of the other doctors in the practice ? It is good to if you can be a help to another persn with MS. Once he has hot his  head round the you he will be glad to have some support I am sure. I remember some 40+ years ago I and some others started up the Spina Bifida Ass. in Edinburgh as a lot of children had started being "kept" alive because operations had been found that enabled that. As I was by then a young woman at work Mum and I thought it might do some good to let the young parents see that all was not lost !!   I think it helprd.   As regards the "care" package that Mum has been getting I don't think that it can be changed without the social worker being's more not less car ehat you are both needing. Keep plugging away at them Mort.  Although it was nothing to do with Pam at least the firm now know that they are working their staff to thinly spread around.  Love  Sybil xx

mjgm1954 said...

hi Mort, I thought  that nurse sounded great and she is. you are doing a good job handling things for you and your mum.  wow your garden looks delicious and your hanging pots are beautiful. My tomato plant has doubled in size. i am still enjoying gradening . it is frustrating at times.  
lately my back has really been hurting. it is driving me crazy and i cant get comfortable at my computer. but no problems sleeping thank God.I have not been taking care of myself with all these family problems .sometimes i wonder why bother. maybe thats why your friend drinks so much. these are confusing times we live , full of problems all around.
I have my faith, and my dr.who to give me something to ease the pain.eagerly waiting for tommorow to let the Tardis take me off to adventure,  lol

jeanno43 said...

Beautiful pictures Mort, your flowers are stunning.  I agree, people should mind their own business and stay out of things that do not concern them.  I hope you get something sorted out and good luck on your new tablets when you get them.

jhorky said...

Hi Mort, First of all your tomatoes look so good.  Your flowers are beautiful.  You, I know will stress to the place your mums carer comes from that she truly needs her full 30 min.  I knoiw it is like pulling teeth to get the help- you need.  I am afraid your friend  is a hazard when it comes to you or your mum..  Anyone that drinks is so unpredictable.  I guess maybe the only way to try to deal with her is to flat out tell her she must not  make calls regarding your mum.  You know Mort it may be just the trick to help this new man that is having a problem coming to terms with his diagnosis to have you help.  It could wind up helping you both, in different ways. Alan got help when he was still living alone with housework like mopping floors, laundry and so forth...  I wish you could get your pills sooner but as usual you will deal with it.  You sound so hopeful for yourself and I am so happy to hear that.  Lucy

lanurseprn said...

Your plants and flowers look absolutely beautiful! You sure have a green thumb, but I can't grow anything but cactus! I'm NOT kidding!
I'm so sorry your Mum's time got cut. She needs that time to get ready. I can't imagine getting someone ready for the day in 30 mins let alone 15?? I can't even get myself ready in 15 mins!! What a joke that all is. I'm so sorry.
I hope the new meds help you. Let us know. Will be praying that they do.
Love ya, Pam xoxox

frankandmary said...

Here no caregiving professional is authorized to stay for only 30 minutes for bathing/dressing.  I find that totally unacceptable, & I am sure anyone would(esp your Mom who has to be rushed like that).  I am extremely doubtful she is scheduled so tightly that she needs to rush your mom thru bathing.  I find that abusive.  I would call the "boss" back. They are taking advantage of her & not providing good care.  

The pictures are beautiful, Mort.  The best part of this entry, the MS nurse was helpful :-). I am thrilled to hear that. ~Mary

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort .... i can imagine how angry you must have been at your friends interference, i am sure she thought she was doing the right thing, but she should not have interfered.   The entire 'Social Care' organisation is short staffed and under funded, its disgraceful that only 15 mins is allowed, which i am sure the Carers are unable to keep to.  You are quite right to write them a letter about it....keep presurising them till you receive the care your Mum is entitled to.
So happy you saw the MS Nurse, and hey lookie at you being 'Mentor' to a fellow sufferer - i am sure you will both enjoy the experience, Well Done :o)   So the Nurse is changing your medication and setting up speech therapy, that is good news, its a great feeling knowing someone cares isn't it.
I am green with jelousy over the baskets Mort..... ok, i don't have baskets, i have patio tubs, will take a pic and post so you can see the difference !
Big Luv - Jaynee X

jmoqueen said...

Glad you went to see the MS nurse :)  and if you meet someone and help them then that can only be a good thing x  That's so annoying what's happened between you, pam and tracey :(  I hope it gets sorted so that your mum can be happy :o)


darn36 said...

Mort I read your journal but don't comment every time.  Your flowers and veggies
are beautiful.

I admire your courage and stamina.  I love the way you use a phrase.  You are
going to ring someone where we say call.  When people hit the bottle their
tongue get loose.  Tell mum hello and hope she gets her time from a caregiver
she deserves for being such a patience lady.  By the way I am Jack's sister I don't  write a Journal just read them and comment.  


ally123130585918 said...

Mort I hope your Mum gets her time back with Tracey ~ how uncaring of her Boss to cut the time she spends with your Mum ~ Glad you have written to the Social Worker ~ Glad also the MS Nurse was so helpful and hope those new tablets help with the pain ~ well done "Volunterring" I am sure you will be a great help to that chap who has just been diagnosed ~ and your flowers are beautiful and I helped myself to some of the tomatoes :o) ~ Ally x

mjgm1954 said...

hey Mort you wont believe! sci fi channel showing a marathon of dr.whp today!  even the ones with the old dr.[ eccleston ]i think is his name. watching the one where rose first meets captain Jack! oh i miss tortchwood.oh my , heavenly. God is so good. when i woke up this morning first thing i thought was WHY? then i opened my emails and saw that you had sent me some nice my doctor is on all day.  !!!  lol  hope you have a nice day as well,  you and mum  ,  june

helmswondermom said...

I hope you can get that straightened out with the social worker and get the caregiver back to 30 minutes with your mom.  And I hope that the new tablets you're taking help with that pain.  One of my sisters is a speech pathologist.  I hope that the therapy helps you with the speech and with the swallowing.

ninareade said...

Aww Mort, Pam was only sticking her beak in because she cares, Hope the new pills work, I was going to come over this afternoon but got to Aylsham Hospital in the pouring rain, and because they have shut the slip road to Holt would have meant coming back to Hevingham before I could get on your road, by which time I was almost home.  I promise i will blog today and let you catch up, the blog will tell all xxxx nina

jeanno43 said...

Just popping by again to say I hope you have a happy weekend and that the weather is better for you than it is here.

jacsher said...

Just stopped by to say hello.  Hope Mum is doing well.
You also of course.   Jack

rjsisti said...

You plants look beautiful.

Hugs, Rose

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