Sunday, 27 July 2008

summer at last ?

for a change  the  title of this entry isnt  a  crappy pun,  summer has arrived  at last. and  it has  been HOT.  unfortunately,MS  plus hot weather  equals  one  bloody  tired  carer.  but  it is  so  lovely  for  the holidaymakers  i dont  mind.  our shops in this part of  north norfolk rely  heavily  on the tourist  trade,and if they arent coming because of bad weather  a  lot  will close.   indded  in  Fakenham,a small market  town inland,many  shops  have already  gone.  its  getting a ghost  town.  if t wasn't  for  Tescos  in the middle of   town  i  think  fakenham  is  going  to  soon  be  a  town of charity shops  and estate  agents       and  3   of those  have  closed  there.  says a lot about the housing market.

i took mum  friday to do our  shopping  and the town centre  was  deserted,mind you  i am sure  many  people  were  taking advantage   of the glorious  weather  and  went  to the  coast.  least  it made shopping in the supermarkets  a pleasure.   mum  enjoyed  the  outing,makes a change  for  her to say she  is  hot,normally  mum  never  feels  too  hot,she has  the last  few  days.  

on thursday  i went and  saw linda  the  Ms  nurse again,  she  wants  me  to  see  he is back off his holiday,as  she wants  me to try another  2  medications,i must  say  the  2  she put  me on  seem to be helping,and  she has increased  the dose  of the baclofen  by  half a tablet a day.  no  side effects  so far,and  i  do seem a bit better  on them.we  had a long  talk,  and  all in  all she  is  quite pleased  how i  am coping.  i  see  the consultant  next  jan,although  it  is possible i shall  be  called before then if he wants another scan  done  sooner.  

all week  tracey  has  been on holiday,so  no  early morning  carer  for mum, although we could have had a replacement  we decided  against  this,as  last  time  we  got  3  different   ones          and  to be  honest  for 15  minutes  a morning it isnt worth getting  up  so early.  i managed.  i always  do.       although o am going to write  to  my  social worker,and ask  for a few days  respite if they will cough up  some cash.  a  3  day  coach  holiday  would  be  lovely.   where  to?  Yorkshire  if i can      always  wanted  to  visit  there  and  never  been. sort  carers  out  for  mum     she  won't  want  to go in residential  care,and  i  think it  is the best  solution.    hopefuly  i can  get  something  sorted  out. 

the  heat  has  made  the  tomatoes  ripen fast  and  i have  put  3  bags  in the freezer.  bloody things  still dont have a lot of taste,  even the  smaller  ones.  all in all  a big disappointment  this year.   the  pots  and baskets  look  lovely still,i  have to  water  them every  day  in the  hot weather  or  they  soon  flag  and  look  awful.   hopefully  they will go through the summer   really  have  been a  picture.  

i still arent  reading  many  journals,  but i am glad  to see indigo  has  made an entry.  good news  hun,you  have  been  missed.   lucy  i  always  try  and  comment  on    she is a lovely caring  lady,if  you  never  read her  journal  take a look  and  leave  her a  comment   day-to-day-life-by-Lucille4364/  also  june  always  asks  how  i am doing    her  journal   MIDNIGHT  is  one  i enjoy.  who  would  be  a  mum      lol        and  zoe  Domestic Chaos  i am  glad  to  see is back  on top  form.    i  PROMISE        fingers  crossed  lol  i will get  round  to  reading  the  rest  of   you  as  soon as i can.  

well,it  is  11.25pm  and  it  reads  25  celsius  in  here    my  fan has  been going  all night,thunderstorms are on the way  though.  i hope everyone  enjoys  a  great  summer,take  care all


mjgm1954 said...

so good to hear from you again!  Hoping this means you are feeling better.
it is hot here too. my plants are wilted but i am not giving up on them.
I am better i think, but only until the meds wear off.  lol
Please tell mum I say hello.  God bless you both my friends.  love, jun

sybilsybil45 said...

I am so glad that the nuse is looking fater you so well now Mort. It makes such a difference.  Yes it has been a bit on the hot side !! understatement...yesterday all I coudl do was sit here with the fan going full blast...but will I complain...No, not much just the occasional PHEW !!! just as well Mary is away in Scotland I expect she would be fed up of my PHEWS !!!  Gla dou had a good shop on Friday. I was on my way back from Scotland in the most horrendous traffic for once would have ben preferable !   Love for now  Sybil xx

jeadie05 said...

Yes hasnt it been hot ,Iam pleased to hear the meds your nurse gave you are working well and you are feeling better ,a coach trip would be lovely and just what you deserve to you both Jan xx

ukgal36 said...

glad you've finally got some sun over there!!

ally123130585918 said...

Mort I hope you get that trip to Yorkshire ~ Beautiful part of the country ~ nearly as good as Norfolk !!!!!! ~ we went to Fakenham last Thursday and it was packed as the Market was open ~ I do like Market day ~ Glad the meds that Nurse Linda has given you are helping ~ Ally x

lanurseprn said...

I hope the shops don't close. I hate to drive through deserted shopping areas's always so sad to me. Our little downtown area went through a bad spell like that for awhile. We have a "small town in a big city" type of downtown area. No malls here...just a little shopping street. For a few years it was all closing down. Now it's coming to life again, thank GOD! I always felt bad for the store owners who try to make a go of it and fail. Sad. I hope the tourists come in droves and keep everyone happy.
I really hope you are able to arrange that trip to Yorkshire if you can. That would be so wonderful for you! Such a mental rest for you. Wish I could go!! We'd have a ball!
Take care sweetie,
Love ya, Pam xoxox

jhorky said...

You sound so much better Mort.  The meds must be helping to a certain extent.  That makes me happy, if it is working for you.  You take care Mort, in this heat.  I sound like I am there but I think it might be cooler there rather than here.  Talk later.  Lucy

rdautumnsage said...

We've finally gotten some relief from the heat here in NY, thanks to thunderstorms every other evening. I haven't had to use my inhaler as much as I do when the heat is in top form. I think a holiday would do wonders for you dear friend. Glad to hear the medication is helping. Thank you for the kind welcome back as well hon. (Hugs)Indigo

kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that you can get things worked out with your mom. It has been hot here, but I am dealing with it. I think a short trip would be great!

jimsulliv3 said...

It has been hot and August doesn't look any better. I look forward to fall and cooler weather. Thanks for stopping by my journal.


sugerb6 said...

Mort it's good to hear the meds seem to be helping you. I hope something can be worked out so you can go on a holiday. I'm sure you could use a little break away from everything. Your flowers are beautiful, I'm sorry your tomatoes don't have a good flavor I know how disappointing that is. Take care.

dsonney01 said...

good to hear from you. Summer comes and leaves so fast I wonder where is goes in such a hurry. Take care of yourself and hugs to Mom too. I love good tomatoes sorry about yours. Perhaps they will revive in flavor with the heat. Dannelle

shrbrisc said...

try to stay cool , I will keep you in my prayers,

gitterdunna said...

Hi Mort, hope you get to go on vacation. I much prefer the heat to cold even though it means more yard work. That's ok because of all the green grass and flowers. Glad you getting around to visiting the j's:).........alice

specialadyfink said...

Oh June is one of my favorite people also,she is such a dear.
Thank you for the nicest compliment I have gotten yet,I appreciate it very much.
Take care

stetsonsfyre said...

Hello Mort :)  Thank you again for visiting my journal, I always enjoy and deeply appreciate comments from the readers that come by, your well wishes for my cat Heathen are so very deeply appreciated also!
My best friend T. has M/S also, she's had it for going on 14 years!  She has the same issues that you mentioned in your entry below and about the heat, where we live in Texas, it get's extraordinarily hot!  she lives a couple hundred miles below where I live and it was 107* (degrees) here yesterday, haven't heard yet how hot it got's about 90 + degrees where she is, she has a life partner also and they've been together 30 years.  
I look forward to a growing friendship with you if you'd allow :)  meanwhile I've turned on the alerts for your journal and will look forward to future entries.  If you'd like, I will give you my friend T's email and you could email back and forth about M/S... she's very good to "talk" to about it and very positive.
Blessings to you and yours*

jacsher said...

I hope I did not read it wrong.  It sounds like the new meds and Dr. is helping.  Certainly hope so.  I am sure I have no idea, but I think you endure a lot.

Just hope the holiday works out for Yorkshire.

The UK and the US seem to be going through the same phase. the small towns are drying up and becoming just knick knack shops here, used furniture and antiques.  Small coffee shope or cake shop.  Manufacturing Jogs over here have been sent to other countries.  

Glad you seem to be better, but hate the heat doesn't favor MS>


jmoqueen said...

You take as long to get back to reading hun xx  Hope you manage to get some respite sounds like it would be very good for you :)  


jacsher said...

Just jumped over to North Norfolk to say Hi and hope you are feeling some better.  Mum also.  Take care friend.

zoepaul6968 said...

you can read me anytime hun,ooer lol take care zoe xxxxxxxxxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Err what summer Mort, its rain rain rain here in Cornwall.     A short break to Yorkshire sounds fab - hope you can arrange it.
Big Love - Jaynee X