Friday, 8 August 2008

few pics of garden

just  a few pics,been really pleased  how  garden has  looked this  year,going over a bit  now,  but  still looks lovely.

    this begonia  is 4 years old,this and a yellow one  is  all thats left of a pack of 32 i bought 4 years ago as plug plants.   keep them dry  through  the winter  and start them off in the spring.

  yes lucy,they  do look nice  lol.   actually  the smaller ones  do taste  a bit  better.      a  bit.

 stiffkey  salt marshes    the sea  is  about a mile over  them,when the  tides  out  you can walk out on the sands  for miles.       best you  dont get  caught on them when the tide  comes  in though. 

i have got a lady  from disability rights coming to see me next  friday,  apparently  i  should  be claiming  other  benefits         and  i havent.  hope  everyone  is having a lovely summer  whatever  the  weather          take care all


specialadyfink said...

Ummmm-green fried maters-ymmmmmmmmm
Lovely flowers -very lovely!!

ally123130585918 said...

Mort your flowers are a picture ~ and those tomatoes look great ~ ours are still all green in the greenhouse ~ what we need is some Sunshine to turn them Red ~hope your meeting goes well on Friday and you can claim other benefits ~ Ally x

jeanno43 said...

Great pictures Mort, you garden looks so very pretty.  Yes, the flowers are going over now and ours got battered by a four hour storm on Wednesday night and another storm yesterday.  Glad you have done a post.

jhorky said...

Beautiful flowers Mort.  Just shoot those tomatoes over here Mort and I will take good care of them.  lol  I do believe that whoever is on your case is picking up on things and I hope she gets you all your benefits you have comming.  Lucy

jjdolfin9 said...

You have every right to be proud of you green thumb Mort.  Everything looks so lovely.  I really miss that (living in an apartment).  Enjoy what is left of your summer.
Hugs, Joyce

preciousone25 said...

Very nice flowers!!  And I like the marshes too.... I love open land.


oquinn2004 said...

Beautiful!!!!  All those pretty colors.....I dont get to see much of that out here in the desert!!!

Have a great weekend.....Liz

jacsher said...

Such beautiful flowers Mort!  The tomatoes, WOW so many on the bush!  Looks like a giant version of Shirl's Cherry tomatoes.  WE had tomato sandwiches for supper, with cherry tomatoes & peppers on the side. LOL.

My first experience of a great tide was in Portsmouth.  I had only experienced a two to three foot tide.  I was amazed at the thirteen foot tide.  When we went on liberty the boat was even with the pier, on our return the boat was WAY DOWN!.  I have saw video's where folks race the tide over there.  Looks like fun for the hardy folk.

Great entry,  hope you and Mum are feeling better!


mjgm1954 said...

hello!   yes they are very lovely still!   I am still struggling with my tomato plant. It has not made tomatos, yet! my april says it needed some bees to polinate it and since i only have the one plant that is effecting the pollination. so she took a cotton swab and we visited a friends tomato plant and she brought some pollen from there to try to pollinate my plant. lol  jsut call me dr, frankenstein, lol  
I have seen a comercial for that type of tomato plant that you have. i did not believe it would be as easy as they said it was to have a convenient supply of home grown tomatoes. very few things in ads work like they promise.
hope you and mum are doing well, hugs, jun

helmswondermom said...

The plants are beautiful!

jmoqueen said...

Hope the benefit meeting goes okay ~ if there's anything you wanna know when she's gone I might be able to help ~ we have to apply for bens on behalf of client's in my role :o)  Lovin' the pics xx


jeanno43 said...

Happy to choose you for my Guest Editor's pick Mort, keep up the good work.

frdbrow7 said...

Hello Mort, thanks for visiting my journal and leaving your  comment, sorry it had to be the sad entry, but there are others which aren't, so hope you will visit again.  I too love my garden and I am very impressed with your flowers, they are lovely.  I am VERY envious of your crop of tomatoes, you will have to let me know which variety they are and what your secret is.  I only have 4 plants this year - grew about 12 last year and the tomatoes were delicious, but not as abundant as yours.
Will visit again soon :-D
take care Freda

jaymact1 said...

Hello I'm Joan you visited my journal earlier. Your garden is fabulous it is so much more colourful than mine it has been devastated with the weather.  Stiffkey now that's a one of the place names I know well we have holidayed in Brancaster Staithe ever year for the last number of years we do a lot of bird watching and Norfolk is the place to be.  We had our usual fortnight in May when the weather  was fabulous clear blue skies every day for 10 days out of the two weeks. great.  Love Joan.

jennyp51 said...

Photos of garden are lovely.  I am off to Kings Lyn tomorrow and will be going all over the top of Norfolk.  You never know i might pass you without even knowing it.
Jenny <><

jhorky said...

I do love your Journal, Mort and also understand why You  don't post real often.  When you do we are aleways treated to a treat wuith pictures of flowers.  Lucy

rjsisti said...

Congrats on being selected as one of this week's Editor's Picks.

Hugs, Rose

P.S.  I love your beautiful garden.

spriteverdixx said...

Hi Mort,
Many congratulations for being a Guest Editors pick - and very well deserved too !

Your garden is absolutely stunning, if you ever fancy coming and sorting mine out please feel free !


linnpooh said...

Congrats on being one of Jeannete's picks! I love your flowers, they are absolutely stunning....really pretty. I will stop by again....promise :)

Pooh Hugs,

fisherkristina said...

Congrats on being a Guest Ed's pick.  Your garden is beautiful!  Wow, you must have a green thumb!

Krissy :)

bhbner2him said...

Some really bright and beautiful flowers!  Congrats on being an Editor's Pick!  -  Barbara

funnyface0s0 said...

Lovely pics Mort XX
Jaynee XX