Thursday, 11 September 2008

memories of 7 years ago

it is said everyone remembers what they were doing when President Kennedy was shot,when the news of Diana,Princess of Wales was killed,   and    9-11.   the most awful terrorist attrocity any of us could ever imagine.     Well  it's true in my case.       Kennedy,i was a schoolboy,just about to have tea,when the news came on tv.     Diana,i switched the radio on  that sunday morning to hear the local news.       as for 7 years ago,i had just got home from the hospital,i had been for a MRI scan on my neck,back,and brain,the second i had had,trying to determine the cause of the lack of sensation in my hands,       well    7  years  on,  and with MS  diagnosed   i now  know.

I had just got home,mum was not so bad then,she was still reasonably mobile,i was in not such pain.  i had driven back from hospital,just made a cup of tea  and was eating a sandwich  when         NEWS FLASH,   the twin towers  had been hit by an aircraft, dreadful accident,       as  mum and i watched        the second plane hit,and  we realised  this was no accident.      something  evil   had  just  happened.    and  the world  was never going to be the same again.      Here in the UK  we have had our share of terrorist attacks,Lockerbie,the IRA bomb attacks,  so many we  had  almost forgotten  them all.   9-11 was different.       not just  the sheer scale of the attacks,the awful loss of life,the sheer horror  of it all,   these attacks were carried out  by extremists  willing  and eager  to die in the process. the world had entered a new phase of terror.   one which  we still fear today,7 years on. the result  of these attacks? War in  Afghanistan ,and Iraq followed.  making  no comment  on either         this  is not the place,i am not qualified.  

I took 2 minutes  today.   stood in silence,remembering  where  i was  7  years ago today.  MAY THERE NEVER BE ANOTHER 9-11,EVER AGAIN.

 can i just say thanks       to everyone who commented,emailed and IMd me  after i had posted i was going to be away from journals.        you are all wonderful.    i cried.     i really did.       thankyou all.       there is a reason i was going.  that reason    is  there is someone who reads my journal,also visits mum sometimes.   and i was scared  she would say something to mum about  my MS,or about anything i have written about  mum.i did consider going private,but really didn't want to do that.      anyway,i had a long talk with this person yesterday,explained my fears,and  she has promised never to repeat to mum anything she reads  here.       my mum  is getting  very forgetful.     and  that is all i want to say for now.       just  one more worry  though.       I went to Drs.this morning,and he looked at  my ankle,which is swollen        and  very painful.   driving  is  so difficult,some days i darent try.  he says  i am walking  on the side of my foot to try and ease the pain in my ankle  and am making  my heel and tendons in the foot inflamed.  he gave me anti-inflammatories  which i am taking 2 a day.hopefully these will help.        i do know,mums volunteer visitor came today at 2 to see her,i made her a cuppa,as it was raining and i wasn't feeling well i went to bed,and went out like a light for 2 hours.      bit stiff and  maybe they will help.    i  really hope so.take care all


buckoclown said...

Thanks for both of your entries remembering 9/11.  So glad you had the chat with your mom's friend and that all is well for you in J-Land :o)

luvrte66 said...

I'm glad you've gotten things straightened out and that you're back with us here in J-Land. Hurray!

Thank you for your further kind words about 9/11. I'm not sure if people around the world realize how much it means to us here to know that you stood with us on that day.

Hugs, Beth

marainey1 said...

I'm glad you found some help for that pain and hope it works for you.  It is so true that somethings we'll never forget.  'On Ya' - ma

shrbrisc said...

I stopped today and said a prayer for those directly affected and for our nation today , I too hope we never go thru anything like that again .. I hope you are feeling better and I send you lots of hugs and prayers

lanurseprn said...

It's interesting to hear about where everyone was at certain important events. I am glad you got your meds and I hope they help. I know that ankle has been bugging you for a long time now.
So does this mean you aren't leaving? I hope you don't.
Love Pam

rdautumnsage said...

I was in NY at the time, still am...I watched the news in horror not knowing if I myself was in danger. I still cry for those people who lost their lives, for those who were left behind. You don't forget something like this, it stays with you for a lifetime.

As for you being absent for awhile, I delighted things worked out. I would of missed your entries and most of all you! (Hugs)Indigo

linnpooh said...

I will never forget how I felt that morning, never, it will stay with me forever. I'm so glad you were able to get your meds and I will say a prayer that they work!

Pooh Hugs,

sybilsybil45 said...

Yes Mort there are some things that happen in our lives that  we never forget..I to remember these incidents vividly...with Kennedy I had just come in from work And the TV was on and Mum and Dad were sitting so quiet which was a change as Mum was usually fussing around getting me tea ready !! with Diana I actually heard it in the middle of the night when I was listning to the radio.. and as for the 9-11 well someone rang me to say quick switch on the TV...It was so awful that at first out brains I don't think could take it in...I pray that never again will we have such a memory to live with.  (Another even earier memory I have is of the Queens Coronation !! It was also the first time I saw a TV, someone down our street's daughter was getting amrried to a lad whose Mum had a corner shop and she invited us all to her house...what do I actually remember of the coronation ? SALMON sandwiches !! never had salmon before and I can NEVER eat a salmon sandwich now without having that flash back !!)  LOve to Mum and you XX Sybil xx

jeanno43 said...

Dear Mort, I think memories of that day are burned into all our souls.  Mike and I never watch t.v. during the day, it usually goes on for the 6 p.m. news.  But that particular day when we still had satellite we decided to have our lunch in the lounge and watch the box.   We turned on just as the news broke.  At first we thought it was a dreadful accident, then we saw the second plane hit. We knew straight away it was a terrorist attack.  We hardly touched our lunch.  We sat there for the rest of the day watching and into the evening with tears streaming down our faces.  Seven years and it seems like yesterday.  Diana, I heard that in the middle of the night, I could not sleep and was listening to the radio.  As for Kennedy, I had come in from being out somewhere, just sat down with my parents in front of the t.v. and that news broke.  Some things are imprinted forever.

I am so glad you have tablets for your foot.  I do hope they do the trick.  I am also very glad you had a talk with that friend and she has promised she will not divulge anything.  What a truly caring person you are protecting your dear Mum.

jhorky said...

Mort,   Thank goodness you had a talk with your neighbor and you are going to stay.  I would have had a terrible time if I could not keep track of you closely.  I to remember what I was doing at all 3 of those horrible happenings.  Life is and was so fragile.  I hope the pills will help.    I am just thrilled that you are still going to be  hanging around and doing whatever it is that you decide to do.  What is best is that  you STILL DO EVERYTHING REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOUR BODY screams  that you can't.  I know that is what MS people do best.  I watched it happen until it was impossible.  Thank You Mort for being a loving and caring friendand more than ever, I as so peoud that you love your Mum enought not to stick her in a home to be cared for by strangers.  I pray it never comes to that.  Lucy

ally123130585918 said...

Mort you are so right about remembering where we were when news broke about all of those tragedies ~ they are events that we will remember with sorrow for ever ~
Hope those tablets your Doctor has given you help to ease the pain ~
Glad you had a word with the person who reads your Journal ~ and you are going to stay ~ that is good news for us ~ Ally x

chefkelly25 said...

Hey mort hope your anti inflammatories work and you get some relief.  Princess Diana,-we were coming home from a night out of dancing and heard on the radio.  I was shocked and saddened, still am to this day.  A precious wasted life due to public greed for tabloid gossip.  911 I was working at the University of Maryland and our director called us into a conference room with  a tv displaying the first plane that had hit the towers.  Then the second one hit and we also knew that we were under attack at that time.  It was surreal, the world had stopped in a sense.  They closed the Universites, closed schools, time actually stood still and people were in disbelief.  They were walking around in a daze at first.  It was the fact of no forewarning.  I think this must have been how people felt at Pearl Harbor.  It was really sad due to all those innocent lives lost leaving behind families that loved them and are still suffering.  On the bright side I am glad your mum had a visitor, was probably good for her.  Kelly

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Mort, this is a lovely entry in your journal.   I know you and i are similar in age but i don't remember Kennedy's shooting, Princess Diana i  do remember, the various bombings London has suffered (i lived in London at the time of the IRA bombings) railway staions, buses and so on since and of course the huge loss of life of 9/11 and the continuing loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan.   So many hearts have been broken, so many tears have been shed.   Yes, your entry has made us remember.
Big Luv, Jaynee X

tschuckman said...

You might be interested in checking out the web site:  wheel chair junkies.
With MS , things could get dicey.    I am retired and also a disabled Vietnam Vet:  68-70.  I write a Blog too.

Tom S
On Wisconsin !

safry60 said...

Hello Mort! I have not been on the puter much as you can see. I thank you for your thoughts. My mothers sister also had MS. hard to believe I know. She got bad like Lucys son before she passed away. She was in a nursing home. She was only 52years old when she died. I am not talking about the MS. with my daughter as I am sure she will eventually talk to me about it. I am trying to live each day to the fullest now as it is getting harder to get around without getting dizzy and falling. I hope your mom is doing better. You take care!!!   Be blessed friend!!! Sherry