Tuesday, 23 December 2008

hale n hearty. sort of

well,many thanks first of all.i have had so many comments and emails,even the odd get well card,its very kind of you all to be so concerned. so,how do i feel? well apart from the odd angina twinge when i have done too much,which is soon abated by the nitro spray i always carry,pretty good considering. i went to my drs yesterday to discuss my MS tablets,as one of them warns of an increased risk of heart problems,luckily it meant the heart rate,so i am ok. dr.M apologised and said the ECG the surgery took,gave no indication i was having such a massive heart attack as i had,and that had he had any idea he would have called for the ambulance to go straight to the surgery.said from the report i am very lucky to be alive. hopefully that will be the end of any problems. i must say i feel ok,and am carrying on life as normal.

One good piece of news,i have been awarded mobility allowance at long last,even got some back dated money so christmas is a bit nicer. i have decided to take a car in lieu of the money,and am getting a new Ford Fiesta 3 door,1.25 petrol.should be here in 3 weeks. they just take your mobility allowance and the car is yours,every 3 years they allow you to change it for a new one. it payed to appeal to the tribunal. but it does make me annoyed that i and many more disabled,have to resort to having to appeal to get this money.in my case,3 appeals.but at least i did get it.

since i have been home i have been taking things easy,and we are looking forward to christmas day. now normally i take old B up the road his christmas dinner,but i arent this year. he told me he was fine,and not to bother.and as he didnt even bother to come and see my mum when i was in hospital,or ring her to see if she was ok,that is fine with me. the spirit of christmas? no,i know,but i really dont care.

it has been a year since i was diagnosed with MS,december 20th the anniversary.how fast this year has flown by.sadly some lovely people have passed on this year,and one,emma,in particular affected me badly. the next entry i do,is going to be a tribute to those who have been less fortunate than myself with their MS.Emmas mum,my dear friend Wendy,sent me a copy of Emmas funeral service,with a lovely photo of what emma looked like before the ravages of Ms took hold.she has given me permission to use them,as has my lovely friend Lucy,whos beloved son alan has been dead for 16 years. i am going to do it so those who have no idea can see just what this evil disease does. so far i am lucky. i shall try to make it a fitting tribute to 2 lovely people. sometime over the next week or so.

lastly,can i wish all my friends and readers,A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS,AND A JOYOUS AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR. thanks for reading this journal.and for giving me the chance to know you all through your own writings. take care all.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am so thankful that you are once again home and doing so much better. I'm glad you complained and got the motor allowance. We have no such thing here in the US and many resort to public transporation which is sadly lacking in our part of the state. I wish you a very Merry and Joyous Christmas too! 'On Ya'-ma

Randy said...

Hello Mort,

I glad to see that you are doing better and I Hope you and your Mother have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas.

God Bless


Beth said...

Mort, you are full of good news, and I am so happy to hear it! I wish you and your Mum a lovely holiday, and many blessings in the coming year.

Much love,

Jane said...

Mort Im so glad you are on the mend - you did give us a fright !
Just you make sure you take it easy and rest and enjoy Christmas with your Mum.
Ill be thinking of you both on Christmas Day,

LYN said...

Glad you feeling better..merry christmas to you and mum..

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Glad things are starting to look up a bit.

Lucy said...

Hey Mort, you did not tell me you still jave occasional angina pain. YOU BE CAREFUL!! You and Mum have a Merry Christmas and Mort, you know how I feel about you. I am looking forward to that entry. I also know it will be nice. Your USA mom, Lucy

Pamela said...

I'm so glad you are getting a car! Just being able to get out and drive is nice. You sound really good in this entry. I hope you and your Mum have a very Merry Xmas!

Yasmin said...

Glad to hear your in better spirits, so just a nice quiet Christmas for you and Mum, good news about the car, it was worth appealing.

Merry Christmas to you and Mum
Huge hugs

Love Yasmin

jack69 said...

I think we were all shocked at your entry when you said you had to drive back home to get your things and meet the ambulance. And yes you are blessed to be alive, it is amazing the attack did not happen on your way home.
APPEALS? I really hate to think it, but sometimes I think 'gov't programs' award low, and use the appeals route to weed out the ones who, can't , won't or are just too fed up to appeal. Glad you hung in there.
Merry Christmas!

pam said...

Hey my fav other man. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and new Year. This is such a sad time fo year when we lose people close to us. I think your tribute will be very fitting. As ever all my love coming your way. You know where i am If you ever need me.Love pam xxxx

Frances said...

Glad to hear you are mending well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your mom. Take care of yourself, Mort.

Best Wishes,

krissy knox said...


So sorry about Emma. And so sorry I haven't been around in a long time. Been half the time the past 3 months in John's transplant center with him while he spent it in the hospital, trying to stay alive. You know how that goes, I am sure you have witnessed it. Struggling is hard, but it makes us stronger, and it is just part of life for us, being both caregivers and having illnesses ourselves. It's just part of life. Whatever, LOL. I am just stating what went on to tell you what has been going on, I am not complaining, I promise. Just stating why I haven't been around to blogs much lately. And I haven't been on Facebook, haven't had time in weeks. And only one blog post a week. Arrgghh. I HATE that. But I have spent a little time on Twitter. If you ever want to join, let me know, it is something I love, another social media, very intellectually stimulating. That's depending on who is in your network, LOL. But it is great, I think.

Anyway, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I pray that 2009 will be a good year for you. Happy Jesus birthday. tc xx

Krissy :)
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Jan said...

It is such a relief to hear from you and to hear you are doing better now Mort ,three appeals but finnally it paid off I am so glad ,I hope you and Your Mum have a very Blessed Christmas and a happy healthier new year ,,love Jan xx

Solitary Dancer said...

Merry Christmas to you, my friend.


jean said...

Mort I hope you and your mum had a good Christmas and the New Year will be a better one for you. Take care, jean

Joyce said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. I hope the new year brings much improvement for you and your mum.
Hugs, Joyce

Lori J said...

Remember to take good care of yourself....
I think of you often....


Alberta LORI