Sunday, 10 May 2009

comments anon.

on my last post,where i thanked herrad and lucy for the inspirational blogger award they had both given me,ANON wrote the following comment:- you still live at home with your mother?you poor fat fuck. no wonder this stupid "honor" means so much to you.
it also left another longer rambling comment about how it had been a week and a half since i last posted how "retched" i am. let me see if i can clear a few thing up for anon.firstly.if you can read the big words i use,it clearly states on my profile i am a 24/7 carer for my elderly,frail.infirm mother.SO YES,I LIVE AT HOME.HOW ELSE CAN I GIVE 24/7 CARE??? as for why i still live at home.well i made my choice years ago anon,i take it you don't love your mother?or she don't love you?shame that.fat?hmmm do you know me personally anon i wonder?yeah,guilty.i have put weight on.MS does that,and arthritis,i'm no longer able to exercise like i should or would like."no wonder this stupid "honor" means so much to you". now,if you had read it properly,one finger underlining as you read each word like you were taught by the special needs teacher,nowhere do i actually call it an honor.(spelling really not your strong point if the word is over 4 letters is it anon?) i thanked herrad and lucy for thinking enough of my blog to award it to me.hope that clears that up?now why i wonder has ANON suddenly decided to vent his bile on my good friend beth had her own troll,jolene,who had left a spiteful comment on a post she had done,and i made comment about what a nasty spiteful troll jolene was.then,dear anon had a go at me.coincidence?who knows?are they the same "person"(being polite)?who cares.ANON,like the rest of your kind,you are a coward,a foul mouth,obviously jealous that someone thinks enough of my writing to give me an award.but why?is it possible dear anon that you write a blog?of such awful drivel that nobody in their right mind would ever give you an award,or,worse still,comment.or follow.or that it anon?you jealous?envious?perhaps you don't have any friends?no family?alone and unloved?hope want to leave spiteful,foul mouthed comments,go ahead,be my guest.know what?when i read the comments you left,it gave me the best laugh i have had in ages.however,if you continue to use four letter words,i shall track you down,and get you,like the piece of dog dirt you are i shall wipe you off my shoe and carry on with the post.
Sorry i haven't been leaving comments on many blogs.i appear to have a problem.on many blogs written via hotmail or internet explorer,when i try to comment,bloody explorer slowly opens,my PC freezes,and i usually crash.whether this is to do with aol,i'm not sure,but it drives me,until i can get it sorted i may not be leaving comments.i am reading though.
i sit here looking at a blank wall,with several screw holes in.where the cupboard/shelving unit used to be above my computer desk.that is until today.i have been to wells,small seaside town near me,just for an hour,as i drove in my yard my mobile went off.mum.theres been an accident she said.when i walked in,i found the cupboard was resting on my monitor,the length of 3 by 2 under it was nearly off the wall,the wall plugs had failed,the unit had fallen forward,coming to rest as i say on the top edge of the monitor,all the books,files,etc.were all over the floor,what a mess.just lucky i wasn't sitting at my desk or i doubt i would be posting this.badly overloaded.the cupboard weighs a good 30 to 40 pounds,loads of books,must be at least another 40.but i have never known plastic wall plugs to fail so drastically.been up over 6 years so its not as if it is newly put up,i haven't added any more weight these last few days. just glad i decided to go out lol.anyway,i await the inevitable bile and insults from anon,feel free if it makes your miserable nasty life a little bit nicer. oh.i just looked back,it left a comment on april blues posting too.busy little anon.lmao.really is a pathetic creature.
did promise pictures.yes the new camera is working ok,been waiting for a memory card to arrive,as it only holds 10 pics in internal memory.will post soon.take care all my lovely friends.anon?gissa kiss.mwaaahhhhhh


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Way to hit back at ANON :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mort! I really enjoyed your post. Those anonymous commenters are not allowed to comment on my blog, I set it up that way through the comments moderation setting. It gives a little better protection. I find that a lot of the population have become brave behind their keyboards and cell phones, but meet me in person to say that? I had an idiot woman tailgating me today, honking her horn at me because I refused to go over the speed limit. At the next stop light, I took out my camera and pointed at her and she blew the red light out of cowardly fear! You're right not to let that bother you and laugh at the ignorance and immaturity of such idiots. This "Anon" person is obviously very miserable with HERself (Jolene?) and wants to take it out on anyone while she's in a drunken stupor late at night wallowing in self-pity for her insignificant life - the ultimate pathetic person. I had fun writing that, watch now I'll get a troll, although I have secret powers whereby I can track I.P. addresses! ;-)

Oh my, I'm glad you weren't under the shelf when it decided to jump off! Take care Mort!

Lisa said...

Awww Mort Anon sounds like a typical troll, bored and jealous of others so they just sit on thier computers spewing bile at innocent people, do'nt pay any attention to anon, Your true friends love you xx Lisa

jack69 said...

Hey Mort, glad you weren't at the keyboard! What a surprise to see something like that. WOW!
Funny (not haha) how we ten to load shelves, etc with out paying attention, then it bites us.
The Anon is an ass. Hiding behind a hidden ID. We all know they can be traced, let us know if the ass is state side.
Hope you are okay after the clean up etc.
Jack & Sherry ....

Stephany said...

Hi I follow your blog via Herrad's and just wanted to say "nice rant" at anon, and I ve had some like that, (this is why I moderate comments and won't allow anonymous ones anymore)just focus on the good comments :)

You are a wonderful caring person to be living with MS and take care of your mother, there are not too many people that can understand what you are going through and the enormous amount of energy that is required.

Take care of yourself and have a nice day.


Beth said...

These haters are utterly ridiculous, and they know it. It really is pathetic. As I wrote to you, we can track it down if you want. I truly hope it's not creepy "Jolene" and that they followed you from me! "Jolene" is still harassing me, so I would hope that they don't have time to bother you. :( I'm very sorry if they found you through me, my friend.

Ken and I have also been experiencing the strange and irritating phenomenon of Explorer opening up endless windows, getting caught in a loop, and I know of a couple of others who have experienced the same thing. I wonder if it's AOL, IE, or Blogger?

XO Beth

Richie said...

It is very sad that someone with no life feels the need to attack someone who has one.
Their jealousy of your ability to be a full open and loving human being in very difficult circumstances emphasises their own sad bitter and twisted mentality.
If the sad creature is reading this I can only suggest that if they have strong opinions they may like to blog their own experience and allow the caring community of bloggers that we are part of to give them some of the love and support they so obviously need.
Unfortunately such an idiot can be hurtful when they vent the the bitter bile that chokes their mentality.
I sometimes give strong opinions on people’s blogs but I am aware I am visiting and try to polite to my host even when I disagree strongly with them. If I do not like the host I leave. Being anonymous only hides your identity from others- even if you did not know my identity I would know that I have behaved in a cruel stupid manner. That would worry more than being traceable.
Take care Mort
big love from us all here

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Agree with Richie totally.

Feel sorry for someone who makes comments like the ones made to you.

Blimey real sad and says more about the person making the comments.

Think he/she is really talking about themselves.

Have a good day.

Richie said...

PS I bet the hidden hater is one hell of a porker! Oink Oink fatty!

Anonymous said...

Mort, when we were on AOL I had this happen even from a man who'd been my friend(I'd thought) for years. Someone who always wrote about how honest & "authentic" he was....yet he left comments attacking me & one of my commentors, under a fake name. Was it because I DID something? No, it was because he is mentally ill.

You cannot take the blame for someone else's mental illness, and nothing you do or say will make their reality(unreality) any different. Those of us who have followed you for a long time Love You. ~Mary

Lucy said...

AS I said before the last post the creep made, he needs to crawl back in hos hole. He must be a very needy perrson to try to get attentioln the way he or she does. He is not worthy of commenting on your blog. As a mom who lost a son to MS, I personally would like to track him/her down and strangle his fat neck. He is to be pitied, you my man, are to be admired.Pay no attention to the creep. Your USA mom

Lucy said...

I think he/she is trying to force you to quit blogging. He doesn't know you and a stubborn Brit bery well does he.???? Lucy

Jeannette said...

There are some real pigs out there Mort, take no notice. I know that it hurt though. I believe that what goes around comes around. Who knows what Anon might have to face one day. You have to feel sorry for people who have nothing better to do than to hurt others. You are bigger than that and have risen above it. Good for you for speaking your mind. xxxxx

Frances said...

Hi Mort! Sorry about your troll. It is really sad how some people feel they need to be hateful and vicious to others just to feel complete themselves. Life is too short to be hurtful to others.
I don't have a blog, don't get on IE often, and read my favorite blogs on AOL. I have been having the same problem as you and some others, so I think it must be the fault of AOL. Maybe they will get the problem solved soon.
Take care, Mort.

Karen said...

Good for you, Mort, for standing up to this bully!! Keep on keeping on my friend. -Karen

steve said...

From one poor fat fuck to allegedly another, keep on keeping on!

Yasmin said...

I know it's hard but ignore them Mort , sometimes i wish I could reach through the screen and throttle them.

Regards to mum and hope your doing well too.

Take care


Sybil said...

Hi Mort,
what an idiot ANON is..Hardly worth even giving him/her another thought...just hope he/she keeps away. That was a great peice of writing really are a great man. What a thing to happen to the shelves...but as you say lucky you were not underneath it all...must have given Mum a wee fright..and you for that matter.
Mary and I just got back Sunday from our wee trip down to Torquay where we had a fantastic break. I even found I could get on the bus with the wheelchair imagine at my age getting excited about getting on the buses !!
Love Sybil xx

LYN said...


Kris said...

Wow. I can't even believe the rudeness. Some people post anon. when they argue a point but this person is obviously deranged! I smell a troll. Just some sad low life who is bored out of their minds and wants attention. Go crawl back under your bridge! My best advise is to completely IGNORE these people. They aren't worth it.

Nat said...

Hi Mort - what a fantastic post... I hope that your anonymous commenter has been back to see your response.

I really enjoy reading your blog; I find your honesty both refreshing and truly inspiring.


Ninas Ramblings said...

Mort sweetie, so glad you are still smiling at that ANON creature, certainly not worth the energy of getting yourself in a tizz about it. I wish someone would read my blog, as I am getting down in the dumps with only your comments xxxx Nina

Jane said...

Oh Mort Im sorry that you have had to endure one of the internets many freaks and fruitloops. Ive had a couple too - claiming Im not really ill and am just attention seeking !

As for being anonymous I say this to them...

"Next time you're about to write something malicious, ask yourself a question. Would you have the b*lls to say it to your target's face? If so, then put your name to it. If not, hold your chicken-hearted tongue and make a cup of tea instead."

Take care my friend