Sunday, 6 September 2009

back again

sorry its been so long,somehow ive lost the desire to write,a lot is due to the MS which has been bad.mainly due to some hot weather we had.that was summer lol.autumn seems to be rushing towards us now,its turned a lot cooler.anyway,thursday i went to the heart clinic,now it was actually a follow up they do for patients who have had angioplasty surgery,as such the cardiac nurse hadnt read my notes.she just thought everything was sorted,until i explained i WAS still getting angina bad,was still using the nitro spray,so she then read,and said,he has put if you still get angina he will try an angioplasty using a special drug filled balloon,i shall put you on his waiting list,will soon be sorted, so that was a waste of 70 miles travelling for what could have been done over the phone in 2 minutes,although i did have an ECG/blood pressure reading least he will try and clear the artery,and hopefully i wont need bypass surgery.

The next day,friday i was off to Cromer hospital,small cottage hospital to see the orthopaedic triage.i had the MRI on my back done in june,i rung them 3 weeks after the scan,as i hadnt heard from them,and was told the triage would look at the scan and ring me back.then they rung to say she had looked,and i would be called back for another appointment with her and then..............nothing.i rung again,yes she would look at the scan and get back to me. ermmm i was told she HAD looked at it? oh?i will speak to her.week later i rung again.again i was told she had looked at it and i was "in the system" to be seen.then i finally got an appointment for friday. when i did get in to see her,she said,ive not even looked at scan,i havent been told you rung,nothing.lovely lol. anyway,we looked at the scan pics.together,and it can be clearly seen that i have yet another disc bulging and pressing on the nerve,hence the awful pain im getting.also showed some white patches,and she was rather quiet about those.i asked,those lesions? im not a nurologist she said,then looked at many did you have last scan?4 or 5.ive now got around 9.oh well.thats another worry for a later the meantime,i am going to try a course of steroid injections to relieve the inflammation,hopefully they will help,if not,and the pain is still as bad,surgey will be considered,and the verteba will be fused together.which sounds awful but she assures me i will still be able to bend,although a bit stiff,and that its an operation that carries a lot less risk than it used to.we will see.

now ive written before about the wonderful housing associations maintenance team,my bathroom door still a apainful memory.for the last 3 weeks my lights flicker,the power goes down,my fan motor slows,obvious there was a electrician ( ahem) came out,checked the connections to the main trip in the consumer unit,found they were so loose he had to turn the screw 5 times to tighten it, and that was it,until.................the trip went off in the middle of the clock,good job it was weekend and tracey wasnt coming he came out and changed the trip. 3 days later same thing happened. so they sent a surveyor round.he wanted a special test done on all the circuits before calling out the board,it could be the overhead cables at fault,and lo,the next day the same electrician came out.did he test?? nooooo.he did cure the trip going oiut though, in a most radical,and im sure efficient way.he took it out.removed it.rewired the unit so now...............ive got no protection if there is a serious fault.that was thursday,he said he would report the overhead cables at,i am going to write on monday a most long and interesting email to the head of housing,explaining the test wants carried out as ordered,that i am not protected,that this is illegal,and ...........WILL THEY BLOODY WELL SORT IT.NOW.i rather think that contract firm will NOT be doing repairs when the current contract ends next year.they are useless.

finally,welcome back to pamal3.those of you who followed her blog will be as delighted as i am she has finally graced us with her presence again.even if she dont write,she dont call,she just swans off without a word,i dunno,dont she realise that i wor..........ahem.sorry knew youd glad my friend is back.Almost 40! sorry i havent been around for you lucy,or you jane,but i have read your blogs and am up to date now.take care all.


jack69 said...

That is enough to take one's mind off writing. It seems that everyone is in too big a hurry, and assume that all is well. "Oh yes I have looked at the chart," When they sometimes have no idea who they are talking to. Hope you do get the medical records and requirements sorted without bypass surgery.
Sounds like lazy electricians to me. Bypassing ans leaving it is very careless. Bypassing to check the ckt is understandable. But not as a TEmp cure.
The best to you old man. TAke care.
Sherry & Jack, now in New York not old York. LOL

Lucy said...

Mort, I am so sorry. You have been having a terrible time. It seems that you are fighting for the least thing and you deserve so much more. I knew things were not good, but I had no idea they were this bad. It just makes me furious when I hear how much precious energy you are wasting trying to get what is rightfully the care you need. You hang in there Mort. I am just going through a bit of a down spell right now. I will get through it.

Lisa said...

Awwww Mort, hang in there, you are in my prayers, xx Lisa

Jeannette said...

Things will get better Mort, truly they will. As for having bones fused, I have had it done and it works wonders, I had it in my neck not my lower back. Hope you get the wiring sorted quickly. Nice to see a posting of any sort from you. Hey, glad Pamal is back, shall have to visit. Hugs.

Beth said...

Great to hear from you, Mort, although sorry to hear it's been so rough on you lately. I hope that the cooler weather will help ease the MS, and as for the rest...I guess the only thing to do is deal with it as it comes. You know you can count on us for encouragement and support! Love, Beth

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
Thanks for updating us , hope the docs can be useful and soon.
Ditto the eletrrics hope they fix it quick.
Thinkong about you lots.

ADB said...

In amongst the pain from heart and MS, and the potential sparks from the electrics, I don't see how you could have squeezed out an entry. I'd report them for leaving you without a trip-out switch.

pam said...

Hey, My fav other man. Let me at them!!! grrr. Useless so they are!. Thanks for all the rows you have been leaving me! lol. Makes me feel special!! lol (will be quiet now, senses another one close by) lol. << runs. ;) Love Pam.x

AngelaBradley said... poor thing. I know what it is like to chase med people, then one don't know what what is and go to diff. dr. Don't fret to much over the "white spots", I to have many, one large one at T7 and they are non-cancerous tumors. I looked it up and there are many of them. However she should have been able to see if they were putting pressure on your spinal cord. I hope you have success with the spinal injections, where is the most location on your back they want to target? Hang in there!

Sybil said...

Hi Mort, what a joy it was to be able to read two entries from you on my return from Canada. Do hope that you will be able to continue to keep us all up to date. I am so so sorry about all the pain you have been in this past summer...I do hope the injections will help. My friends Mary and Pam have both had the steroid injections and both said it helped although have to have them repeated every few least Pam does for her back.. Hope the elecrtical situation is repaired soon..what a time we have with people not doing what they are paid for..
Love Sybil xx.

Yasmin said...

Just getting up to date with all the news about time I started posting again. Sorry to read about all the problems you've been having with the leccy and glad it's now all ok. I've not been around much seems depression kicks in during the summer months but ok now.take care and regards to mum.