Monday, 21 September 2009

electric blue

And anyone who recgonises the series of videos from the 80s,with the same title as this entry,SHAME ON
On the following monday i sent my housing association a very long,detailed email,explaining all that had occurred,and that i was now left with no earth trip,which was A illegal,and B,extremely dangerous.and that it was THEIR house that would go up in flames if there was a serious electrical fault.that was at 1.10 my phone rung.housing association.claire,secretary to head of assets.normally complaints take 10 days to get sorted,but she had realised how serious the matter was and was seeing her boss at once.20 minutes later the phone rang again.the contractors.a very sheepish lady said,neil,our head electrician will be with you first thing in the morning,he will do a full test,and we will go from there.
At 8.20 the next morning neil arrived,pleasant,courteous,professional.he was horrified when i told him what the other electrician had done,and set about took him 5 hours to check every circuit.he found 4 things.the positive buzz bar was so loosely connected it had been arcing,and was the reason it later turned out the trip kept going out,fan in bathroom was set too fine,and noisy.light in bathroom was not up to regs.and the boiler wasnt earth bonded.he also changed circuits around,so every circuit is now protected by trip.oh,and yes,he replaced the trip.he refused to issue a certificate until the work was done,said he would order what was needed and left.the next morning he rung at 8,he had all the things,and was coming to do 11 he was done,everything was checked.a true professional.i sent an email to claire asking for him to be commended and thanked for a job well done i may add.
over the next few days the lights flickered occasionally,then on the following monday,it was a wet and windy day,the overhead powerline was blowing about and as it did my lights flickered.bad.i had neils number and rang him,we both agreed it had to be the overheads causing the problem so i rung EDF,they sent out an engineer who got here after transpires my neighbour is on the same overhead,it goes to her main fuse first,then from a splitter to mine.and oh yes,her lights had been a bit flickery.shame you didnt tell me that when i asked you i thought.anyway,the engineer checked the fuses and connections and said he would order a linesman crew to come out the next day and check.and the next day 2 lorries turned up,up the pole they went and.............the neutral connector had split.corroded.and water was getting in,also the live was nearly as bad.15 minutes later,2 new connectors,job done.and the saga more problems.
This morning i had a phone call from my consultant,i go in to hospital the evening of october 5th,stay in overnight,op first thing tuesday 6th,will be in all day and overnight and released the next morning,hopefully angina means i must now try and sort care for mum for 2 nights and days.and thats another story i fear.we shall see.
Lucy i am so sorry i havent been there for you,or jane,or anyone just not reading blogs.and i apologise.take care all.


jack69 said...

Great! finally got the electric straightened away. Being a little of an electrician myself I could follow. What a nightmare. REally, trouble with a neutral is hard to locate. Good for then and you for sticking to the guns. Hope all the peripherel(?) physical stuff is taken care of soon. The angina bust be a bear.
From the NEW York,
Sherry & Jack

Sybil said...

Goodness Mort, what a saga...However I am so glad to be able to read that you and Mum are now safe and you can sleep at peace....when you can sleep !!...
Pleased also that you have your date for the hospital and will be I always do...that you will be so very much better afterwards.
It has been lovely to enjoy the warm sunchine we have had all week, although today is a bit dull to start but it is early yet.
Much Love Sybilx

AngelaBradley said...

I am glad to see that they are stepping up to the plate. That is some MAJOR ISSUES you have there. Just keep on it! Hope your feeling as well as can.

Lisa said...

Mort, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, Love Lisa xxxxxxx

ADB said...

Excellent news, Mort, well done. I'm glad it ALL got sorted in the end. Good luck for October 5th.

Lucy said...

Mort you never have to worry about me. Lord knows you have enough problems of your own. You know me Mort, I get down but when push comes to shove I am back up just like you. Yeagh come on over and beat the living daylights out of the 2 brothers that just can not stand to see me outside alone and try to tie into me. I can hold my own and will. You take care Mort. I never forget you and don't plan on losing track if you.

Indigo said...

Mort I'm so glad they are getting the electricity worked out. What a scary dilema.

Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke you come out angina free and heal quickly! (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

No apologies, Mort. WE'RE here for YOU. Sending you strength and good thoughts!

I'm so glad you got everything taken care of with your wiring. That's scary to think about. Now you can get your inner wirings taken care of. :) Love, Beth

pam said...

Hey My fav other man. Firstly the title??? Hmmm. yip I remember it! lol. I rented these movies back in the 80's! I worked In a video shop. They were very poular lol and erm how do you erm know about them??? eh? lol. uhuh! say no more! lol. Anyway glad you have got the leccy sorted, It Is my worst fear, Electricity. I have so much respect for it. I am surprised at the day you go Into hospital. It Is my wee treasures' birthday on the 6th! I will be keeping you safe In my thoughts n prayers young man. I am sure you will get good care sorted for your mum. If I was closer, I would have done It. Take care lambchop.Speak soon. Love Pam.xx

Richie said...

Wow Mort glad to hear that England still can produce more cowboys than Texas: I'm glad they never fried you!
Glad to hear from you again- I have been a bit silent myself (I could only whine and we all know life can be crappy)but I will try to be a bit more open and not whinge on.
Even when you are talking about hard things you inject that touch of humour that makes it all that bit easier.
"Electric Blue"- you must be talking about
great motorbike movie!
I am sure you couldn't be meaning anything else...
A little while ago a young Dutch lad asked me if I knew who Sylvia Krystal is (she was not so well her self)- bless him I was a teenager in the seventies, I tried five times to get into "Emanuel" before I was successful- the stick on moustache must have swung it for me!
Good luck next month. I hope you get some real benefit from it. We will be thinking about you.
All the best

Funnyface said...

Hi Mortee.....what a story that was, glad to hear it had a good ending. You must now be back home again after your op. I'll try to catch up with you for one of our late night chats !
Big Luv, Jaynee X