Saturday, 10 October 2009

heart sore again.

i went into hospital at 7pm this last monday,pam took me up there,stayed in overnight,next morning i was woken at 5am and given breakfast,lol.then had a shower,and was taken to angio suite around a wonderful surgeon,he explained that he would go in through wrist,but that he wanted to do a pressure test on the heart,and was going into groin as well.i can honestly say it was the nastiest procedure i have ever bad that i actually accepted morphine.not often i need that kind of thing.anyway,he told me i actually had a blockage in the main artery and it could be treated in 2 ways.either bypass,at papworth hospital,or a he was already in the artery we decided stent.and in fact 2 were if there is still angina,although the flow rate went from 73% before stent to 98% after,i shall have to have a bypass.the op.went well,after i was taken to coronary care,in a private room for 5 hours to recover.did manage to eat me roast turkey lunch,was nice too lol,had to keep wrist still as possible,after 4 hours the catheter i still had in groin was removed.and i was taken back to morning,after a very bad nights sleep i was discharged at 7.30mand pam picked me up.she came straight to the hospital from work,and i was home by 8.40.
so,all done and sorted? well,i knew i had a small haematoma,blood clot,under the skin in my groin.but at around 3 later that day i went to the loo,thought,cor that feels sore,looked was i rang the cardiac nurses number at the hospital and explained i was a bit concerned.she said,so is it around the size,say of an acorn?ermmmm no,more like a very large hens egg.shape and thickness. deadly silence from other end. 2 minutes please. soon she was back,ok,i have spoken to the registrar,get up here now,as soon as you can,we need to see,i had to get brian,mums friend to take me,pam being on nights i couldnt ask her again.30 plus miles.we got there at 6.i went up to cardiology and it was closed,but a nice nurse showed me to the cardiac ward.i showed the staff nurse the lump and she said,oh bloody hell.thats nasty.rang for a dr.i waited in day room,until a young medic came,he examined me on a spare bed,said,my registrar must see this,and went and got him.he carefully poked,prodded and generally had a good look,and said that it seemed to him that blood had pooled behind the catheter in artery,and it was this that was causing it.he was quite sure though that it would be ok,if any bleeding or if pain got worse i was to ring 999 at we came home to a relieved mum.the wrist and groin have both given me hell.very painful,but today the swelling has subsiided.but the color. i am black in my groin and upper thigh.lot of discomfort.cant drive for a week,cant lift for a month.but i do feel better.lot of discomfort in heart but thats to be expected,and it is getting better.many,many thanks to all who left me so many lovely comments on facebook,to lucy for her mails,and to all who have been asking about me.
i go to pain management clinic in november about back,back up in december for consultation with dr E,and MS consultant in as well pitch a tent there i think.
I have asked for another carers assessment.i cant manage any more.ive tried,and tried.but mum is getting more and more forgetful and vague. luckily thanks to tracey and carol,and her friend chris,she coped the 2 nights i was away.but she wouldnt if i have to go in for a long time.and i need help.because im so tired.she cant help it bless her.and i wont let her go into a nursing home,but i do need further help at night now,and i am going to ask for 56,i look 66,and feel 76.take care all.


Lucy said...

AHH Mort, I thought it would come to this with mum. I am amazed you have been able to do it alone. So, I didn't hear about the clot or blood back up. Years ago I had the groin thing and It was not pleasant plus I had a nasty nurse. Now I am going to say this and you are not going to listen now, but there may come a time when you have to. No one wants to think about a loved one in a nursing home but , You are not well at all Mort. It may come to that, not only with your mum but I am at that age where I KNOW it could happen to me. But for now I know you don't want to hear it but I planted the seed in your mind that sometimes it can not be avoided. Mort, PLEASE take care of yourself.

Jane said...

My friend Mort - I am going to echo Lucy here Im afraid. How you have carried on caring for your mother on your own until now I will never know, but no mother had a better caring son Im sure.
But the time has come when you must start to think of yourself too - youve had an horrendous time recently. God willing the stent will work but even so you need HELP and now. It breaks my heart to think of you struggling virtually on your own. Its so unfair how carers are left with such little support.
Promise me you will seriously consider any possibility? Dont dismiss things out of hand Mort, you will be of no use to your Mother if you become so worn out and ill trying to carry on alone.
Try and rest as much as you can and get the benefit the stent is giving you and never forget we are all here thinking of you and wishing we could do more for a very special person,

Love as always


Anonymous said...

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jack69 said...

Wow again, Mort. I hurt just hearing about it. I'd been VERY upset also with a hen egg size swellin in my groin. OUCH!!!

Man I hope it all gets sorted out for you. We certainly can sympathize. You are one tough dude!

Hang in there (We know you will)
Sherry & Jack in North CArolina.

Stephany said...

You are a person with a heart of gold, you've done so much for your mum, take care of yourself.

Lisa said...

Mort, feel better, you are in my prayers, xx Lisa

Sybil said...

Dear Mort, I am so pleased to read that all has gone well....well nearly...with th eheart stent being put in. Praying that as the days go by you will feel stringer and stronger. I definatley think it is past time that you had extra help with Mum...keep us informed. I was up in Scotland week ago and my frined has a lot of care now...perhaps not overnight but has someone coem in to get her up and dressed, back three hours later for toilet and again in another three hours. she then pays for someone to come in and prepare eveing meal then another carer comes to get her to bed. She and her sister looked much better having so much help. I know things are different in Scotland paying wise but still think the help should be available here.
God Bless, Love Sybil xx

Sybil said...

Mort, Please forgive the awful spelling in last comment...It is even worse than usual !!!! Only excuse is that it is still almost dark here and I havn't put the light on
Love YA xxx

Yasmin said...

I don't know how you've coped for this long Mort and I hope they come up with some practical solutions with the new assessment. So sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort but glad your on the mend, you have such good friends around you which is a blessing but do please take care.


ADB said...

Not very nice, your procedures and aftermath, Mort. I hope something will finally be sorted out for both your mum and yourself. It's high time they got their finger out.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad a bypass was not required. Hope you find good news on finding help for mum :o)

Melanie said...

Mort glad everything went well for you.


Beth said...

A nurse said, "Oh bloody hell, that's nasty?" Things you DON'T want to hear in a hospital. ;)

I hope the pain eases significantly soon and that you start to notice a difference. I'm glad you are going to get more help, because you need to think about YOU, too. XO Beth

Herrad said...

Hi Morxt,
Hope the swelling and pain goes soon and you get the help you need for your mum and perhaps for yourself.
Thinking about you.
Sending good thoughts and a big hug.

Jeannette said...

On my dear Mort. I can only offer you my biggest hug and let you know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well. With the increased flow hopefully a by-pass will not be necessary. I shall also be praying for Pamela although I do not believe I know her. Tell her to hang on in there.

I will not comment on your Mum only mention that, however, much we hated it, we had to consider making arrangements for Dad because none of us could cope anymore. Nature stepped in and it was not necessary. I know you love your Mum to bits and she you. However, Mort, you have to put yourself first sooner or later.

If you wear yourself out she would have nobody to look after her anyway.

But let us hope the improvement of the stent makes a big difference when the brusing and pain are gone. xxxxxxx