Tuesday, 15 March 2011

life goes on.

i am so sorry i haven't been on here lately,not even been reading my beloved lucys blog,and i apologise. lot been going on in my life.i was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago,i had been feeling very ill the night before,an angina attack,but it was odd as i had been taking it easy that day.(honestly,lol) the next morning i still had bad pains in my arms so rang Drs.they asked me to go up and see the nurse for an ECG,i got there at 8.30.sat there feeling ill,and got called in.she asked me to lie on bed,connected me up,gave me ECG,looked at printout,smiled at me,said wont be a second morton,just take this to Dr.M,came back 5 minutes later,and said...............ambulance is on its way mate,lie there still please.omg.i shall cut a lot out as it will take too long to write,but i had to ring myra,mum,and then was taken to hospital. shame the damn ambulance was faulty,over 3000 RPM it shook,lol.the attendant told me it was fine night before,they got the call from surgery about me,hit the road,the lady friver put her foot down,and he got shook out of his seat.lol.he was pretty sure i wasnt having an attack,his ECG was ok,so we took it easy.even so it was...........interesting.taken into A and E,ECG,blood tests,anti clotting drug into tummy,xrays etc.and it was decided my angina has gone from a stable angina,to unstable,meaning anything can trigger it. long and short of it is,i am now on a beta blocker a day,and angina meds been increased to 1 full tablet from a half.and i feel much better. thankyou myra for ringing mum,and making sure brian was there with her,also for going to hospital and picking me up.i got home at 8pm.she took me to the surgery so i could get my car.alls well,etc.
i have seen the MS consultant also since i last posted.occupational therapist has been and i have had a new shower seat brought,rails added,etc.just one worrying thing,he did say my weak voice may not be all due to MS,and has written to ear nose and throat to get me checked over.apart from that,yes i am worse,weaker on left side,usual happy things.no worry.
mum has not been too good,gets very forgetful and vague,i heard her one night out of bed,she was looking for something in bedroom,but she had no idea what it was she was looking for. and i cant write any more about that. it is too painful.
i am going to post again tomorrow or weekend,a poem i read on a young ladies facebook site.and i need your help. because i want you,faithful readers,to copy that poem,paste it on your blog.and post it too. you will all see why. it needs so much more recgonition than just my blog. it is on OCD.AND IT MADE ME CRY.and it is beautifully written from the heart.i shall post shortly,thankyou all for being there for me,take care all,mort


LYN said...

Good to hear from you Mort..sorry you have been so poorly and about your dear old Mum...bless her..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad all worked out for you and you are ok. That must have been scary for you. I do know how you must have felt with your mom as my dad was often like that too. Take good care!

Linda :) said...

Always special thoughts for you Mort... Take Care!! :)

Lucy said...

I thank you for your words of comfort with the ordeal with Joe. Good to see you blogging again even if it is just a short one. I know, I know, with Facebook it keeps you tied up and I know uou have not been feeling well at all. I still am not comfortable in face book.

Karen said...

Welcome back. Glad you are on the mend. Alli's poem was especially heartfelt. Thanks for sharing.