Friday, 25 March 2011

alone again,naturally.

Those of my readers on Facebook may have noticed my relationship status has changed to single. again. i deliberately removed the notification off news feed,also off Myras. but i posted a comment,and a few put 2 and 2 together. and many thanks for all the nice messages of support i what happened several have asked?well,its just the culmination of several things really,nobody to blame. i am a carer,and i just don't get the time to give,3 hours a week is not enough for any relationship,however often you phone each other,and we both have been hurt badly in the past.MS has played a part as well,the reason for that i will keep private.Myra is a lovely,wonderful lady,and i wish her well. and i really mean that.yes i was upset,yes i was hurt and angry, but as someone once said,never cry over that which once gave you joy. for the last 11 months myra has been part of my life. (and thankyou for that. i shall never forget you.xx) we will see each other sometimes,perhaps,i hope we remain friends. but i do
want to wish her every happiness. i will write more of what MS can ruin in a relationship some other time. not that that was the main reason we parted.
Ok,so that is the sad news,on a more positive note the beta blockers appear to be keeping the angina in check.which is good news.i am still waiting to see E.N.T about voice,and the O.T. has got me a new shower handle fitted,a shower chair,and a new wheelchair is coming for mum.which will help to make life easier for both. thankyou for your kind comments about my post on OCD,alli was so touched.she told me it made so much difference knowing other people understand just what she is going through.
spring hopefully is on the way,a few nice warmish,sunnny days have helped. the daffodils are in full bloom,snowdrops are finished as are crocus.and of course,........THE DUCKS ARE yes,they are swimming away on the pond again. making a mess,pulling the weed about,but who cares?it means the awful cold of winter will soon be a memory. take care all.


Lisa said...

Mort , you are in my thoughts, you take care ok, big hugs to you !!!!!!!!! xxxxx Lisa

Sue said...

Lots of hugs Mort
what a lovely man you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jack69 said...

Hang tough my man, you sure take a lot of hits and still bounce back.

Sorry to hear the news, forsure it is not the end of the world. Emotions can only stretch so far.

Our best to Mum and to YOU.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was glad to hear there has been some good news for you but I'm sorry to hear you are alone again. For those of us not on facebook I'm glad you took the time to check in with us bloggers. Thankfully we do know that the worst of the cold weather is over. Still it's more like winter than Spring in my part of the world.
Take good care!

Lucy said...

You know that I am so very sorry, Mort. I just want more than anything for you to be happy, and knowing you, you will bounce back. Glad to hear that you are getting some equipment for mum and you. I admire, you for your way of dealing with things, but we don't always have any other way. Big hugs to you and just wish you didn't have that damned MS to deal with. Hang tough, son.

mortonlake said...

aww mom bless you. and thanks so much to lisa,sue,jack and Ma.hope to be blogging more soon.there will be pictures too.i got the most wonderful daffs out and want to put them on here. tc all.xx

Jean said...

Hi Mort, I'm on face book I mostly play some farming games. Glad you are back blogging missed you. Sorry to hear about you and your friend and the best to your mum.Hang in there spring weather is on the way. You take care, Jean.

Sandisan said...

I understand what you are going through. Feeling alone is hard, I think all humans need to feel companionship by sharing their emotions. I've been going through that since my Joe's a longing hard to describe. Mort I have been reading you off & on for all these years and you are a very good man, kind to your Mum..and everyone else you come in contact with. There will be joy for you in the future, there has to be. Just leave yourself open to find it...that's what I am doing. But be at peace with yourself too, being a care giver is beyond hard, my parents are 90& 94..walkers,in pain a lot, need a lot of's a full time job looking after them - now my sister's husband has tongue cancer, they tell him he has a 60% cure we are hoping. So I am staying at my sisters helping with Mom & Dad, even though I have COPD and have to monitor myself too. Life sometimes is not easy, but I am trying to keep it interesting by doing an ebay store, writing poetry, painting, gardening enjoyable things..Hope this has helped a bit...I think you are the nicest Sandi

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad to hear about the good news, every bit helps.

Yasmin said...

Hugs Mort, can't be easy with so much other stuff going on.

Those ducks lol..real regualrs aren't they.

Take care

Rae said...

Hi Mort,
Just stopped by for a visit and wanted to say hello. I enjoyed reading your blog. As another person with MS, I understand the effects MS can have on a relationship. It can certainly take a toll on the best of them. Best of luck to you.

Karen said...

Hang in there, Mort. Nobody said it would be easy. This I know. Friends and family help ease the process of living. I am on Facebook, but have returned to blogging. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so very sorry to read about what your going through right now. You are just a loving person that I know God has plans for someone really special to come into your life.
This is hard though because when my husband left I thought my heart would break..
Mort I am worried about Sybil have you heard from her. The last post she did she mentioned Margaret was ill so I am really concerned. If you have heard from her could you let me know
Appreciate you and hugs

Sybil said...

Hi Mort darlin,
Thank you so much for your concern for me when I have been away for so long. Reason was beyond me. I was trying to save money !! daft thing to do!!!by changing my telephone from BT to about £12 a month...however something went wrong on teh change over day and it has takne them 10 days to get me back on line and on teh phone..It has been a really awful coule of weeks. I have just done a short blog and you will see why I ask you to remember me and my darling niece Beth in your prayers.
will write soon
Love Sybil x

pam said...

Hey my fav other man. You can never be alone... I am right here!!!. You are the brightest sparkliest diamond In the world and I feel blessed to be sharing In a part of your life. From one carer to another, If I should need a carer for myself, you would be first on my list, Your warmth compassion and humour would make each day complete for me. Looking forward to seeing the daffy's. Love Pam.xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Mort sorry you are on your own again ~
Hope your Mum is OK as I hope you are as well ~ Ally x

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
I am really sad to visit for the first time in ages and read that you and Myra are no longer together.
I hope you are still friends, three hours a week with a friend sounds like a very good thing to me.
Thinking of you lots.

Herrad said...

Hi Mort.
I just passed by to say hello.
I hope you are doing well.