Thursday, 10 January 2008

getting helped

well,ive  just  received a  huge  envelope  from  the MS  society,and another  with  my  welcome pack  and  membership  details.  very  fast  work.  ive  got  a  selection   of  booklets,one,just  diagnosed  with  ms   is  brilliant,and  now  2  copies  of  the  MS bi-monthly  magazine  we  get               all this  for  £5  a  year !!!!!!  only  just  starting  to  read  it,but  already  discovered  i  have  to  let  DVLA  know   i  have  ms.  i  didn't  know. also   to  be  safe  motor  insurance  co.        also  so  much information,symptoms,etc.   and  in  a   very  caring  professional  manner,not  sugar  coated,yet  alarmist,just  natural  somehow.  Discovered  which  type  of  ms  i  most  probably  have,  but  will  keep  that  to  myself  until  i  see  the  ms  nurse         (  who  rang  me  yesterday,i  have  an  appointment  on  tuesday 23rd  of  this  month  at 3 pm       i  am  going  to  kelling healtth  cantre  to  see  her,did  offer  to  come  hear  but  think  best  mum  don't  hear  too  much).   i  now  realise  that  many  of  the  symptoms,and  trouble  i  have  had  lately    are  due  to  the  ms.    relief  actually.

  so  things  looking  up,especially  as  also  yesterday,lady  from  social services  rang  up.      guess  why???            I  AM  GETTING  MY  CARERS ASSESSMENT.  at  long  last.   next  wednesday  at  3.30              the  same  day  as  our  housing  trust  are  coming  to  sort  out  my  bloody  bathroom  door          and  to  fit me  a  new fan. I was so  pleased  to  be  FINALLY,after  many phone  calls,to  be  getting  my  assessment,see  previous  blogs  for  the  whole  sorry  saga      lol          it  was  a  bit  strange          when  she  told me  she  had  only  just  had  a  referral  for  me  to  have  an  assessment.    tut              no  comment         lol.   A  different  name  from  who  i  was  expecting  but  i  don't  care  if  she  is  Buffy  the  vampire  slayer,assess me         lolol.  

so,am  i  any  happier?   not  happy  no,dont  suppose  anyone  would  be  .   but  easier  in  my  mind,  i  now  know  more  about  ms,and  i  can  cope.   for  mums  sake  ive  got  to.   You  see,yesterday  i  also  snapped  at  my  mum, she  was  asking  me  something              don't  matter  what and  i  flew.   and i  didn.t  mean  too.she  was  ok   about  it,but  i  realised  then,its  no   good  me  feeling  sorry  for  myself.  it  won't  help.   i have  ms.     but,how  much  worse,it  would  be  to  say        i  have  cancer,  i  have  heart  trouble,   i  have       so  many   far  worse  diseases???   at  the  moment  i  can  and  will  carry on,life  goes  on .    so  will  i.  take  care all.


cayasm said...

Hi Mort at least things are moving in the right direction, the MS Society sound really good and at least your getting the right information. Good luck next week with the carers assessment, and getting the bathroom done. With luck you'll start getting the help you and your Mum need and at least that will give some measure of comfort.
See you when I get back
Take care

pharmolo said...

I'm very pleased you're getting all the support you need, Mort. Yep, it could be worse, but MS is no kiddies' teaparty either.

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Mort -well it seems everything is happening at once eh? typical.   Its all good tho, you must feel so much better knowing that you are getting there.   You have someone on your side with the MS Nurse and do not have to feel so alone about everything.   an by the way, a little self pity never did anyone any harm, your strong and you know it - keep smiling :o)
Luv Jayneee xx

jeadie05 said...

Dear Mort I do admire you attitude ,it will help you get more money once the assessment goes through ,thank goodness ,keep your  chin up to Mum Jan xx

pamal3 said...

Hello Mort. Not spoken to you in a while. Hope you got a lot more stuff organized today. I admire your outlook and find you extremely courageous. Love Pam xx