Sunday, 27 January 2008

job well done

ive been  busy,papered  bathroom,which  as  they(  those   magnificent  contractors  my  housing  association  use)  have  yet  to  do  door  is  a bit  daft.   their  boss  did  ring  next  day   as  promised,and  yes,sliding  door  to  be  fitted.  only problem  is           will  be  a  month       A  MONTH        and  the  bloody  rubbish  they  fitted  me  is  splitting  already      oh  well           who  needs  privacy  in  a  toilet        lolol       least  bathroom  looks  nice,done  with  a   striped,  heavy  washable  vinyl,was  on  offer  3  ears  ago   for  99p a  roll         instead  of  9,99          i  bought  it  in  case,and  origionally  planned  it  for  mums  bedroom,but  never  got  round  to  doing  it.      horrendous  to  hang,needs  load   of  soaking,and  i  not  really  feel  well  enough  to  do  it.               but  i  did            job  done.

Have made  several  new  friends  from  the  MS  societys  website,  and  thats  good.     because   my  "real"  friends,i.e.  those  in  every day life,seem  to  be  treating  me  with   kid  gloves.     i  feel  very  frustrated,i'm not  sure  whether  they  think   talking  about  the  fact  i've got  ms  will  cause  me  to  breakdown,or   what.but  really  wish  they  would  treat me  as  normal,  maybe  after  bit  things  will  get  more  easier.    i  hope  so.

went  to  drs  friday,Linda  my  lovely  ms  nurse  has    suggested  a  new  course  of  treatment  for  me       so  he  has  ordered  it  in,will  be  there  tuesday.hopefully  it  will  help  with  my  muscle  spasms  i  get.       had  them  for  ages,also   swallowing  troubles,again    ages.    in  fact  i  had  a  tonsil  removed        because   my  throat  was   so  bad.    now  i  wonder,  did  it  need  to  be  done??   because  all  the   jolly  little  troubles  i  had  are  all  from  the  ms.   but  as  i  hadn't  been  diagnosed    well      does  make  you  wonder.       

mum  has  been so  good  bless  her,is  in  lot  of  pain  with  arthritis  again,toe  still  pains  her   but  at  least  infection  cleared  up.       old  age  comes  to  us  all,still  hurts  though  to  see  my  mum ,who  i  love,in  the  condition  she  is  in.   

i  have  had  a  load  of   literature  through  after  my  asessment,  and  now   am  registered  as  mums  carer          did  i  need  to  be?        well   at  least  now,she  is  on  the  register  and  her  wishes    are  known  to  social  services           if  anything  happened  and  i  had  an  accident     etc.  i  know  someone  will  ensure  her  safety.     finally,  a   friends  mum  is  in  hospital  recovering  from  an  operation. may  she  make  a   full  recovery  nina,i  know  you  love  your  mum,as  much  as  i  love  mine.     take  care  all.


cayasm said...

That Housing association is next to useless, but at least the door has been ordered. good luck with the new treatment and glad your making friends on your new MS site must help  a lot.Your friends will come round just takes time, thats because they don't know much about MS. Good your registered as you mums carer now at least you don't have to worry too much, theres some support out there.

Take care
say hello to your mum


ninareade said...

bless you mort you always have time to think and worry about others.   By the way i would never treat you with kid gloves, how about a bit of mud wrestling lol luvs ya xxxxxxxxx nina

pamal3 said...

Mort. You are a darling and as long as I speak to you on here I'm afraid you will be treated the preferrential treatment from me!! lol. Gosh, I sound like a school teacher! lol. Well done on the bargain wallpaper. Wish I saw prices like that. I will say a wee prayer for your friends mum. I hope all goes well. Take Care. Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Iused to work for a housing association and cant believe how shabbily you have been treated ,as you say who needs privasy in the bath room bah ,keep your chin up your a gud un Jan xx