Monday, 7 January 2008

in a MeSs

not posted lately,not really felt like i  have had anything  to  say,been  quite down. went to my Drs today,knew   he would have had the letter  from  my  consultant.  He looked  at  me  and   said  "well   i  think  we  both  knew  that's  what  it  was  morton",  and  said  he  was  pleased  i  finally  knew.  theres  an MS  nurse  coming  to  see  me  as  soon  as  she  has  free  time,who  is  trained  to  counsel  and help MS  sufferers. as  for  treatment,the  gabapentin  ive  been  taking,i  will  continue,but  am  increasing  the  dosage,not  had  lot of  sleep  lately,my  neck  and  arm  is  in  agony.  as  he  says,at  least  i  now  know  what  is  causing  it,and  indeed  other  nasty  little side  effects  im  suffering  from.  sparing  you  details  here  gentle  readers  lol      also.he  prescribed  me  some  new  tablets  to  try for  my  arthritis  i  have  in  my  knee.which  got  me  thinking,and  i  thought  i  would share  with  you  this  "poem"  i  received  the  other  week,from  a chatroom  buddy  of  mine.

                                 MY PILLS.                                                                  

 A row of bottles on my shelf,  Caused  me to analyse  myself.   One yellow pill i have  to  pop,  Goes  to  my  heart,so it  won't stop.    A little  white one that  i  take,    Goes to  my  hands,so they  wont  shake.    The blue ones that  i  use  a  lot,   Tell me i'm happy,when  i'm not.    The purple pill goes to my brain,   And tells  me  that  i  have  no  pain.   The capsules tell  me  not  to  wheeze,   Or cough,or choke,or even   sneeze.  The red  ones, smallest  of  them  all,  Go  to  my  blood, so  i  won't  fall.   The orange ones, very  big  and  bright,    Prevent   my leg  cramps ,  in  the  night.   Such an  array, of  brilliant   pills,  Helping  to cure  all  kinds  of  ills.  But  what  i  really  want  to  know...................  Is  what  tells  each   one  where  to  go !!!!!

   Thankyou   sueg     lol    will  remember  that.     but  it's  oh  so  true.   i  now  take  16  tablets           a  day          bloody  hell,no  wonder  the  NHS  is  in  such  disarray.  it's  keeping   me       oh  well.

my  mum  is  not  daft,was  her  birthday  on  the  3rd  january,is  now   87     bless  her,and  she  knows  i'm  in  pain.  didn't help  me  dropping  a  bowl,  would  have  to  be  THAT   one   lol             was  a  rather  nice   porcelain  one            my  hand has  got  no  feeling  in  at  the  moment,and  i  thought  i  had  a   good  grip.................  ermmmm     noooo        but  mum,bless    just  said,oh  well      your  hands  are  getting  worse  aren't  they?    think  i  mumbled  something   not  very  convincing.  she  knows  i  will  do  my  best  for  her,always  have.   always  will.

  you  may  notice  there  is  now  a  link  to  the  MS  society  on  this  journal.  it's a  really  interesting  site,and  i  have  been  so  impressed  with  them.  i  am  now  a  member,it  costs  a  mere  £5  a  year,and  worth  every  penny.  give  it  a  look,over  85000 people  are  estimated  to  have  the  disease,many,who's  symptoms  are  not  severe  may  not  even  realise  they  have  it.           this  journal   IS  veering  away  from  my  caring  for  mum,and  i  apologise,but   MS  is  now  a  part  of  that  caring.  together   we  will  go  on.        take  care  all.


cayasm said...

Sorry to hear your feeling so down hearted Morton, but like you say you have to go on for your own sake as well as your Mums, belated Birthday wishes to your Mum. The poen says it all really, but it's a fun way of looking at it,
Glad to hear you joined the MS society that will be a great source of help and support to you.

Take care

jeadie05 said...

It didnt come as a such a  shock when the Doc gave you the news ,its still a shock to have it confirmed though isnt it ? Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your Mum ,take care Mort and look after each other Jan xx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Mort - now you have the diagnosis you can move forward, it will make such a difference.   So glad to hear about the MS Nurse, you will need the support and understanding.   You're Mum sounds lovely, a Happy Belated Birthday from me.  Your a marvellous chap Mort, with a big sunny smile and brilliant sense of humour.
Chin up my friend - luv Jayneee xx

pharmolo said...

Knowing something for certain makes it easier in a way, as you can now start working towards making your life easier for yourself. Happy Birthday to your mum for the 3rd, I hope she sees the next one in good health, Mort.

ninareade said...

Time to pull yourself up by your bootlaces my friend, enjoy the good days and try and make the most of the not so good ones,  summer is coming (eventually) and I will be over for that promised cuppa xx Nina