Monday, 9 March 2009

56 today.

well,look whose of you who have been reading my inane burblings will recall gemima here.she and her mate donald,( you lot picked their names last year lol.) come to my pond every year around this time.which means spring must be round the corner.
March 9th 1953,at Norfolk and Norwich hospital to Angela Jean,(nee Long) and Geoffrey Cecil Lake,a son.Morton Geoffrey John. 8lbs 6ozs. in other words,..............ME.its my birthday today,many of you have already sent birthday wishes on facebook,and E cards,and emails.thankyou back is still agony,just back from taking mum to chiropodists.very pleased with her and how her feet are now.gout still troubles her but a lot better.take care all.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is a special one for you!!! I had a bd yesterday with reverse the numbers 65 instead of 56. Hope that back is better for you soon!

Lucy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Mort AND Ma slso. Beautiful duck. I do remember it from last year. Congratulations. Lucy

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MORT. Please do something nice for yourself today. NO baby pics to show? I'll bet you were adorable at 8lbs ;-0.
Gem & Don look full of european elegance. ~Mary

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Mort, wishing you a fabulous day XOXO Lisa

Herrad said...

Hello Mort,

Happy Birthday hope its been a sunny day for your birthday.

How nice its your birthday today mine is in a weeks time, the 17h.

Have fun.


Ally Lifewithally said...

dear Mort Happy Birthday I hope your day was a special one ~ Ally x

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your day was great. Good news about the ducks :o)

Melanie said...

happy birthday Mort!!!!!!


Beth said...

I know I already wished you one on Facebook, but I have no problem with repeating myself.

Happy birthday, Mort!

Love and gentle hugs, Beth

Yasmin said...

Happy Birthday Morton:)



Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Mort, hope your back pain lessens. Hope you had a great day. Sheila

jack69 said...

Well Happy Birthday, and may you have many more, and less pain accompany them.
Good to see the ducks back. That is very interesting how they make their way back isn't it?
Wish Mum well and you to have much better health.

Indigo said...

Happy Belated Birthday dear friend! May you have many, many more years to come! Hope you did something wonderful for youself to celebrate dear one.

The lovely pair look elegant back where they belong!(Hugs)Indigo

Lori said...

Love the picture. I hope you had a really, really wonderful day! Glad your mum is doing so well too!

Teresa said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mort!! I'm sorry I'm a couple days off ~ but I hope you had a nice day :) Your duck is beautiful lol. There is a pond across the road from us and there is this duck that's always there... finally paid enough attention to it to realize the thing never moved or it seemed to always be in the same place ~ realized to the dang thing was a decoy ROFL!!!!! did I ever feel silly. Hugs** Teresa

pam said...

Oh My fav other man,I am so sorry for missing your birthday. Happy Birthday my lambchop. I hope you had a terrific day. Lots of love and kisses Pam xx

awb said...

Happy Birthday Mort, I've been meaning to stop by, a birthday party seems like a good reason!

chefkelly25 said...

Mort Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new car! Hope you feel better.

Randy said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MR. MORT. Hope everything is going well and so good to her from you.

God Bless


jean said...

Hi Mort, I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday sorry I’m late but haven’t been on the computer much lately. I hope you and your mum are both feeling better. Take care, jean

Blue said...

Happy Birthday Morton from me too.
You are lucy man to have so many nice ladyes here.
I am writing to you from Finland, but coming in your coutry to stay two months. We have planet to drive and have a look in Tennesee and Georgia and then we stay 3 weeks in a nice condo in Florida.
Again, Happy Happy day!