Wednesday, 25 March 2009

spring has not quite sprung yet

my new garden arch,made from tubular steel,it cost all of £4.99 from
the camellia is in full bloom this year,really is full of flowers

my new bird table and planter i bought mum for her birthday,birds loving

all the flowers coming out now,daffs blooming well

well,here it is,my new pride and joy,one Ford Fiesta style plus,in ocean blue metallic paint.i love driving it,its a joy to handle,and with my arthritis in ankle it is so light on the clutch.had to get a manual.(stick shift to my american friends lol) as ford dont have any available in automatic as of yet.Alex the salesman,sadly has left now,did me a great deal,managed to get the plus option for me,its got air con,and heated front screen instead of the standard.least i have no more insurance,tax,MOT,repair bills now.all i pay for is the fuel.filling it is a bit weird.theres no filler cap,you press the filler cover,it springs open,you shove the fuel nozzle into a sprung plate,and it then shuts off when you remove it.first time was very strange lol.i forgot and was looking for the cap on the roof where i always left it lol.
so,the garden is blooming,but although today was sunny,there is a bitingly cold wind,with bad weather forecast.i think spring has a way to go yet.
i woke this morning at 4am,in agony,the MS is obviously in relapse as i had the electric shock/tingling/jerking i used to get.i think because i have had so much back pain,and now on anti-biotics i had cut my baclofen back,thinking,im ok now,i dont need them so much.stupid me.thats the evilness of MS,it strikes when you think..........things are getting better,im improving,i can beat this disease.well,at 4.15 this morning i decided i was a complete and utter idiot,lol.i took half a baclofen,finally went back to bed ad 5,to get up at i am a bit tired.did take mum out today,we went to fakenham as i have to go to cromer hospital friday about back.also rang Linda,my MS nurse,told her about the relapse,we agreed i should stop taking pregabolin,it causes shallow breathing,and to be honest,it really doesnt seem to make any difference,i can take another half a baclofen if i need to,so i shall before i go to bed in a short while.anyway,one good bit of news,crossroad carers are going to come in from 2 til 4 monday while i am at the hospital having the heart angiogram,tracey will come back lunch time and get her her lunch,a friend will cook tea as i wont be home til after 6.just hope i have'nt got to have a bypass,but i shall cross that bridge when and if it happens.enjoy what fine weather we have,make the most of it,it's been a long hard winter.take care all.


Melanie said...

Wow what a pretty garden!!
Your daffodils are very pretty.


Anonymous said...

You floral blooms are a painful reminder that I have mostly dirt and weeds outside. My own fault. I don't have a "gardeny" personality, could you guess?
I LOVE the car and am so happy for you on that front.

Sorry about that 4am wakeup. I wish there were some better appeasement strategies..
I'd be grumpy and misanthropic with that sort of pain(sometimes I am that way without pain!), but you do not seem to be that way at all. Peace to you.

jack69 said...

The garden is beautiful. Cute car glad you like to drive it.
Everyone knows you will handle the pain as it comes. YOu will meet and whip the operations if they are required. You are a fighter. We are on your side, just wish we could do more. The comments say how much you are cared for.
Hang in there Mort

Lisa said...

Mort, beautiful flowers and love your car, Cute !!!!!! Hope you start feeling better, we are all here for you Love Lisa XX

Yasmin said...

Your garden as usual looks grest it's a credit to you. Car looks look and hope you had a,nice run up to Fakenham, sorry you woke up in so much pain and hope the hospital visit goes ok.



Sheila said...

Our camellia looks poorly compared to yours. Pretty garden. Hope the pain subsides. Cute car...Sheila

Sybil said...

Your garden sure is in to life !! It looks so lovely. I must ask my sister when she is over today if her camelia is blooming. As you say spring still has a few surpises up her sleeve, very very wet this morning..
You car looks so wonderful I am sure come summer you will have some nice wee short runs with Mum.
(By the way did you know Mort that if for some reason you had to have an automatic before your three year contract was up they may agree to that..)
Fingers crossed that all goes well on Friday and Monday...
Love Sybil xx

LYN said...


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It has been a long hard winter for many of us. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your bit of spring as we haven't got to that point yet. Leaves are just appearing out of the frozen / thawing earth here. Hope all goes well with your appointment and a bypass will not be needed.
'On Ya'-ma

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It has been a long hard winter for many of us. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your bit of spring as we haven't got to that point yet. Leaves are just appearing out of the frozen / thawing earth here. Hope all goes well with your appointment and a bypass will not be needed.
'On Ya'-ma

Teresa said...

Your garden is so beautiful :) You are very lucky to be able to have a garden like that, that your climate supports those kinds of flowers. Tulips, Daffodils are a couple of my fav flowers, lavendar too! And Camillias were my grandmother's fav flower so it holds a special place in my heart, the scent is wonderful.
Your car is great! So happy that you were able to get it.
Sorry about your M/S acting up :( that sucks... my friend Terry who has M/S? her's acts up that way too. She goes through spells of the disorientation, speaking and getting the words wrong or backwards etc. Virtigo etc. I hope you don't need the prayers are with you and your Mom hon. ((((Hugs and Love))) Teresa

Pamela said...

Hi Mort! Your garden is so beautiful! And your car!! OMG it's so pretty! LOVE the color! I'm glad you are enjoying it.
I hope your angio comes out ok. I'm anxious for those results. I'm sorry you are having a relapse. I cannot imagine what that is like. I will be keeping you in my prayers.
Love, Pam xoxox

Ally Lifewithally said...

Mort your garden looks lovely so full of flowers and blossom ~ the car is great so Happy for you that you are enjoying it ~ Ally x

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Beautiful home and lovely garden and cute car.

Hope spring comes soon.
Take care, hope all goes well for you.

Sandra said...

Hi Mort,

Your flowers are lovely, particularly the camelia. I gave up with mine after several years of poor showing and its now in the compost bin! I love your car, I looked for a Fiesta myself but couldn`t find what I wanted in my price range. When the time comes to buy another car I`ll look at one again.

Love Sandra xx

Beth said...

Your garden is gorgeous--WOW!--and what a lovely neighborhood! It looks very idyllic.

Sorry to hear you're having a bad relapse. I hope the adjustment with the meds will help immensely.

Good luck on Monday! I'll send plenty of good thoughts and positive vibes that your news is good.

{{HUGS}} Beth

jean said...

Hi Mort, your flower garden is so neat and pretty love the new car. I wish you luck with your angiogram. take care, jean

Lucy said...

I live your art work, car, flowers and you, young man. I didn't know you had posted. Between face book and the blogs I can't keep up. I have been nearly down for the count for 2 weeks but managed to stay up and keep going. Hang in there Mort. You have so much on your plate. MS, bad back and like me will not quit fooling with flowers. They keep me going. Lucy

krissy knox said...

thanks for visiting my blog. and so sorry to hear about all your pain with the ms. i hope it clears up soon. wow, you had chicken pox as an adult? that's rare? esp. if you were getting it a second time. was it your first time or second to get chicken pox? and does ms wipe out your immune system -- allowing you to get chicken pox twice, as opposed to getting shingles the second time? now you have me curious!

oh, and i want your archway, LOL. i love the price! i am not laughing at you, i really do want it! i can't keep anything here bc the university students keep entering my yard and stealing my items, so i can't even have a garden. i had one young man (if you can call him that) come into the yard and rip a beautiful and superior rosebush right out of it's dirt. sigh.

gee, it really looks like spring where you're at! you're so fortunate!

okay, must run...

krissy knox :)
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chefkelly25 said...

Hi Mort,Beautiful flowers! I have been waiting for warmer weather before I tackle the yard. Love your new car, nice color. Bet your zooming around everywhere now.

Rose said...

I love gardens and you have a lovely one. Spring has to be around the corner here in the midwest, right??!!

Jane said...

Thinking of you today Mort and praying for a positive outcome.
Your garden is beautiful and a real credit to you.