Sunday, 22 March 2009

mothers day and some flowers

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THOSE MOTHERS OUT THERE. its mothers day here in the UK,hope everyone remembered there mums,and for those who have sadly lost their beloved mothers,my lovely friend jaynee in particular,i am sorry for your loss,but know they live on in your hearts and minds.take care all.


Anonymous said...

Mort the flowers are so lovely, but I am nuts :-). For just one second I read this and thought: OH MY GOD. IT IS MAY ALREADY?
:-). Different countries, different rules.....~Mary

Jeannette said...

Beautiful flowers Mort. Happy Mother's Day to your dear Mum and all the Mothers out there who give such love.

Lucy said...

Mort, that was so sweet. Flowers are beautiful. I hope you and your mum have a good day. Beth just so you know, My mum is growing like a weed. I still chuckle when I think of that. Tell your mum that your friend in the USA wishes her to have the best mothers day ever. Lucy

ADB said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, Mort. Hope your mother is doing well today. Thanks for the thoughts.

Beth said...

When I saw you and Yasmin say Happy Mother's Day on Facebook, I about had a heart attack! For one split second I thought, "Oh no!" I even checked the calendar to make sure they didn't move it up a couple of months. LOL So a Happy Mother's Day to your Mum and to all the other mums out there!

Your flowers are beautiful! You're so much further along than we are here. The tulips and daffodils are just starting to come up, and it will be a bit before they bloom.

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Mort, love the flowers, please wish your mum a Happy Mother's Day for me xx Lisa

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Beautiful flowers hope your mum has been having a good day.

Its been lovely weather here so guess it must have been like that over there too.

Have a pleasant evening.

Sybil said...

Thank you for the lovely flowers Mort. No card from my dearly beloved Goddaughter this Mothering sunday is a little sad.

Much Love Sybil xx

jack69 said...

Sherry always gets to your journal first. From across the table she says Mort has some beautiful flowers, and it Is Mother's Day over there. So Happy Mother's day to your Mum. And the pictures are good.

Yasmin said...

Lovely flowers Mort, Happy mothers Day to your mum


Richie said...

If you don't mind me being a pedant but it is not "Mother's Day" it is the much older "Mothering Sunday".
"Mother's Day" is I believe a product of the greeting card industry. Mothering Sunday goes back into pre- Christian Anglo- Saxon history.
Sorry to be a bore but I love England and our traditions and whilst I do not grudge Americans a day in May for their maternal ancestor I still like to believe children in Norfolk gather wild flowers to give to their mothers before dancing round a May pole and burning Edward Woodward in a giant wicker figure.
My Mum died when I was 16 and I still cant quite believe she is gone. It was a special relationship I took for granted till it was over. I hope you and your mum had a special day.

Pamela said...

The flowers are beautiful. I enjoyed every picture. Thank you. Hope your Mum had a very enjoyable day. She is so lucky to have you for her son.
xoxoxoxox Love, Pam