Saturday, 7 March 2009

highs and lows

I have a shiny new car.!!! brand new model Ford Fiesta ocean blue,lol.and its lovely.i finally picked it up last friday from the dealers,after the first that was delivered to them was damaged,( been deliberately scratched all along the side,)and this one held up by bad was supposed to have been ready on the tuesday,and i had already sold my car,a friend bought it,rang me on the monday night and asked if she could have it the next day,unfortunately the next morning the dealer rang and said i couldnt have my new one until friday as there was a problem with motability,so i was without a car for 3 days,lol.i wasn't going to lose the sale of my car,and being fair they did offer me a courtesy car which i make up for it they did give me a full tank of fuel.i have to say i am really pleased with it.first new car i have ever owned,air con.heated screen,you name it its got it.that was the high of my month.the lows more than made up for it though i'm afraid.
Mum was taken ill 2 weeks ago on the thursday night,early friday morning,she had diarrhoeah really bad,seemed better friday though felt poorly,saturday she was in and out of toilet all day,then sunday night,she was really ill,didn't make the commode which is near her bed,rather unpleasant,poor mum.for 3 nights i was in and out of bed seeing to her,as she was really ill,so much so that i called Dr.M.out on the tuesday,he prescribed stronger tablets than the over the counter remedies i had tried her with,and thankfully it cured her,by the thursday she was finally better.whole week though for her.she is so apologetic for making a mess it know?she can't help it,i know that she doesn't do it deliberately,and i get so upset to see her suffering.bless her,she is no trouble,just gets confused sometimes,and being so ill was nasty for her.
While the Doctor was here i asked him if he had had the results from the hospital of my heart treadmill test.those results were supposed to have been sent to him over 3 weeks ago,not a word from the hospital,so he promised to ring the hospital,again,and ask what had happened.funnily enough on the saturday i had a letter from the Cardiac said that as i had discomfort in the first 3 minutes of the test,and as i was getting angina,it had been decided by the consultant to conduct a further angiogram to see if i have another artery blocked.i have been placed on the list and to hold myself on 24 hours notice to be called in for think they forgot me??yeah,me,another visit to hospital,whether it will be an overnight stay,or whether i can just go in and out the same day i have yet to find out.keeping fingers crossed that there is no further problems.although i do rather think i may have,still have to use the nitro spray sometimes,after exertion.don't nag lucy,lol.i am ok.
Unfortunately,going after the new car last week,i went on the bus to fakenham,and then walked to the dealers,over a mile.and i slipped.came over a bit dizzy,and went down.i didn't think i had done any damage,but i put my back out.all this last week i have been in agony,i can hardly walk,and went to the Drs.on thursday.he examined me and confirmed i had done a disc,i had a disc removed,a discectomy,15 or so years ago,i have 3 more discs crumbling,so i am used to back ache.but this is something else.Dr.M.gave me some slow release opia based pain relief tablets,that had some rather unfortunate side effects. the same side effect as mum has been suffering from.bearing in mind it took me 20 minutes to get up this morning,as the pain was so severe,you can imagine the washing machine was very busy today.never felt so ill in my life.suffice to say,those tablets have joined a list of medications i never want to see again in my a long shower i could finally strip my bed,and tonight i had another long hot shower which has helped.the pain is bearable.
the MS doesn't help at times like that,i am seeing a physio most thursdays now,for help with balance problems i have at times,i always use my walking stick now,and i am seeing a new physio in the next few days about fatigue management.( i manage it well.i go to hopefully it will be of help.i am lucky compared to many,i discovered a lovely lady called herrad,her blog tells of her struggle with MS.she puts me to shame. her blog is Access denied-living with multiple sclerosis and her partner and carer richies is also on from herads blog.she deserves a look.there is a lady who knows what MS does.please do me a favour and visit rock herrad. thanks for all your kind comments on facebook,any one wanting to add me on facebook,its morton lake.please feel free to add me as a friend.take care all.


Beth said...

Oh, Mort, you have definitely had a time of it lately. I hope things are getting back to normal with your "innards," if not your back. I hope they'll be able to do something for you soon.

I understand what you mean about your Mum. Of course she doesn't mean to do it, and I'm sure that makes her feel bad, and of course you know that she doesn't mean to do it and you feel bad that she might ever think that you DO feel bad...are you still with me? You two understand each other, that's the important thing.

Congrats on the car! I didn't realize there were Ford imports in England. We're a Ford family ourselves, and I've never own anything but. (Although we do have a used Dodge truck.)

Hang in there, my friend. {{big hugs}}


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thoughts and HUGS to you Mort, hope things improve soon.

Yasmin said...

Oh Mort you and you mum have been through the mill, hopefully your mum is now fully recovered, and hope that your getting more respite care as it's just as difficult for you now to do as much as you have been doing in the past. Now onto you not much you can do until all results are in, but glad your getting a new physio, and hope that will help with your balance and mobility. Great news about the car that good news at least, i'll check the blog link.

Take care my friend



Pamela said...

Congrats on the new car!! I think everyone should own a brand new car at least once in their life!

I'm sorry to hear about your Mum. You are so sweet in reassuring her that she is no problem. I remember my Mom making messes like that and she would feel so bad. Awwww...give your Mum a hug for me, ok?
And make sure to take care of yourself! I know you are having a rough time of it. I'm so sorry. Wish I could say something comforting. You are a very strong man. I don't know how you do it. I admire you so much.
Love, Pam xoxox

Herrad said...

Hello Morton,

Congratulaions on your new car.
Any chance of a photo of the car?
Hope your back is getting better.
Have a good Sunday.
Please give your mum my best wishes.
Take care of yourself.

Richie said...

Enjoy the car Mort:)
Sorry to hear the tales of woe. About a month ago I was reading Philip Roth's "Patrimony" which is about his father getting very sick and his death. One of the most touching scenes dealt with his father being incontinent. The blow to the old gentleman's dignity was massive. Herrad and I find ourselves in many positions that compromise our sensibility. We just have to get on with it don't we mate.
Safe motoring

Lisa said...

Mort, congrats on your new car, so sorry you and your mum have been ill lately, hope you and her are both feeling better, Happy almost Birthday to you, Love and Hugs Lisa xx

jack69 said...

WOW! Glad you got the new car finally. But then to have the fall and the back-OUT.
With everything else earlier. Too bad about your Mum. As they say it seems when it rains it pours.
It was good to see the entry though.
Hope you can take care, and a tank of fuel is nothing to sneeze at.
Glad you got that at least for compensation.
Jack (take care of your self!!!!)

Lainey Laine said...

Awwwww Mort Im jealous - I want a brand new Fiesta!

Big hugs to you Mort - thinking of you. Laine xxxxxxxx

Jeannette said...

So glad you got a new car, nothing as exciting as a brand new one. Your poor Mum and so unpleasant for both of you. Sorry about your back and I agree, some medications seem to do more harm than good. I had one for my back once and had the same symptoms. We had to get the doctor out after two days and she probably gave me the same thing she gave your Mum. I do hope your tests results come back fine my dear friend.

Lucy said...

Mort, I will nag if I think the doctors need to investigate farther. I do know that the MS is not helping your heart and the heart is not helping your Ms. The damed MS is stressing your whole body and you try so hard. I do wish you would not black out? Do you have warning so if you were driving you could pull over. Mort ,Mort, I will worry as much as I do for fAMILY WHO ARE NOT WELL. Alan gave me permission to worry about you. lolk Hugs to you. Lucy

Indigo said...

A most appropiate title for this entry dear one. I'm excited for you with the new car.

I'm so sorry to hear about everything that has been going on between your mum, falling, needing to go back to the hospital...just everything you have to deal with on a daily basis dear friend.

Your in my thoughts and prayers on the smoke always. I wish there was so way I could alleviate some of your pain. Enjoy the new ride! (Hugs)Indigo

Jan said...

Poor Mum and then you ..Ibet your washing machine was jumping up and down in your kitchen ,hope you are both better now ,Lovely new car Mort Im so pleased for you ,that should make life a little easier to you both Jan xx

Sybil said...

Hi Mort, don't know how I missed this entry yesterday..I am so sorry to read about your back..It can be the very devil a bad back, I should know belive me...
The great news though as you so rightly say is about the car. It sounds just great. It is wonderful when we get our very first new car. I can well remember the first new one I had from Motability..A gorgeous Yellow mini that I promptly called "Sunshine" fortunatley didn't need my battery chair in these days.. Long may you have enjoyment from it dear Mort.
Sorry to read about Mum. what a shame. but glad that the Dr has got her back on the right track, Bet she will be proud as punch going out in the new car.
Much Love Sybil xx